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Allegiance of Honor USA - Copy

June 14 USA/Canada

Welcome to the April Newsletter!

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We have so much goodness for you in this newsletter! First of all, if you haven't seen the amazing US/Canada cover for Allegiance of Honor, check it out on the left!

It's a very different look because this book features an ensemble cast and we wanted to represent as many of the different groups on the cover as we could.

I haven't seen the international cover yet, but I'll share that as soon as it's available!

Also in this newsletter:

♥ Info about my upcoming appearances in Las Vegas, London, Berlin, San Diego, and Sydney.

♥ French, German, and Japanese covers.

♥ And not one, but TWO exclusive extras! The promised long excerpt of Allegiance of Honor and a Guild Hunter short story.

♥ Rock Kiss fans, don't worry! I've also written you a short story, but it needs to come out after Abe and Sarah's book, as it's full of spoilers! But I do have a link to a little sneak peek of their book for you.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea or something cold and enjoy!

Archangel s Enigma Germany - Copy

Archangel's Enigma (Germany) April 7th

Appearances: Las Vegas, London, Berlin, San Diego, Sydney


Romantic Times Booklovers Convention
Las Vegas, NV
April 12th-17th, 2016
Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino

Giant Book Fair: Saturday, April 16, 10:30am-2:00pm, Pavilion Ballroom
Open to the public. Ticket Details here.


LoveLetter Convention
Berlin, Germany
April 23rd-24th, 2016
GLS Campus, Prenzlauer Berg

iBooks Event
Evening of April 25th, 2016 in Berlin
Registration for this event is not yet open, but please save the date! I'll post on the blog as soon as everything is confirmed.


We are in the midst of trying to set up an event in London. The date hasn't been confirmed, but it will likely be either the 18th, 19th, or 20th of April, 2016.

If you'd like to be notified once we have full details, please send your name to Ashwini and put London Event in the subject line of your email:
nalini.assistant@gmail.com. The information will also be up on the blog.


Romance Writers of America Conference
San Diego, CA
July 13th–16th, 2016
San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

Literacy Autographing: Wednesday, July 13, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Open to the public. Details here.


Sydney Author Event
August 13th, 2016
Ticket details here.

Psi Changling 13 - Copy

22nd Avril

Psi-changeling, Tome 13 : Le bouclier de givre

The French translation of Shield of Winter will be out on 22nd Avril!

Pre-order links:

Amazon, FNAC

Kindle, Kobo

Rock Kiss Collage

Rock Kiss: Abe and Sarah's book

I recently did an interview with Booknista where I shared a small sneak peak into Abe and Sarah's book. A long excerpt will be coming soon!

The book is done and with the copy editor! The cover photo shoot has also been scheduled. I should hopefully have a release date for you in the next newsletter.

You can read the inteview by following this link!

Allegiance of Honor USA - Copy

June 14th USA/Canada

Exclusive Extra: Advance Excerpt from ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR

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Advance Excerpt from Allegiance of Honor

By Nalini Singh

Hawke shoved up the sleeves of his shirt. “Lucas also asked that we all keep an ear open for anything related to Naya. Looks like certain Psy in the Net are looking in her direction, and the interest isn’t friendly.” The wolf-blue of the alpha's eyes had turned frigid as he spoke, the power that came off him a near-palpable force.

There was a reason even Psy were very careful when dealing with strong changeling alphas. At times, Judd wondered how his niece dealt with her mate. Sienna was a power, one honed in brutal circumstances, but she was young . . . and she had challenged Hawke from the instant she set foot in the den, never backing down, even when it would’ve been prudent. It was a reminder that his niece had her own wild streak, wild enough to handle the primal wolf who was her mate.

“Is Lucas okay with my passing on the word to my contacts?” Judd asked, not saying Kaleb’s name though everyone present here knew he and the most dangerous telekinetic in the world were friends. It was old habit to protect the other man’s identity, from the time the two of them—and Xavier—had been rebels working in the shadows.

