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New JAD Board Appointments

Senior team moves to gender equality

We are pleased to announce new appointments to the JAD Editorial Board, which means we have an equal number of female and male representation within the senior team (i.e. looking at only the positions of Deputy Editor and Editor-in-Chief). As announced recently, the journal supports the IOS Press Diversity and Inclusion Statement and we are making changes relating to SDG 5 (gender equality) and SDG 10 (reduced inequalities) in terms of diversity.

Introducing Deputy Editor: Daniela Galimberti, PhD

Board-DeputyEd DanielaGalimberti crop

We are happy to announce the appointment of Daniela Galimberti, PhD, as Deputy Editor. Previously a JAD Associate Editor since 2007 and Reviews Editor since 2017, Daniela is currently Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan and head of the laboratory for the study of genetics and molecular biology of neurodegenerative diseases. Her group is mainly interested in elucidating the role inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia, including inflammatory proteins and transcripts, and regulating non-coding RNA. "I’m honored for the promotion to Deputy Editor and glad to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of JAD,” comments Dr. Galimberti

Introducing Reviews Editor: Madeleine E. Hackney, PhD

Board-ReviewsEd MadeleineHackney crop

We are also pleased to announce a new appointee to the position of Reviews Editor: Madeleine E. Hackney, PhD is Associate Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and Research Health Scientist ad Atlanta VA Health Care System, Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation. Her research aims to optimize and design rehabilitative exercise for older adults with and without movement disorders, as well as investigations to detect mechanisms underlying movement pathologies and restoration of function. On her new appointment, Dr. Hackney states: "I am thrilled and honored to take on the role of Reviews Editor for JAD. I solicit the highest quality, thorough, and creative reviews on a wide range of topics relevant to neurodegenerative disease."

View Full Editorial Board

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JAD 21 web

Indexed in: PubMed/MEDLINE Web of Science Scopus

Volume 86, Issue 4 / 2022 Online

Psychometric Properties of the Neuropsychiatric Inventory: A ReviewOpen Access
Saari, Toni | Koivisto, Anne | Hintsa, Taina | Hänninen, Tuomo | Hallikainen, Ilona

Gut Microbiota as a Hidden Player in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease
Choi, Hyunjung | Lee, Dongjoon | Mook-Jung, Inhee

Music, Mind, Mood, and Mingling in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: A Scoping Review
Colverson, Aaron J. | Trifilio, Erin | Williamson, John B.

Associations Between Brainstem Volume and Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology in Middle-Aged Individuals of the Framingham Heart Study
Jacobs, Heidi I.L. | O’Donnell, Adrienne | Satizabal, Claudia L. | Lois, Cristina | Kojis, Daniel | Hanseeuw, Bernard J. | Thibault, Emma | Sanchez, Justin S. | Buckley, Rachel F. | et al.

Mitochondrial Targeting of Amyloid-β Protein Precursor Intracellular Domain Induces Hippocampal Cell Death via a Mechanism Distinct from Amyloid-β
Sandberg, Alexandra A. | Manning, Evan | Wilkins, Heather M. | Mazzarino, Randall | Minckley, Taylor | Swerdlow, Russell H. | Patterson, David | Qin, Yan | Linseman, Daniel A.

Metabolic Factors Are Related to Brain Amyloid Among Mexican Americans: A HABS-HD Study
O’Bryant, Sid E. | Petersen, Melissa | Hall, James | Johnson, Leigh | for the HABS-HD Study Team

Progression from Subjective Cognitive Decline to Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia: The Role of Baseline Cognitive Performance
Jester, Dylan J. | Vyhnálek, Martin | Andel, Ross | Marková, Hana | Nikolai, Tomás | Laczó, Jan | Matusková, Veronika | Cechová, Katerina | Sheardova, Katerina | Hort, Jakub

Sex-Specific Patterns of Body Mass Index Relationship with White Matter ConnectivityOpen Access
Rahmani, Farzaneh | Wang, Qing | McKay, Nicole S. | Keefe, Sarah | Hantler, Nancy | Hornbeck, Russ | Wang, Yong | Hassenstab, Jason | Schindler, Suzanne | Xiong, Chengjie | et al.

