September 3rd, 2020

Over the past week Kirk Smith from the Eastgate House of Prayer has released two powerful words for Canada.

The first is for Pastors (Shepherds) and Leaders. The second word is a call to 40 days of prayer and fasting for North America.

Also included here is a video from Doug Sharpe and Faytene Grasseschi giving understanding regarding the recent CPC Leadership race.

Thank you for your love for Canada.

Click here to read our August 4th prophetic bulletin.

A Word for Shepherds and Leaders

Call To 40 Day Fast for North America

CPC Leadership Race Reflections

Watch the video regarding the CPC race on YouTube.



Canadian: The CPC seeks to serve the the nation of Canada through prophetic words that speak both to believers and to the nation in general. The focus of the CPC is national.

Prophetic: The CPC is a group of recognized national prophetic voices. Though many members of the CPC function in other giftings as well, when the CPC meets the primary purpose is to hear the word of the Lord prophetically.

Council: The CPC believes that there is wisdom in the multitude of council and that each person prophesies in part. Given this, we believe that as mature leaders come together in relationship, humility and mutual submission to seek heaven’s word for Canada, a higher quality revelation can come forth.

The CPC does not claim to be the only prophetic voice to our nation but rather is one of the representations of the prophetic in Canada.

This release is not meant to be exhaustive or cover every important issue for our nation at this time. Rather this is a sampling of the words that the CPC felt to release publicly right now.

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