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Archangel's Prophecy (Germany) 29. April 2019

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Welcome to the Newsletter

I can't believe we're already at the second to last newsletter of 2018. The final newsletter will hit your inboxes on 31st December and it'll feature a fun free short story.

November's been an interesting month for me. Archangel's Prophecy released to polarized reviews, then hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. My inbox filled rapidly with messages from readers who either hated the book with a wild passion, or who loved it with the same wild passion and were already rereading it. Much of this happened while I was on the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Sydney. A lot of the time, I was without wifi or a phone signal - which proved fantastic for my work on Wolf Rain.

I don't yet have a full blurb of Wolf Rain, but I've pulled a short excerpt from my working draft so you can meet the characters.

As for Prophecy, this is the book the story demanded and whether you loved it or not, thank you for coming with me on this journey with the guild hunter crew. And when it comes to the rest of the journey - the best is yet to come.

Staying on that topic, one of my current most frequently asked questions is whether the next guild hunter book is the final one. The answer is no. More books are planned. There's still so much to discover about the world and the characters. When the time does come for the final book, I'll let you know in plenty of time. Until then, ignore any rumors of the series ending and get ready for the adventure to continue.

Also, if you missed seeing the full Immortal Insider Magazine interview at USA Today HEA, follow the link to read.

And if you'd like to read the previous newsletter, here's the link.

Happy reading:)

Archangel's Prophecy

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Pick it up if you're in the mood for a sexy romance featuring a rock star and the librarian who steals his heart.

There are zero paranormal elements in this book (not unless you consider rock stars paranormal creatures!).

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Paperback coming December 31st. (Out now in hardcover, audio, and ebook.)

Cherish Love - Copy
Cherish Hope - Copy

Upcoming German Translations - Cherish Love and Cherish Hope

CHERISH LOVE - 30. August 2019

Eine Liebe wie ein Rausch
Sailor Bishop hat nur ein Ziel: ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen als Landschaftsarchitekt aufbauen! Ablenkung kann er absolut nicht gebrauchen – auch nicht in Form seiner neuen Auftraggeberin. Doch die schöne Ísa Rain macht Sailor unmissverständlich klar, dass sie mehr von ihm will als einen unvergesslichen Kuss. Viel zu lange hat sie nur das getan, was andere von ihr erwarten. Sailor muss sich entscheiden: zwischen der Frau, die sein Herz berührt, wie bisher niemand sonst, und seinem großen Traum!

CHERISH HOPE - 28. Februar 2020

Romantisch, turbulent und sexy
Um ihre Familie wieder zu vereinen, hat Nayna Sharma zugestimmt zu heiraten – einen Mann, den ihre Eltern für sie aussuchen. Doch zuvor möchte sie noch einmal ausbrechen – und findet sich in den Armen eines geheimnisvollen Fremden wieder, der küssen kann wie sonst niemand. Aber Raj sucht kein Abenteuer, er sucht eine Liebe fürs Leben. Und staunt nicht schlecht, als ihm die unbekannte Schönheit am nächsten Tag als mögliche Ehefrau vorgestellt wird …

Wolf Rain placeholder

Coming June 2019

Exclusive Extra: Advance Excerpt from WOLF RAIN

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Excerpt from working draft of WOLF RAIN

by Nalini Singh

Subject to change.

Alexei’s claws sliced out.

Leaning forward to grip the edge of the upper bunk, his big body far too close and the heat of him nearly a touch, he said, “Yeah? Well, I consider him prey.” His voice was hard and human, but the eyes that met Memory’s a striking mix of amber and gray.

When he reached down one clawed hand to touch the side of her face, she didn’t jerk back. The deadly tips grazed her skin but instead of a spike of fear, she felt that strange fluttering in her abdomen, her breath catching. He was so close she could smell the wild warmth of his scent, catch a hint of the perspiration that had dampened the hair at his temples.

Her fingers tingled, wanting to touch his skin, feel the power of all that muscle. Gripping the mattress of her bunk to still the strange urge, she held his stare until his gaze was all amber and his chest rumbled. Memory knew that, to a wolf, aggressive eye contact was a challenge, but she didn’t care.

Never again would she back down from anyone.

He snapped his teeth at her.

It made her jump in surprise. Eyes narrowed in sheer annoyance, she bared her own teeth at him. And, since he was looming over her, she lifted her hands and pushed forcefully at his hips. Her fingers brushed warm, hard abdominal muscles, her palms braced against the cloth of his sweatpants. The raw power of him hummed through her.

Copyright © 2018 by Nalini Singh

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