Have North Dakota's Leaders Accepted Reality Yet? Current elected officials point to stale economic data as a reason not to worry, but farmers on the

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Have North Dakota's Leaders Accepted Reality Yet?

Current elected officials point to stale economic data as a reason not to worry, but farmers on the ground know what is really happening in North Dakota. Do your favorite candidates understand what the farmers understand?

June 3rd, 2016

There seems to be Two different North Dakotas right now.

One North Dakota is riding along the economic waves with no problem. This is the vision those in elected office currently want you to think of when you vote in two weeks. They tell you this by the stories they push to the media that uses economic data that is over two years old, before the surge of the US dollar, and the collapse of energy and farm commodity prices.

The other North Dakota is the one where farmers are worried about what their finances are going to look like next fall, because they already were taking losses last year and they know this year is going to be worse.

It is really quite amazing that political debate in North Dakota has boiled down to who has a better grasp on reality. Usual we in North Dakota leave that mindless bickering to the politicians in Washington D.C., and hope they do not make things worse for us here in North Dakota.

This message is not to tell you how to vote - rather what to look for in all candidates when it comes to the future of North Dakota.

Bakken Production Decline Chart

Does your favorite candidate understand the challenges the state legislature will face in the next legislative session? Or does your candidate want to play word games to hide what is happening in the state?


Does your preferred candidate realize the gravy train from high oil prices and high gas prices came at the cost of every North Dakotan suffering at the gas pump - and that that gravy train is coming to an end?

General Fund Minus One Time

Does your candidate fully understand the power the state has to protect its citizens from the federal government? And has your candidate worked to help North Dakotans in that fight?

Will your candidate stand up for private business against unfair government competition? Or will your candidate attack the very business leaders state laws were enacted to help?

Will your candidate realize the need to reform the way the state incentives business in North Dakota? Or will your candidate just do what is politically popular at the moment?

General Fund Budget Increases

Does your candidate see the need for a change to the way government spends your money? Or does you can't reject the need for change, opting for the status-quo?

Political Sub Funding

The path state government has been on for for the last decade is not sustainable. No matter how comforting the ads of candidates for office might be, the only thing that really matters is the candidates' grasp on reality

The fact is, all the candidates understand reality - few are willing to admit it.

How can North Dakota's problem be solved by people that have been there and done nothing to call for reforms and changes?

This is not about being doom and gloom or saying the sky is falling - this is about making sure our state leaders realize that the situation they are dealing with are not as stable as they try to make the public think.

Be sure your candidate accepts these realities, or that you are willing to accept the consequences if they do not.

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Dustin Gawrylow, Managing Director

North Dakota Watchdog Network

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