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We are delighted to present the articles published in Volume 6 of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports during the first quarter of this year (Q1, Jan–Mar 2022). Links to the content are included below, along with a press release for a Q1 article and highlights of the recent top viewed journal articles. We also share news of the journal supporting IOS Press' actions relating to the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

This is our online-only, fully open access journal dedicated to providing an open forum for original research that will expedite our fundamental understanding of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and is a sister publication of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. As a member of our research community, we would like to invite you to contribute your own research articles to the journal:

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JADR Volume 6 / 2021 Q1 Content Available Online

All content is open access and freely available to read, download and share!

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Robust Pharmacodynamic Effect of LY3202626, a Central Nervous System Penetrant, Low Dose BACE1 Inhibitor, in Humans and Nonclinical SpeciesOpen Access
Willis, Brian A. | Lowe, Stephen L. | Monk, Scott A. | Cocke, Patrick J. | Aluise, Christopher D. | Boggs, Leonard N. | Borders, Anthony R. | Brier, Richard A. | Dean, Robert A. | Green, Steven J. | et al.

Severe Gestational Low-Protein Intake Impacts Hippocampal Cellularity, Tau, and Amyloid-β Levels, and Memory Performance in Male Adult Offspring: An Alzheimer-Simile Disease Model?Open Access
Grigoletti-Lima, Gabriel Boer | Lopes, Marcelo Gustavo | Franco, Ana Tereza Barufi | Damico, Aparecida Marcela | Boer, Patrìcia Aline | Rocha Gontijo, José Antonio

Effects of a Personalized Music Intervention for Persons with Dementia and their CaregiversOpen Access
Bufalini, John | Eslinger, Paul | Lehman, Erik | George, Daniel R.

Blood-Based Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in Older Adults with Posttraumatic Stress DisorderOpen Access
Cimino, Nicolas | Kang, Min Suk | Honig, Lawrence S. | Rutherford, Bret R.

Salivary Proteomics Identifies Transthyretin as a Biomarker of Early Dementia ConversionOpen Access
Eldem, Ece | Barve, Aatmika | Sallin, Olivier | Foucras, Sandrine | Annoni, Jean-Marie | Schmid, Adrien W. | Alberi Auber, Lavinia

The Relationship Between Hearing and Mild Behavioral Impairment and the Influence of Sex: A Study of Older Adults Without Dementia from the COMPASS-ND StudyOpen Access
Gosselin, Penny | Guan, Dylan X. | Chen, Hung-Yu | Pichora-Fuller, M. Kathleen | Phillips, Natalie | Faris, Peter | Smith, Eric E. | Ismail, Zahinoor

Telehealth Literacy as a Social Determinant of Health: A Novel Screening Tool to Support Vulnerable Patient EquityOpen Access
Gillie, Monica | Ali, Diab | Vadlamuri, Diamler | Carstarphen, Kathy Jo

Association of Insulin Receptor Substrate-1 Gene Polymorphism (rs1801278) with Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Niyasti, Parham | Saberi, Alia | Hatamyain, Hamidreza | Ajamian, Farzam | Ghorbani Shirkouhi, Samaneh | Mirzanejad, Laleh | Andalib, Sasan

Intracerebral Infection with E. coli Impairs Spatial Learning and Induces Necrosis of Hippocampal Neurons in the Tg2576 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access
Schütze, Sandra | Döpke, Anika | Kellert, Benedikt | Seele, Jana | Ballüer, Melissa | Bunkowski, Stephanie | Kreutzfeldt, Mario | Brück, Wolfgang | Nau, Roland

A New Hypothesis for Alzheimer’s Disease: The Lipid Invasion ModelOpen Access
Rudge, Jonathan D’Arcy

Systematic Review
Executive Functions in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematic ReviewOpen Access
Silva, Priscilla Chantal Duarte | de Oliveira, Larissa Leite Vieira | Teixeira, Ricardo Luiz Perez | Brito, Max Leandro de Araújo | Filippe, Anna Rita Tomich Magalhães

Case Report
Cognitive and Functional Abilities in an Older Adult Veteran Before and After Contracting COVID-19Open Access
Okolichany, Ronald | Padala, Prasad R. | Mooney, Scott

Short Communication
The Added Value of Cerebrospinal Fluid Neurofilament Light Chain to Existing Diagnostic Methods and Biomarkers in a Mixed Memory Clinic Cohort of Consecutive PatientsOpen Access
Gleerup, Helena Sophia | Simonsen, Anja Hviid | Høgh, Peter

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Most Read JADR Content / Q1 2022

Listing articles published only in 2021 and 2022 so you can read the most popular recent content.

