Zoey is almost walking, great summer jacket, quilt #1 in the Old Dog series, lights, and more. It's all in the July 30th newsletter. Dear Quilter, G


Zoey is almost walking, great summer jacket, quilt #1 in the Old Dog series, lights, and more. It's all in the July 30th newsletter.

Zoey-July 29-2015

Dear Quilter,
Grandmothering continues to be totally amazing! Zoey is 9-1/2 months now and is pulling herself up to stand on everything including the dog. She can climb up an entire flight of stairs and she pushes around a "sit-to-stand walker."

If you're not familiar with this item, it looks like an easel on wheels. On the front are 37 brightly colored plastic dials, disks, spinners, buttons, cranks, geometric shapes, piano keys, an old fashioned telephone receiver, and a little door on a hinge (Zoey's favorite).

They all play music or make a sound. More importantly they can all be pushed, yanked, spun, poked or otherwise engaged to play simultaneously. Zoey also beats on it with other toys in case something should stop playing. Insidiously, it has two on/off switches, each controlling a different combination of sounds. I know this now. The first time Zoey and I played with it I had to text her mother at work for shut-off instructions.

Zoey pulls herself up on this contraption, toddles to the other side, and pushes it around the house! Actual walking, although assisted. She hasn't figured out how to steer yet, so her walking adventures are fairly short, ending when she drives it into a piece of furniture. Her little arms are getting really strong as she then tries to maneuver the walker over the furniture. I'm sure the concept of "around" will come next.

Zoey- July 29-2015-2

Apparently it doesn't push as well from the other side, but how do you know unless you try? Life is good.


Rag Fur Jacket

That's Zoey's mom with me on the cover of my Rag Fur Jacket pattern. I wear my "fur" all year round, but I especially like it in the summer. It seems all the stores and restaurants are over air-conditioned. I keep a Rag Fur Jacket in the car and throw it on as I walk in. Type "Scooter" for a discount on your pattern (or anything else in the store). Order the pattern here.

OldDog 1Full

Old Dog #1: Blue Tongue

Old Dog #1

The first quilt in my Old Dogs, New Tricks series is up on my blog.

Click here.

If you're subscribed to my blog and you got an email all about Old Quilt #1, that's terrific. But, if the emailed blog was frustrating and annoying because none of the links worked and clicked pictures wouldn't enlarge, that's because subscription services usually send a link to the blog (the title of the blog in blue letters) and a "photograph" of the rest of the blog.

How to fix all that and by happy? Open that email back up again and click the title of the blogpost. That will take you right to the Old Dog #1 post. Or, click here.


New Dyed Clothesline

I just put up a few more dyed clotheslines up on my web page. These are for making clothesline bowls without wrapping fabric around the clothesline.

I went a little "arty" with the photographs on some of them. The deck is not included in the price. Just the dyed clothesline. And the handy plastic it is wrapped around. And a plastic bag. Just wanted to be clear on that.

front cover

If you're into "wrap" use my PowerWrapper---the only tool you're supposed to sit on. It makes wrapping so much easier. It's still on sale, plus there's that coupon code I mentioned above. And yes, I am missing my head in this picture. Don't ask.

Order dyed clothesline, PowerWrappers, glue pens, clotheslines, books (and watch the tutorial) here.


Click photo to learn more about the lights.

NeckLites Arrived Today

I've got NeckLites, and for at least a short time I should have neck straps in the following colors: aqua, black, neon green, neon pink, purple, raspberry, and silver. I say a short time because these lights go really fast. They are the brightest personal task lights I've ever sewed with. Light, bright, and easy to get on and off. They're fantastic! If you would like one, order one now. Don't forget to list your color preferences (first, second, and third choices) in the comment section.

I also have super bright lights for your sewing machine and a replacement bulb for your Featherweight using the same LED technology. Order lights here.


Click here to watch Scooter's video selection.

Scooter's Video Pick

Dog here. I always feel I should announce that, you know, for new readers. Just in case they think Mom is writing this. I mention it because this is the best part of her newsletter.

This pup is enjoying the air-conditioning. Hope it's not too hot where you are. Stay cool! Tail wags and sloppy wet kisses to everyone,
Love, Scooter!


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

AmiSimms Sig

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