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November 2020

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Spring has sprung in my corner of the world, though the air still has a definite bite to it. My freesias have just started to bloom and since I am a certified plant lady (who just bulk ordered dahlia bulbs), I'm excited to get back in the garden.

The A Madness of Sunshine paperback has also sprung into the world. If you haven't tried this book yet, I hope you'll give it a go!

Writing-wise, I'm at work on the next Psy-Changeling Trinity book. More info to come soon, but needless to say, things are afoot.

I know you've been waiting for an excerpt from Archangel's Sun. It was very difficult to choose a scene to share, as Titus and Sharine have so many unique scenes together. Taken from relatively early on in the story - when they're in the midst of taking each other's measure - the scene I've chosen definitely demonstrates the sparks that fly in their book!

I've also got some book recs for you, details of two new German releases, plus a link to a recording of a recent online event.

Scroll on and enjoy!

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A Madness of Sunshine - Paperback Out Now

If you haven't yet checked out my debut thriller, A Madness of Sunshine, it's now available in paperback worldwide!


If you'd like to read an excerpt, click through to this page of my website.


“…[an] exceptional first crime novel…” – Publishers Weekly

“I’m a romance genre girl through and through. When I saw that this was Nalini Singh, I knew I needed to give this book a try even though I hesitate at the genre. I’m really glad that I did. From the first chapter this book captured my attention and held. The writing is phenomenal. It doesn’t matter what genre this author writes, she knows how to captivate.” – Mindy B, Reviewer, on Netgalley

“Lush, atmospheric, and addictive, A MADNESS OF SUNSHINE seduces with its beautiful sense of place and layered, compelling characters, then hooks you right in with a riveting noir mystery. When a beautiful girl goes missing and a dark past collides with the brutal present, the truth is as harsh and unforgiving as the landscape in which Nalini Singh’s twisting tale is set.” –Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of The Stranger Inside

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"Singh puts her previous writing experience to great effect in this accomplished novel"- Sunday Times

"An atmospheric read with a compelling sense of the spectacular rugged landscape" - Guardian


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Romance Authors in Conversation Event Recording Available

If you weren't able to attend my chat with Ilona Andrews and Amanada Bouchet, the recording is now live on Youtube!

The session was so much fun. It was organized and moderated by the lovely Meena at Cary Library.


Latest German Releases

Cherish Kisses - Copy
Cherish Dreams - Copy

Cherish Kisses
Er spielt außerhalb ihrer Liga - doch sie stellt die Regeln auf Als Charlotte Baird von einem Unbekannten in ihrem Büro überrascht wird und ihm vor Schreck einen Tacker an den Kopf wirft, ist dies die missglückte erste Begegnung mit Gabriel Bishop, ihrem neuen Chef. Doch statt sie auf der Stelle zu feuern, ernennt er sie zu seiner persönlichen Assistentin! Ein Schock für Charlotte, die sich lieber unauffällig im Hintergrund hält – und die schon jetzt spürt, dass sie Gabriels Charme nicht gewachsen...

Dieser Roman ist auch unter dem Titel Ich berausche mich an dir: Rock Kiss 2 erhältlich

Ebook: AppleBooks,, KindleDe
Broschiert:, bü,, Thalia
Hörbuch:, AppleBooks,

Cherish Dreams
Für sie wirft er alle Regeln über Bord ... Jake Esera ist ein professioneller Rugbyspieler – und ein Single-Dad. Seit er vor sechs Jahren Vater einer Tochter wurde, besteht das Leben des 24-Jährigen nur aus Training, Wettkämpfen, Zöpfe flechten und Playdates. Ausschlafen, feiern oder gar sich verlieben stehen nicht auf dem Plan. Doch als er auf einer Hochzeit seine ehemalige Schulfreundin Juliet Nelisi widertrifft, ändert sich alles. Denn Jules ist verführerisch wie nie, und Jake merkt zum ersten...

Ebook: AppleBooks,, KindleDe, Thalia
Broschiert:, bü,, Thalia


Reading Diary

I recently read an early copy of Trader's Leap by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller and found it a brilliant, immersive adventure of a book.

I love the Liaden series, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys space opera mixed with romance, and/or the unpredictable adventures of a sprawling family. The members of Clan Korval have a way of getting into trouble (and out again).

The worldbuilding in this series is phenomenal, and I'm always excited to get the next installment.

