Happy May ! "Bluebird of Happiness - Arrived” AND "Bluebird of Happiness - Landing" Just finished in the studio! What do you think about the names

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Happy May !

"Bluebird of Happiness - Arrived” AND "Bluebird of Happiness - Landing"

Just finished in the studio!

What do you think about the names of these paintings? These names were totally influenced by this artists life! In this case by the sun making its first occasional appearances after a long, brutal winter. Here in Oregon, these first glimpses of sunshine are Happiness Heaven.

What? You think that these paintings don’t look like my ‘usual’ oils? Ah!!… But they DO look like ‘my’ work....

Did you know I started painting by studying Chinese Brush Painting?


Original Oil Paintings 16"h x 10"w - "Bluebird of Happiness-Arrived" & "Bluebird of Happiness - Landing" (on the right) - Click image for more information about these pieces

IMG 7316

My favorite dragon chair! The dragons on the arms have caught the symbolic ball of happiness ;0)

When I first decided to learn to paint....

I was a big fan of all things Chinese and collected rugs and carved furniture when I could. Still a favorite chair!--------->

Because of this, what came to my mind to learn to paint was the masterful brush control of the Chinese Brush Painters and their calligraphy.

As a result, I studied with a well known artist from China who was teaching at UCSD in San Diego. I learned a lot, including painting on silk and a favorite, special gold-speckled paper with both wet and dry brush techniques and calligraphy.

Below is one of my watercolor Chinese Brush paintings: "Kingfisher and Lotus”

ChineseBrush Kingfishers and Lotus cropped lo res5 2017

"Kingfisher and Lotus” was painted on the special (and difficult to photograph) gold-speckled paper. This was a snapshot taken before mounting and framing. The special paper was just laying on a table with paperweights holding it down!

Sold recently, this piece had been rolled up, stored and seen by few. I have a limited number of Chinese Brush Paintings still available and can send information upon request. They are not on my web-stie.


East Meets West

The small Bluebird paintings I just finished are pieces inspired by a much larger painting that is 80" tall called "Magnolia - Tree of Life". This larger painting was my first to intentionally combine my Chinese Brush Painting background with my oil painting - my version of East meeting West!
Click HERE to see it!


Enjoy Some 'Where's Waldo' Fun! - Can you find the hidden images in my painting?

"Every Challenge Offers a Gift"

In my last 'newsletter' I shared how I started experimenting with Mixed Media acrylics during the 'unusual' winter. To give you an example of how an artists work might give insight into the artists life, I thought you might enjoy if I point out the hidden images in to this piece !

EveryChallenge LoRes 5 17 adj

This painting was influenced by this "California Girl" spending a first winter in Oregon

A winter that the locals say was the worst winter in 75 years! To top it off for a "challenge", most of the winter was spent alone, snowed in multiple times and on a rural 28 acres !!!

EveryChallenge LoRes 5 17  withNumbers

Can you SEE the Hidden Images in this Painting?

Check the larger picture above with the corresponding numbered areas here------>

1- Look closely and you will a person (a woman) walking through the snow in a snow storm with an umbrella. I wonder who that was! Ha!

2- This is one of Monets paintings of the famous bridge in his garden that he painted AFTER he started loosing his eyesight. I felt that was a challenge that HE went through.

3- A young man in his business suit, umbrella in hand and a briefcase balancing on a tightrope. My son recently graduated from college and I was reflecting on the challenges he an many of his friends may experience.

4- This is a pot of gold coins spilling out. I was reflecting on how one GROWS to meet and get through a challenge and I like to think that there might be some richness to life like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that comes from having gone through or 'grown' through any challenge.

5- There are two #5’s…… both a wrapped gift!

6- Climbing the 'ladder' to the GOAL! A classic symbol.

7- The challenge of opening a door not easily opened to get to where one wants to go.

I chose the Anthurium flower because of how strong and long lasting they are.
“I got this!” is an attitude that it is helpful to have when meeting a challenge.


Coming Soon! (or as soon as possible!)

I am VERY excited to announce that I will be adding the new Mixed Media ‘Inspirational Reminders’ to my web-site where they will be offered as originals (when available) and as archival quality prints on beautiful paper with prices as low a $30.00!

If any of my "Inspirational Reminders" can bring something of value to you or someone you know ... that will be an honor!

Mercedes at easel-cropped

I hope that May is treating you well and that if any of you are going through a CHALLENGE... that you are able to find and focus on the GIFT!

Gail / Mercedes!

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