August 4, 2020

In January of 2020 we released a prophetic bulletin sharing that many on the Canadian Prophetic Council had been sensing that we were entering into a season of reset, change and recalibration.

We talked about how we have not only entered into a new decade but how we have also crossed over into an entire new era.

To read this full word please visit www.canadianpropheticouncil.ca under the “Words and Dreams” menu and choose the JanuaryJanuary 2020 release.

To say that we have officially entered into a new era would not be an overstatement. Truly, in the last 6 months so much has changed.

Over this time period Canadian Prophetic Council has met several times by conference call and through various national initiatives. Following is a brief summary of some of the key words and themes that we have been hearing and that we feel to release at this time.


In the spring we heard many people asking the question of, “When will life get back to normal in Canada?” The sense we have had is that there will be no getting back to life as normal - as in returning to life identical to what it was before.

COVID-19 has changed Canada and the world. It is important for each person, family, business, church and community to ask a new question, “How do we re-calibrate for the future?”

The answer to this question will be different for different people, regions and situations. Those that set their hearts before the Lord in this window and make the necessary adjustments will find themselves positioned for the Fall and the next year. Those that do not adjust may have some challenges to navigate ahead. It is critical to pray and obey in the walk of faith knowing that our Father’s leadership good and perfect.

Adjustments may include some people relocating or changing careers. This will be a season for the manifestation of maturity where each one will be led by the Father’s wisdom for their life, family and organization. This is not a season to follow templates of other organizations or from previous seasons. To do so could lead to wasted time and resources and cause people to be positioned incorrectly for the future.

God will give wisdom to those who seek it.


If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. - James 1:5



(Following is an excerpt of a word released by Marc Brisboi, one of the members of the CPC.)

God is retooling the Church for His original intent. By design we are meant to conquer darkness and pillage the very Gates of Hell. As such we are being prepared to reveal righteousness our enemy cannot withstand (Matthew 16:18). We can resist, but for this purpose we were born.

It seems the people God has chosen sometimes struggle with reluctance. Both the ancient Hebrews and our current generation have exhibited this pattern. In particular, we have been unwilling to go to war. The response of the Spirit of God is a surprise retooling. He has an intent He is unwilling to abandon.

Click here to read this entire word - https://www.watchmanchronicle.com/retooling-church-orignial-intent/



We are about to share some words in the next section that relate to Canada at large.

Before we do, we felt it was wisdom to point out that there is a difference between a word for the church in Canada, and a word to the nation of Canada.

No matter what happens in Canada’s future, God will be with His people. The harvest will continue and the church - even if persecuted in increasing measure - will continue and perhaps even increase in power. God’s covenant with His children is unbreakable.

God’s dealings with nations are different.

The nation that keeps covenant with the Lord will be blessed, the one that doesn’t will not. The following word more relates to “the nation of Canada” and gives the church a great call to release heaven’s potential within the governmental sphere at this time.



In 2017 Art Lucier, a member of the CPC, received a prophetic word that we had until Canada’s 153rd birthday, 2020, to see a shift in our nation.

The word was that if the church did not arise there was a chance that the Lord’s hand would be removed from our nation for a period of 30-40 years causing suffering to the people of Canada. Part of this would include the impacts of un-godly government.

This word was echoed in 2015 just prior to the last Federal Election by Cindy Jacobs where she saw scales and that the nation of Canada was about to tip one way, or another.

In this word she saw that if the scales tipped in a positive way that Canada would come into a season of blessing, if Canada did not tip in a positive way then we would descend into economic chaos among other things.

In addition, 2017 Cindy Jacobs also prophesied this:

“I am going to shake up both the provincial government and the federal government and it will be a new wine (season/reason?). As for those who have been in charge of anti-biblical values will be shocked, as they are tossed out of office. …There is an underground movement brewing and there will come a suddenly in the future. Those who are pro-abortion and anti-Israel are thrown out of office in a surprising national development.