If you haven't tried these books, I usually recommend Agent of Change as a starter, as it's free on ebook, but my introduction to Clan Korval was via The Dragon Variation - this is a compilation of three full-length novels in the series. Each has a strong romantic thread. I read this compilation and never looked back!

I also want to mention Deal With The Devil by Kit Rocha, which is currently out.

Set in post-apocalyptic times, it stars super soldiers and the "mercenary librarians" of the series title, and is a fantastic start to what looks to be a great series.

Check this one out if you like your romances mixed with danger, with a dose of futuristic tech thrown in.

Archangel s Sun US high res - Copy

November 2020

Exclusive Extra: Advance Excerpt From Archangel's Sun

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Advance Excerpt From Archangel's Sun

By Nalini Singh

She wasn’t a woman for whom the physical had ever been a priority.

Today, however, her body had awakened with a vengeance, sexual need punching through her hard and brutal. For Titus, a man even more beautiful than Aegaeon. Though she still didn’t understand the superlatives about his charm. Titus was too blunt a hammer.

A fact he demonstrated to good effect when he said, “Are you wearing anything under that tunic? If you are, I suggest getting rid of the tunic. Reborn fluids tend to be disgusting in the extreme even when they dry—they grow black mold.”

Sharine hesitated; she was wearing a garment Tanicia had called a singlet. Soft and shaped to Sharine’s body, the white item held her average-size breasts in place, the wing slits closed with small enclosures. But never in her life had she worn anything so revealing as outerwear.

She shifted on her feet . . . and got a whiff of her own odor.

Stomach threatening to turn itself inside out, she reached back to undo the wing slits on her tunic, then pulled the garment over her head and threw it into the flames. “I liked that tunic,” she muttered. “Now I only have one. My entire wardrobe in your stronghold is filled with dresses and gowns.” She scowled at him, careful to keep her eyes strictly to his face.

His square-jawed and rough-edged and altogether-too-handsome face.

“Don’t talk to me of gowns and clothing,” he grumbled. “I’m a warrior, not your dresser.”

“And how do your clothes appear, my lord Archangel? By magic?”

He threw back his head and roared to the sky, his shoulders bunched and his hands clenched as hard as his jaw. The sound was thunder that made the birds take flight from the trees and her own bones vibrate . . . but not in fear.

Holding her ground, her heart pounding, she met his gaze without flinching.

“I respect my people.” His eyes flashed. “That means I leave them to their duties. My steward should be able to point you to the right person.”

“Thank you for your kindness in sharing that information,” she said, not sure why she was taking such pleasure in antagonizing him—never in all her existence had she behaved this way; it was oddly exhilarating. “I’m sure I wouldn’t have figured that out for myself.”

Titus stared at her, just stared at her. “Tell me the truth—have you taken up drinking some concoction that turns a sane woman into a shrew?” It was a solemn question and maybe that was why the meaning of it took a moment to penetrate.

She bared her teeth at him, feeling . . . free. For so many years, she’d been caged. Caged inside her parents’ rules, then her own fears, then inside her broken mind. For the first time since she’d begun to store memories, she didn’t—what was that statement she’d heard one of the young townswomen say?—yes, that was it: she did not give a crap. And it was glorious.

“Men who call strong women shrews,” she said in a tone formed of sugar syrup and molasses, “are often men scared of a woman’s strength.”

“My mother,” he enunciated with care, “was First General to an archangel. I was born with a respect for female strength.”

“If you say so.” She brushed imaginary dirt off her arms, then walked around to the other side of the bonfire. “I’ll keep an eye on this side.”

Through the curtain of flame, he was a big and powerful and infuriated man standing with his hands on his hips and his chest bare. His eyes pinned her to the spot as the fire began to die down—or they made the attempt in any case, his eyebrows drawn together in a glower.

Sharine smiled at him. She felt zero fear. All her life, she’d been afraid in one way or the other, but it was as if she’d gone through a fire of her own and come out reborn. On the other hand, the latter wasn’t the best choice of word, especially with her skin hot from the heat of a fire built to turn the reborn to ash.

Shedding of the skin, remaking, resurrection, they were all just words. What mattered was that she was becoming someone new, a woman she’d always had the potential to be—an angel of whom her son could be proud . . . and an angel who could look herself in the mirror and smile.

Copyright © 2020 by Nalini Singh

For more information on the Guild Hunter series, click here.

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Madness of Sunshine paperbacks

Paperback Out Now

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