Hawke gave a short nod. “Use your judgment, speak only to people you trust to look after Naya’s interests.”

Kaleb wasn’t “good” in any ordinary sense of the word, but Judd knew the other man would never harm a DarkRiver child for the simple reason that DarkRiver was important to his mate. And whatever was important to Sahara, Kaleb protected. “I’ll do it now.” Breaking away from the group, he made the call.

It was early in Moscow, but he had a feeling the other man would be up.

He was right.

“I’ll release a tracking program into the Net to listen for mentions of the child,” Kaleb replied after Judd explained the situation.

Understanding as he did the complex amounts of data Kaleb could sieve through at any one instant, Judd thanked his friend.

Kaleb’s response was simple. “DarkRiver protected and nurtured Sahara when she needed it.”

Those words said a great deal about the loyalty of which this deadly man was capable, of the lengths he’d go to, to protect the rare few people who’d earned that loyalty. It also hinted at the other aspect of his personality, of the ruthless vengeance he’d mete out should anyone ever harm Sahara.

Black and white, both existed in Kaleb.

Living in the gray was something he did with ease.

“Have you heard from Xavier?” Judd asked, having long ago accepted the duality of nature that was Kaleb Krychek.

“A week ago,” Kaleb responded. “I offered to ’port to him, but he continues to insist that he needs to walk alone during this time.”

Kaleb never truly betrayed emotion, not even among friends. Likely Sahara alone saw that side of him. But right then, Judd had the feeling the other man was frustrated by Xavier’s intransigence. So was Judd. But some things, no one could force. “He knows he can call on us for help at any point.”

That they would respond at once should that call ever come was an unspoken vow.

Kaleb didn’t reply to that—nothing needed to be said, not between two men who’d fought side by side for so long. “I have to go,” he said instead. “Meeting with Ena Mercant.”

Judd raised an eyebrow. He’d been out of the PsyNet for almost four years, but he had deep links with his fellow Arrows. As a result of that connection and the information to which it gave him access, he knew the Mercants continued to be a shadow power. It was said the family had more moles and puppets in the Net than everyone else combined. Silver Mercant had long been Kaleb’s aide, but Ena Mercant was the reclusive matriarch of the family, one who hadn’t been seen in public for years. “Did you blackmail her?”

“I got an invitation,” Kaleb replied. “I’m considering taking Silver along to taste test any offered food or drink for poisons. Ena has a reputation for ruthless efficiency.”

There it was, that bone-dry sense of humor the majority of the world simply didn’t pick up on, much less understand. Judd knew Kaleb would never be anything but gray, but his friend had far more light in him since Sahara came back into his life. Judd understood what love could do to a man. He, too, had once walked in the darkness, once believed he could be nothing but a murderer, his ability to move the very cells of a body a curse.

It had taken a certain stubborn wolf to teach him different, to remind him that he was a man, that he had a right to a life and to love. Never once had Brenna looked away from the darkness inside him—she’d embraced it as simply another facet of his nature. As Sahara had embraced Kaleb. As they hoped Xavier’s Nina would embrace their friend.

“I’ll send out a search party if you don’t return from your meeting,” he said to Kaleb now. “Though even Arrows agree that if a Mercant buries a body, it stays buried.” Interestingly, no Mercant had ever been in the squad; that family had a way of holding on to its children.

“You see why I want them on my side,” Kaleb said before hanging up.

Judd returned to the meeting to find the others discussing details of something SnowDancer’s healer, Lara, had proposed in concert with DarkRiver’s healer, Tamysn, two weeks earlier. The two healers had strongly recommended a SnowDancer-DarkRiver function, to be arranged around the birth of Mercy and Riley’s pupcubs. Hawke and Lucas had agreed, so now it was a case of hashing out the details and figuring out who should do what.

“Put Mercy in charge,” Indigo said, to Judd’s surprise.

