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Hello ,

Greetings from Spain.

I arrived last week from Bratislava, Slovakia, where we are working on a new distribution centre.
My wife an I have a home in La Cala de Mijas, and I can tell you it's nice to be home if only for a Mooch*.
* A "Mooch" I understand is a new word from the land of the free that signifies a period of 10 or 11 days :)

Last week I was telling you that losing friends can be a good thing and also a bit more about eating frogs. You can read why here.
So not only do we have a new EU distribution warehouse, but we are on the verge of launching a new website update, that hopefully will make the buying experience more smooth and enjoyable.

It's been a long time in the making, and just a bit nerve racking, we need a modern website but change sometimes is unsettling.
The first versions of the site will be for the new European websites, then later the UK websites. So hold on to your hats.

Meanwhile in Sheffield at AW HQ.. Things are moving up a gear..
Some good and bad news I'm afraid..

Lots of stock coming in.. our long suffering warehouse team working all hours, all the warehouses are bursting at the beams.
Heaps of new products, including Christmas lines.. it really is all go like a demented mad beehive.
Our new range of Cocktail Bath Bombs just went on sale and has gone a bit crazy.. that's an understatement, every second order is for them.

But Huston we have a problem.. a bit of a cocktail cock-up.
Because of that virus that disabled the NHS, and quite a few shipping companies, our packaging (which is coming from China) got stuck in Hong Kong.
So our advanced stock is almost expired.. even our bulk order won't be enough to keep up with demand for long.
Therefore.. dear readers of this newsletter, if you want a bit of the legendary Cocktail Bath Bomb stock, get it now.. I think we will be out of stock pretty soon, and.. for probably about a month.
We will keep making them.. and as soon as the packaging arrives, there will be lots of stock. I appreciate you bearing with us.

But talking about legendary stock.. there is some good news!
A long awaited Salt Lamp container is due on Monday, and we have put the stock online.. so you can order now.

The last container barely lasted a Mooch, so I'd suggest placing an order sooner rather than later.

It's holiday season.. so lots of folk are off on walking holidays and stuff. Here in Spain the roads and restaurants are choc-a-block. So it's sensible to stay at home and get some work done.
Rodrigo.. if you have been following his story, is still here in our house. Trapped heartlessly and separated from his family by the Home Office.
Next week I'll give you a full update.

If you are on holiday hope you are enjoying the sunshine.

Thank you as always for your custom and kindness.

Take care.



Wholesale Salt Lamps & Candle Holders

We are happy to announce our Himalayan Salt Lamps are back in stock

Each Salt Lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.

Please bear in mind our artisans in Pakistan made every effort to match the weights of the salt lamps we have requested however due to the products nature they are still approximate.


Summer Sales up to 50% OFF

Summer Sales No-one does a BOGOF and Sale quite like Ancient Wisdom.
Offers available while stocks last. Great deals you can pass on to your customers - or simply give your profit margins a bit of a boost.
If money (or credit) is tight then your customers will be happy to BOGOF - double your sales without losing money or compromising on quality.
At Ancient Wisdom, we are working hard to find you the best deals.


3 for the price of 2 Home Comforts Fragrance Oils

We also have prepared some special offers especially for you. Buy any 3 Home Comforts Fragrance Oils pay for 2.This range of wholesale Fragrance Oils is carefully curated with premium scents and no expense has been spared in finding the right enchanting fragrances.

To recap: Home Comforts fine fragrances are designed for specific places around your home. So easy to sell, just ask your customers which room they want to fragrance.

So if you are looking for something that makes your sales go through the roof then hurry as the offer ends on Wednesday 9th of August at midnight. Example: Buy any three Home Comforts Fragrance Oils and one will become automatically FREE in your cart.
This offer can not be combined with GR/Volume Discount.


Home Comforts Simmering Granules

3 for the price of two

Buy any 3 Home Comforts Simmering Granules and pay for 2. Ideal for Oil Burners, Scenting Letters, useful on ashtrays to combat tobacco smell, and for fragrancing and decorating plates. They have eye catching colours which will attract customers whilst browsing, and after smelling them they wouldn't leave your shop without one or two (well hopefully). This offer can not be combined with GR/Volume Discount.


Home Comforts Room Perfumes

3 for the price of 2

These fine bottled wholesale Room Perfumes are designed for specific places around your home. This fragrance range is made with carefully selected premium scents and no expense has been spared in finding the right enchanting fragrances. In these uncertain times, peoples nesting instincts are to the fore so we believe your customers will appreciate these fine scents and make their homes especially fragrant.

This offer can not be combined with GR/Volume Discount.


Wholesale Real Leaf Jewellery

Amazingly Wholesale Real Leaf Jewellery is made with actual real leaves, hand selected and harvested especially leaf by leaf. Then using a unique electroplating method the Leafs are gradual, magically.. turned to metal. As these are real leaves, not one piece is quite the same so everyone bought is unique to the customer!
A perfect romantic gift for anyone who loves nature. Ideal for any gift shop but those in rural locations may find more affinity with this delightful natural jewellery range.

The gift boxes containing a necklace and matching earrings and make a lovely display. But you can offer individual necklaces or earring sets also.

Once the leaves are combined with our necklace holders below, you will have a stunning display of colour that will grab any customers attention.


Jungle Bags

This range of Wholesale Jungle Bags has everything your customers need for setting off for the next adventure. Printed with colourful leaves, each bag is designed to hold the accessories in place leaving enough room for all those essential items for the jungle travel trip or expedition.


Mermaid Cushion Covers

These mermaid cushion covers are embellished with shiny sequins which change colour as you brush your hand along the surface, this brings some interactivity and fun to a sofa and is incredibly satisfying to play with!
They come in lots of different colour combinations to suit any customers home or personality. Every order comes with 4 covers. We also supply the cushion inners.

Nobody will be able to resist playing with the colours and trying to draw pictures or write their names, we definitely couldn't! (Especially with the Violet & silver cushion, one of our favourites...)


Wholesale Nag Champa Incense

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE Nag Champa is probably the best selling incense on the planet! Everyone should stock it as an essential item. The original Blue pack made famous by the patronage of Satya Sai Baba is now only one of a whole range of incense and other scented products made with this distinctive fragrance. Ancient Wisdom has the best price guaranteed, don't miss out.


Bali Dream Catchers

Wholesale Dream Catchers. Probably the best quality and value on the market.
A family made for AW in Bali, supplied directly to you.
Packed in outers of 3 mixed colours in one design, (except Rainbow) to enable you to stock a wide selection with ease. Packed with a mini info tag, made with quality materials these sell fast with a good display.
In Bali, the locals are very much in touch with the spirit world and have adopted the dream catcher and renewed its power. Stop dreaming and stock up today. :-)


Back in Stock! Luxury Soap Flowers

BACK IN STOCK Beautifully packed wholesale Soap Flowers are a perfect gift, wedding favours, Christmas stocking filler or just a little treat for yourself.
Just add a one or two roses to your warm bath, relax and watch the cute flowers dissolve right before your very eyes. You will surely enjoy colourful water and great scent. It leaves your skin soft, silky, and smelling wonderfully fresh.

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