Tau Pathologies Mediate the Association of Cigarette Smoking with Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults Without Dementia: The CABLE Study
Hu, Hao | Fu, Jun-Ting | Bi, Yan-Lin | Ma, Ya-Hui | Huang, Yu-Yuan | Wang, Xin | Tan, Lan | Yu, Jin-Tai

Impaired Experience-Dependent Refinement of Place Cells in a Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Broussard, John I. | Redell, John B. | Maynard, Mark E. | Zhao, Jing | Moore, Anthony | Mills, Rachel W. | Hood, Kimberly N. | Underwood, Erica | Roysam, Badrinath | Dash, Pramod K.

A Bioinformatics Approach Toward Unravelling the Synaptic Molecular Crosstalk Between Alzheimer’s Disease and DiabetesOpen Access
Alves, Steven R. | da Cruz e Silva, Cristóvão | Rosa, Ilka M. | Henriques, Ana Gabriela | da Cruz e Silva, Odete A.B.

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JAD 21 web

Indexed in: PubMed/MEDLINE Web of Science Scopus

Volume 86, Issue 3 / 2022 Online

Prognosis and Diagnostic Biomarkers of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Current Status and Future Prospects
Diaz-Pacheco, Valeria | Vargas-Medrano, Javier | Tran, Eric | Nicolas, Meza | Price, Diamond | Patel, Richa | Tonarelli, Silvina | Gadad, Bharathi S.

Interaction Between Diet and Microbiota in the Pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s Disease: Focus on Polyphenols and Dietary Fibers
Ticinesi, Andrea | Mancabelli, Leonardo | Carnevali, Luca | Nouvenne, Antonio | Meschi, Tiziana | Del Rio, Daniele | Ventura, Marco | Sgoifo, Andrea | Angelino, Donato

Post-Stroke Cognitive Impairment: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Management
Huang, Yu-Yuan | Chen, Shi-Dong | Leng, Xin-Yi | Kuo, Kevin | Wang, Zuo-Teng | Cui, Mei | Tan, Lan | Wang, Kai | Dong, Qiang | Yu, Jin-Tai

Late-Onset Alcohol Abuse as a Presenting Symptom of Neurodegenerative Diseases
de Paula França Resende, Elisa | Ketelle, Robin | Karydas, Anna | Allen, Isabel | Grinberg, Lea T. | Spina, Salvatore | Seeley, William W. | Perry, David C. | Miller, Bruce | Naasan, Georges

Cardiovascular Risk Associated with Poorer Memory in Middle-Aged Adults from the Healthy Brain Project
Yassi, Nawaf | Pase, Matthew P. | Buckley, Rachel F. | Rosenich, Emily | Watson, Rosie | Maruff, Paul | Lim, Yen Ying

Validity of the Web-Based, Self-Directed, NeuroCognitive Performance Test in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Doraiswamy, P. Murali | Goldberg, Terry E. | Qian, Min | Linares, Alexandra R. | Nwosu, Adaora | Nino, Izael | D’Antonio, Jessica | Phillips, Julia | Ndouli, Charlie | Hellegers, Caroline | et al.

Vestibular Function Predicts Balance and Fall Risk in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
Biju, Kevin | Oh, Esther | Rosenberg, Paul | Xue, Qian-Li | Dash, Paul | Burhanullah, M. Haroon | Agrawal, Yuri

Proteomic Profiles of Neurodegeneration Among Mexican Americans and Non-Hispanic Whites in the HABS-HD Study
O’Bryant, Sid E. | Zhang, Fan | Petersen, Melissa | Hall, James R. | Johnson, Leigh A. | Yaffe, Kristine | Braskie, Meredith | Vig, Rocky | Toga, Arthur W. | Rissman, Robert A. | et al.

Olfaction, Cognitive Impairment, and PET Biomarkers in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Tian, Qu | Bilgel, Murat | Moghekar, Abhay R. | Ferrucci, Luigi | Resnick, Susan M.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Liver Fibrosis, and Regional Amyloid-β and Tau Pathology in Middle-Aged Adults: The Framingham Study
Weinstein, Galit | O’Donnell, Adrienne | Davis-Plourde, Kendra | Zelber-Sagi, Shira | Ghosh, Saptaparni | DeCarli, Charles S. | Thibault, Emma G. | Sperling, Reisa A. | Johnson, Keith A. | et al.

