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Greetings from Yiwu China

Last week I was telling you about mind control and the amazing Silent Day in Bali, you can read about it here.
Since then I have flown via Kuala Lumpur to Hangzhou in China and then by car to Yiwu.
Regular readers will know we have a warehouse and buying office here, because Yiwu is home to thousands of independent giftware manufacturers, and quite simply the largest wholesale market in the world.

Things happen at an amazing pace here in China, and Yiwu even more so. But something quite incredible has happened, I have seen glimpses of it last time I was here, but now in Yiwu showing for the first time in decades.. who would have thought it, hard to believe but true.. look up and there it is... Brilliant Blue Sky..


It's great to see, but also I feel the air is cleaner, and walking in gardens by our apartment I can smell cut grass, jasmine and night queen, and the mountains that encircle Yiwu in the distance - now you can see them crisp and clear.
It shows what can be done by making a list and making it happen. But there are costs.. examples are glass products, now have to be produced in gas kilns, not coal. So making glass more expensive, ceramic prices are up also, anything bamboo has lept in price and host of other industrial processes have been regulated.

I didn't know, and I guess you didn't either that that glass bowl was bad for the earth.. but at least now we know things are getting better. Albeit at some small cost increases.
Talking of cost increases, Donald Trump's trade war has been wall to wall news in China. It's clearly rattled the Chinese government, the news on loop about how confident they are about winning any trade war. Of how Americans are really going to suffer, and how quickly they can do it. And no mention yet of China's biggest weapon, the fact that they own almost all American debt, if they start selling US bonds.. anything could happen.

Meanwhile, my friends Patrick and Dianne (with daughter Amali) came to visit in Yiwu. They run and own Le Bon Vin, a wine merchant in Sheffield. If you get the occasional gift of wine from us, that's where it comes from. They were on a grand tour of China, checking out Chinese wines and looking for business opportunities. Yiwu's a good place for wine related giftware and hampers and boxes and stuff. Amali is twelve, and full of ideas and knows what she likes.. so i'm afraid I shamelessly exploited her tween tastes to help select a range of fun and funky money pouches. Coming soon to AW..


Easter doesn't really exist in China, even the Chinese Christians don't make a big deal. So no holidays for me.. but this week is what I call "Dead persons day".. and it is an actual bank holiday in China. A day when the whole family will go to pay respects to the elders.. They call it the Tomb Sweeping Day, and it is serious tradition all across asia. It's a time for family reunion and visiting the family tomb and paying respect to the dead with offerings are the two important parts of remembering the past relatives. Weeds around the tomb are cleared away and fresh soil is added to show care of the dead. The dead person's favourite food and wine are taken to sacrifice to them, along with fake paper money. This is all burned so deceased are not lacking food and money. Of course these days afterwards the whole family will go for a slap up meal, or go shopping in one of the big mals to spend real money in honour of the ancestors.

The blue sky is a sign that things are getting better in China. But that's a lesson to be learned from the Chinese. Making things better and better is an Asian frame of mind. Fix something, improve something, tidy something.. just do one small thing a day to make things better and over time your world will improve.. of course we all going to get old and die and become an ancestor at some stage, but before that we can strive to make the best of what we have got. And make the world a better place - even if it is just tidying up a tombstone.

I'm shortly moving on.. got to head back to the UK, (maybe I can export a little of that better and better mentality).
Next week news from HQ.

Take care, have a great weekend.

Take care.


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