The Lord says 'I am going to shock those who thought they had Canada sewn up for anti-biblical values'…God says 'The founders of this nation had a vision for a righteous nation and righteousness will rule in this nation once again.'

The Lord says 'This is conditional upon the church mobilizing the ecclesia to be a voice to get out to vote. You must get out and work. Politics is not a dirty word says the Lord, it is only a vehicle I can reveal my glory through. For have I not said that Government will be upon my shoulders?'"

We believe that this word was for the last federal election but that it still stands. During the last federal election many did vote and volunteer however the nation did not hit its tipping point for righteousness in government at that time.

We believe we could very well be in the 11th hour of this word and that in the next month it is critical for the church to awaken not only to prayer and fasting but into “getting out to work and to vote.”

It may just be that because of the various National Days of Prayer, the launch of the Canadian Fire Wall and other prayer initiatives this year have extended our window of grace in this 153rd year, but if that window is extended it is to give us a chance an opportunity to move now forward. Given that the above words were conditional we recognize that we could still see the nation shifted if we respond.

The most obvious current application is for members of the Conservative Party of Canada to vote for righteousness in the current Leadership race. The person who wins this race will likely be Canada’s 24th Prime Minister - or minimally a significant player in Canada’s future.

(NOTICE: This is not an endorsement of the Conservative Party unilaterally but rather an encouragement for those who are members of this party to engage in helping ensure the best candidate possible is elected.)

There is a very strong sense that there will be more strong shakings in the days ahead for Canada and the world. It is critical that Canada has strong leadership that can help us weather the storms still to come.

Believers should consider the call to pray and work (volunteer) for the most godly outcome possible in this election which is currently underway. We encourage all Conservative Party members to get informed and exercise their democratic power by returning their ballot.

As Cindy Jacob’s prophesied, “politics is not a dirty word,” but rather one of the spheres of society where God has called His people to shine and to influence.

The above words are heavy in their implication for this and for future generations. With this in mind we want to encourage everyone reading this to respond in faith, and hope that as we respond in prayer and prayerful action we can see our nation shift.

In this hour of human history God will have a people who arise to the new normals of the days ahead with faith, power and love to navigate their families and communities forward.

Now is a time to move forward understanding that we are in serious days, but that as our eyes remain fixed on Him that He will lead us forward by His hand of wisdom. In the days ahead many will shine, “…like the brightness of the heavens, and [will lead] many to righteousness…” (Daniel 12:3).


There is a call to re-establish prayer, worship and the “altar of the Lord” in our homes and families. COVID-19 has been used by the Lord to re-calibrate many families in a positive way. It is heaven’s heart that this would not only continue, but grow. There is a strong call for families to pray together, study the word together and take communion together. This will bring great strength to families for the days ahead.

On July 1st there was a day of prayer that launched the Canadian Fire Wall.

During this day of prayer Dr. Ed Silvoso released this word to Canada:

“We don’t have 3 years, all we have is 3 months. If you are obsessed with the building and getting back you will miss it. You will miss it…Constantine is the one who put the church in buildings when he conquered Rome and gave a palace to the Bishop of Rome….oh church, arise and shine…God is raising apostolic leaders…

Canada is so beautiful. The Canadian people are so beautiful. The church is so rich if you look at the people that are on the screen right now…but I submit that we only have 3 months to mobilize…2 or 3 people gathered in the name of Jesus around His manifest presence with the Lord leading them to pray the prayers that He’s praying at the right hand of the Father so the Father will answer those prayers - with the authority to bind and release - bind curses and release blessings….

…picture with me 1 million Canadian homes where the presence of God dwells every minute…and now picture virtue coming out of that house reaching out to 5 neighbours to the right and 5 to the left.

The shadow of Peter was able to carry the anointing - how much more the internet, how much more WhatsApp?…you have a very important election coming up in Canada…and at this moment we need the church to rise up and model Christ taking care of the needy, the poor, the disenfranchised, the prisoner and the widows…Canada can model this better than any nation in the world. You are a mercy nation.

