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Hi everyone, it's ME! Back again with my first newsletter for 2023. First up, a BIG furry hug and thank you to everyone who helped me with last year’s puzzle. We raised over $10,600 to keep me a Zero Cost Bear for Animals Asia and you know how important that is to me.

2022 Thank you PC

This year there's LOTS to celebrate! Can you believe that this is Animals Asia’s 25th Anniversary!

Happy 25th anniversary Animals Asia 2

Check out our first 25 years Here

Here's a quick snapshot of our major achievements in bringing an end to the bear bile farming industry.

Happy 25th anniversary Animals Asia 1

The other big news is our Bach Ma sanctuary is well underway. It is a HUGE undertaking – logistically and financially - but we are very excited! More than 260 bears have been rescued in Vietnam since 2007 and a further 300 are desperately waiting… The Race is On!

Bach Ma Update V2 April 23

Since 1998, across China and Vietnam, almost 700 bears have received the gift of freedom, freedom from suffering! Bears like Marmalade, rescued only six months ago yet she's already relishing her new life.

Before After Marmalade copy

Watch Marmalade enjoying her new life!


And now bears are starting to come to us from notorious bile farming hot spots like Phung Thuong, some of the saddest, most traumatised and broken bears our teams have seen for years.. Some, like Dawn, exhibit the very distressing behaviour of "Learned Helplessness".

Dawn - April 2023
2023 APril Dawn 4

Follow Dawn's story and care program here


Our bears are always free to rehabilitate at their own pace. Some adapt quickly, others need more time – in some cases, years - to fully trust their world and open up.

Bailey 2023 Update V2

Barack meets his very first friend, Derek !


But who knows how long it will take bears like Dawn, Twilight and Sunset to "emerge" .. bears whose spirits are broken and crushed by their years of abuse and torment… no longer living, just barely surviving…

7x7 size Sunset s World APril 2023-V2

Let's hope they can follow in Beserk's pawsteps. Only the third bear rescued from Phung Thuong, this boy is NOT looking back !!! Check his antics out here!

Dawn, Twilight and Sunset remind us why we need to act fast to save the final bears still caged on farms …. because those bears are only just clinging on to life ... and we can give them so much more to live for …Help me give them all a chance to become Beserk the bear!

Bear Montage used April 2023

I think you know how to help me … so ... drum roll please … but shhh…not too loud because you might wake me up! Yes! It’s the big (sleepy) reveal LOL! I’m enjoying a lovely repose in my den ! And what a beauty, snapped by our very own Snr Bear Team Mgr, Sarah. I must say, she has a wonderful eye for talent!

Jigsaw s Puzzle 2023

Help me make my dreams for all bears come true.

We are off to a great start with my puzzle with more than 30 pieces turned over - with my onion jam sales plus some early birders, thank you! But LOTS to go so I would love your contributions, whatever you can donate....


Thanks for reading, everyone ! Looking forward to sharing more news from my bear world soon. Love, your bear Jigsaw!

Donation Cartoon-Sept 2020 1
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