It's Scooter's birthday! Plus impromptu light boxes, another color test, a quilter's husband laments, and more. It's all in the July 16th newsletter.


It's Scooter's birthday! Plus impromptu light boxes, another color test, a quilter's husband laments, and more. It's all in the July 16th newsletter.


Scooter's Birthday!

It's Scooter's birthday today. BarkBox gave him a $10 gift certificate in honor of the occasion so he ordered crispy cow parts and some other treats. There is a real name for the crispy cow parts, but it's too gross to mention. You'll just have to click here to find out. He loves them. Typical dog.

For more about BarkBox, and how you can get a free month when you subscribe, click here.


Thanks, Ann Marie Cunningham, for my really cool bulletin board!

On The Road Again

If you live near Omaha, come and say hello on August 16 and 17. I'll be teaching for the Cottonwood Quilters. In September I'll be in Tennessee, and October takes me to Illinois and Connecticut.

Click here for contact information and more listings during 2015.

I only have a few openings left for next year (July and November) so I am opening up bookings now for 2017.

Geographically inclined readers with really sharp eyes will note that only four states are missing a red pin in my bulletin board of places I've taught: South Dakota, Mississippi, Idaho, and Rhode Island. I have a nibble for a group in Mississippi for 2016, but I could use your help for the others. If you know of any quilters in those states, please drop a few hints. (Alaska and Hawaii are represented by the two pins in the upper right hand corner.)


Funny Funny Funny

The Quilting Lawyer posted the transcript of a hysterical speech given by a Canadian quilter's husband who is also a lawyer. I only wish I could have heard it in person. It's awesome. Read it here.

Cathy s lightbox

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Cathy Miller, The Singing Quilter, found a new use for her NeckLite: she used it to make an impromptu light box. Brilliant! Click here to read all about it on her blogpost.

Here are three more ways to make a light box.

1: Place a light source under a glass top table. No glass table? Take a leaf out of your dining room table and balance the storm window or plexiglass over the opening.

2: Pop a storm window or piece of plexiglass over a garbage can and throw a light source inside the can pointing up. Both the storm window and garbage can should be washed before converting them into a light box. Sadly the washing diminishes my enthusiasm for this tip. But, if I washed one storm window for every quilt top I marked, my windows would be a heck of a lot cleaner than they are now! This idea also works with the light source in a top loading washing machine. At least the washer would already be clean.

3: If you don't mind working on a vertical surface, tape your pattern to a window. For obvious reasons this tip only works during daylight hours. For night time tracing onto fabric, try a television. Unplug your cable box so all you get is "snow" and use that as a light source. I think I like Cathy's idea way better.


Click photo to take color test.

Can You See ALL Colors?

So many readers enjoyed the color test in the last newsletter that I thought I'd include another color test in this newsletter. Have fun!

Uncle Bud

My Uncle Bud passed away on July 6th, one day short of his 88th birthday. He was my mother's brother and a surrogate dad to me for the last 30 years. I will miss him terribly. He gave me my first job (parts girl at his plumbing supply store), treated me to my first store-bought hamburger (and chocolate shake), and taught me how to paint (the best color to paint anything is red).

Newsletter readers from way back may remember The Reluctant Sailor, the book he wrote in 2003. For a time he was a semi-regular contributor to this newsletter with such classics as The Garden Hose.

Click here to read a funny story about how my mother got her baby bother to stop crying.


Click here to watch Scooter's video.

Scooter's Video Pick

In honor of me, a golden retriever, I picked this video of two golden puppy dogs running for their food. It is a time lapse video so you can see how they grow a little each time they run.

Mom says I can offer my own coupon code because it's my birthday. If there is anything on that you can't live without, use coupon code "Scooter" for a discount. Just type it in when you check out. Click here to go shopping.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

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