Picture now a million Canadian homes…around the manifest presence of Jesus…going back, going back to the roots of the church - breaking bread and fellowshipping, praying and discussing the doctrine of the apostles and permeating neighbourhoods all over in Canada so that when you have an election the heavens will be open and people will choose righteously and when the righteous rule there is peace in the land.

…You only have 3 months, only 3 months, if you don’t get out of the boat and face the wind and walk on water and sink and be rescued by Jesus the boat will capsize. It will be 3 months. Only 3 months.”


Over the past months there has been a very strong emphasis of the Spirit to pray in tongues.

Those that operate in this gifting should consider setting aside time daily to pray in the spirit intentionally and exercise this gift throughout the day. As Canadian Christians from sea to sea increase the use of praying in tongues in this key window for Canada. It will do something significant in the spirit realm.

This will release a protection over the nation, cause things to shift and cause mindsets to change and will cause believers to be built up to stand with sobriety of mind and understanding for the times.

This is a time to pray in tongues.

If you do not have this gift but would like it, simply ask Holy Spirit to give it to you or seek out someone who has the gift that can pray with you to receive it.


This is a moment for the praying church to rise up and declare that the enemy will not be able to trigger anything prematurely in terms of end time evil.

There is a call for a critical mass of believers, operating as one, to go above everything that the enemy is attempting to please and to see things released from heaven’s perspective and agenda.



Mathew 24: 9-14 is being highlighted right now. In the last days Jesus warned that many would be offended, would turn away from the faith, would betray each other and the love of many would grow cold.

“Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

With the racial tension, political tensions and tensions surrounding mandatory vaccinations and wearing (or not) of masks - there are many opportunities for disagreement and offence.

In this hour believers are called to model a different spirit.

We are called to love, forgive, believe the best and keep the fruits of the spirit in all things. There is a strong warning not to allow our hearts to become offended and hard. This is a time for believers to burn with the love of Jesus, even for those that curse, hate and persecute them.


God is creating eagles’ nests in Canada through the re-positioning of leaders and ministries into key clusters for national purpose. These “eagles’ nests” are prophetic, prayer and apostolically oriented communities of faith. Some of these will be newly established eagles’ nests, some will be renewals of old ones.

In July of 2020 the spirit of the Lord came heavily on one of the CPC members, Kirk Smith, with a word which has been titled, “A call to burn at the Eastgate.” In this call Kirk released a word inviting people with burning hearts to come to the eastern gate of Canada to intercede for the nation.

Watch word here - https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=623998141549632


In all this we are very encouraged by many who have taken to online outreach to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many Canadians are coming to faith in Christ through internet outreach right now.


Due to the important and imminent nature of some of the words in this release we wanted to highlight the Fast Forward for Canada call to intentional prayer and fasting for Canada from now until August 24th, 2020.

This is an initiative being trumpeted by TheCRY, the National Days of Prayer and the Canadian Firewall as well as relationally partnering ministries. Participants can fast a day a week for Canada, from August 6-8th or continuously from now until August 24th.

There will also be an online solemn assembly on 08.08.2020 (August 8th, 2020) with national leaders giving leadership. It will take place from 2pm - 10pm EST. You can register and find out more at www.nationaldayofprayer.ca



Click here to find out more or to register:




Canadian: The CPC seeks to serve the the nation of Canada through prophetic words that speak both to believers and to the nation in general. The focus of the CPC is national.

Prophetic: The CPC is a group of recognized national prophetic voices. Though many members of the CPC function in other giftings as well, when the CPC meets the primary purpose is to hear the word of the Lord prophetically.

Council: The CPC believes that there is wisdom in the multitude of council and that each person prophesies in part. Given this, we believe that as mature leaders come together in relationship, humility and mutual submission to seek heaven’s word for Canada, a higher quality revelation can come forth.

The CPC does not claim to be the only prophetic voice to our nation but rather is one of the representations of the prophetic in Canada.

This release is not meant to be exhaustive or cover every important issue for our nation at this time. Rather this is a sampling of the words that the CPC felt to release publicly right now.

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