Serum Levels of α-Klotho Are Correlated with Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels and Predict Measures of Cognitive FunctionOpen Access
Kundu, Payel | Zimmerman, Benjamin | Quinn, Joseph F. | Kaye, Jeffrey | Mattek, Nora | Westaway, Shawn K. | Raber, Jacob

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Most Read Content in April 2022

Top viewed articles via the IOS Press Content Library published in 2021 & 2022 JAD issues

Alzheimer’s Disease: Key Insights from Two Decades of Clinical Trial FailuresOpen Access (Review Article in pre-press, 2022)
Kim, C. Kwon | Lee, Yin Rui | Ong, Lynnett | Gold, Michael | Kalali, Amir | Sarkar, Joydeep

Bile Acids as Key Modulators of the Brain-Gut-Microbiota Axis in Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.84, Iss.2, 2022)
Mulak, Agata

Making the Case for Accelerated Withdrawal of AducanumabOpenly Available (Meeting Report in pre-press, 2022)
Whitehouse, Peter | Gandy, Sam | Saini, Vikas | George, Daniel R. | Larson, Eric B. | Alexander, G. Caleb | Avorn, Jerry | Brownlee, Shannon | Camp, Cameron | Chertkow, Howard | et al.

Potential Mechanisms Underlying Resistance to Dementia in Non-Demented Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease NeuropathologyOpen Access (Review Article in pre-press, 2022)
Kok, Frédérique K. | van Leerdam, Suzanne L. | de Lange, Elizabeth C.M..

Impact of Social Isolation on People with Dementia and Their Family CaregiversOpenly Available (Research Article in Vol.81, Iss.2, 2021)
Azevedo, Lílian Viana dos Santos | Calandri, Ismael Luis | Slachevsky, Andrea | Graviotto, Héctor Gastón | Vieira, Maria Carolina Santos | Andrade, Caíssa Bezerra de | et al.

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JAD Journal News

JAD Insights shared at IOS Press 35th Anniversary

The journal's Editor-in-Chief George Perry was one of the esteemed scholars who participated by sharing a recorded contribution for the the IOS Press 35th anniversary celebrations, which took place with a symposium on March 31, 2022 in Amsterdam. The focus of this presentation is how JAD is "advancing pathways to discovery" in the field of Alzheimer's disease (AD) research. It highlights what makes the journal unique in this respect – from JAD’s editorial policies that help drive innovation to improve detection, prevention, and treatment of AD, to being at the forefront of promoting and defining alternative and emerging theories, many of which have moved into mainstream avenues of research over time. Discover more here!

IOS Press 35th Anniversary: Watch George Perry's Presentation | Discover More


Watch George Perry's presentation via the IOS Press YouTube channel

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Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports

An Open Access Journal

The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports – JAD's sister journal – is our online-only, fully open access journal for AD papers that gives equal weight to original research in basic science, translational research and clinical studies. We encourage direct submissions to Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports, taking advantage of the open access option and accelerated publication timeline (see instructions here).

Recent content published in the journal:

The Relationship Between Hearing and Mild Behavioral Impairment and the Influence of Sex: A Study of Older Adults Without Dementia from the COMPASS-ND StudyOpen Access
Gosselin, Penny | Guan, Dylan X. | Chen, Hung-Yu | Pichora-Fuller, M. Kathleen | Phillips, Natalie | Faris, Peter | Smith, Eric E. | Ismail, Zahinoor

Telehealth Literacy as a Social Determinant of Health: A Novel Screening Tool to Support Vulnerable Patient EquityOpen Access
Gillie, Monica | Ali, Diab | Vadlamuri, Diamler | Carstarphen, Kathy Jo

Association of Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 Gene Polymorphism (rs1801278) with Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Niyasti, Parham | Saberi, Alia | Hatamyain, Hamidreza | Ajamian, Farzam | Ghorbani Shirkouhi, Samaneh | Mirzanejad, Laleh | Andalib, Sasan

Intracerebral Infection with E. coli Impairs Spatial Learning and Induces Necrosis of Hippocampal Neurons in the Tg2576 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Schütze, Sandra | Döpke, Anika | Kellert, Benedikt | Seele, Jana | Ballüer, Melissa | Bunkowski, Stephanie | Kreutzfeldt, Mario | Brück, Wolfgang | Nau, Roland

A New Hypothesis for Alzheimer’s Disease: The Lipid Invasion ModelOpen Access
Rudge, Jonathan D’Arcy

Q1 2022, Volume 6: View Content | Read JADR Newsletter

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