Creative Art Therapy as a Non-Pharmacological Intervention for Dementia: A Systematic Review (Research Article in Volume 5, Online May 2021) – Open Access
Emblad, Shayla Y.M. | Mukaetova-Ladinska, Elizabeta B.

A Proposal to Make Biomedical Research into Alzheimer’s Disease More Democratic Following an International Survey with Researchers (Research Article in Volume 5, Online Aug 2021) – Open AccessVolume 5, Online May 2021
Daly, Timothy | Houot, Marion | Barberousse, Anouk | Petit, Amélie | Epelbaum, Stéphane

Obesity and Brain Vulnerability in Normal and Abnormal Aging: A Multimodal MRI Study (Research Article in Volume 5, Online Jan 2021) – Open Access
Dake, Manmohi D. | De Marco, Matteo | Blackburn, Daniel J. | Wilkinson, Iain D. | Remes, Anne | Liu, Yawu | Pikkarainen, Maria | Hallikainen, Merja | Soininen, Hilkka | Venneri, Annalena

Use of Benzodiazepines and Z-Drugs in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia: Prevalence and Appropriateness (Research Article in Volume 5, Online Jan 2021) – Open Access
Rijksen, Dirk O.C. | Zuidema, Sytse U. | de Haas, Esther C.

Fifteen Years of the Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) Study: Progress and Observations from 2,359 Older Adults Spanning the Spectrum from Cognitive Normality to Alzheimer’s Disease (Research Article in Volume 5, Online Jun 2021) – Open Access
Fowler, Christopher | Rainey-Smith, Stephanie R. | Bird, Sabine | Bomke, Julia | Bourgeat, Pierrick | Brown, Belinda M. | Burnham, Samantha C. | Bush, Ashley I. | Chadunow, Carolyn | et al.

Aluminum and Tau in Neurofibrillary Tangles in Familial Alzheimer’s Disease (Research Article in Volume 5, Online Apr 2021) – Open Access
Mold, Matthew John | O’Farrell, Adam | Morris, Benjamin | Exley, Christopher

Effects of a Personalized Music Intervention for Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers (Research Article in Volume 6, Online Feb 2022) – Open Access
Bufalini, John | Eslinger, Paul | Lehman, Erik | George, Daniel R.

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Recent press release relating to JADR content

Alzheimer’s Barrier Brain Damage Theory Could Pave Way for New Treatments

Alzheimer’s disease could be caused by damage to a protective barrier in the body that allows fatty substances to build up in the brain, newly published research argues. A new explanation, called the Lipid Invasion Model, argues that lipids entering the brain due to damage to the blood-brain barrier is the determining cause of the degenerative disease that affects millions worldwide. The lead author Jonathan Rudge states: "This model opens up new pathways for research into the detection, prevention, and treatment of the disease. It could have parallels in other neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease, which also disproportionately affect older people and people engaged in certain sports, and might also be associated with damage to the blood-brain barrier." This study appears in JADR 6:1.

View the open access study here
View the full press release here


Supporting the IOS Press Diversity and Inclusion Statement

IOS Press is a signatory of the UN SDG Publishers Compact and is taking actions relating to specific sustainable development goals (SDGs). This includes working with journal editors to share recommendations in relation to SDG 5 (gender equality) and SDG 10 (reducing inequalities) in terms of diversity. We are pleased to announce that our journal supports the IOS Press Diversity and Inclusion Statement and is committed to take action to improve geographical and gender equality for the journal. Any updates will be shared on the journal page in due course.

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