It wasn’t because Indigo had nominated a leopard—the two women were close friends. No, it was because planning parties wasn’t exactly in the dominant-predatory-changeling-female job description. The maternals and submissives were far more experienced at wrangling everyone who needed to be wrangled to pull off an event.

Then Indigo added, “She’s going stir-crazy, and this is something she can work on with Riley’s input for the wolf side of things. For the physical stuff, she can haul in helpers from either pack.”

“Luc suggested the same.” Hawke’s eyes gleamed with wolfish humor. “I think the cat is afraid Mercy will rip off someone’s head if she doesn’t have something to do now that she can’t run patrol and the healers have asked her not to go in to work at CTX.”

Judd knew Mercy worked in communications when she wasn’t carrying out her duties as a DarkRiver sentinel. It was a job she could’ve kept doing, but it would’ve required daily and likely tiring round-trips to San Francisco, which would also mean she wasn’t in close proximity to the DarkRiver healer for much of the day.

No one wanted to take that risk, least of all Mercy or Riley.

“It’s a good idea,” Judd found himself saying after he’d processed Indigo’s points. “Mercy’s sociable and she has experience with communications. Plus, with her already off the rotation, it won’t mean a change in DarkRiver’s duty roster.”

“And we don’t have to worry that she won’t take the wolf perspective into account,” Drew said in a voice that held open love for his brother and Riley’s leopard mate. “She and Riley want the pupcubs to grow up at home in DarkRiver and SnowDancer both.”

Hawke grinned. “My bet is four wolf pups.”

Golden eyes going wolf, Riaz snorted. “We’re talking about Mercy here. She’ll probably smugly produce all cubs. Five of them.”

The others booed his prediction, calling out their own bets as they spoke. Judd had placed a two-and-two bet. Word was the pupcubs’ changeling animal would be linked to the dominance of each respective parent, and Judd wasn’t about to bet against either Mercy or Riley. They were the most evenly matched dominant changeling pairing he’d ever seen. And he didn’t think Mercy was big enough to be carrying quintuplets. Triplets or quads were far more likely.

A sudden rise in the noise level broke into the group’s friendly argument.


Children poured into the White Zone seconds later, having clearly been given permission to escape whatever it was they’d been corralled into the den for. Judd wasn’t the least surprised when they made a beeline for the adults—big playmates to climb over were always welcome.

“Hawke! Hawke!” Brown-eyed, silky-haired Ben tugged on his alpha’s hand as the lieutenants who’d attended the meeting remotely signed off with good-byes that held smiles. “Are we really gonna have a party with Julian and Roman and Keenan and everyone?”

That explained the excitement in the air, Judd thought as he reached down to pick up a little girl who was too small to push through the pack of pups. Putting her on his shoulders, he held her gently in place with one hand rather than with telekinesis. Children this young sometimes got scared when they couldn’t feel his hand.

She laughed and kicked feet clad in sparkling blue sandals. Before living in the pack, Judd would’ve never understood why changeling parents spent time and money on dressing their children when those children could shift without warning at any minute, destroying the items. Now no one had to explain it to him. Judd had given Ben the superhero T-shirt he currently wore.

The six-going-on-six-and-a-half-year-old was jumping up and down at Hawke’s positive reply. “Will we get to play games? And climb trees?”

Ben was one of the few wolves who could really climb, even in his wolf form. All thanks to his leopard playmates—Julian and Roman might be a year younger, but they were as prone to getting into mischief as Ben. The last time the three had been together, when Tamsyn came up to consult with Lara, they’d somehow managed to get into a supplies cupboard and gorge on the fancy chocolate the maternal females had been saving for dessert after a planned working dinner.

The chocolate-smeared miscreants had been found snoring away in the cupboard.

“I don’t think it would be a party without play,” Hawke answered with a grin before he hitched Ben onto his back, where the little boy clung like a monkey. “I don’t know about climbing though. I like the earth under my paws.”

“It’s fun!” Ben insisted, the chorus repeated by other children nearby.

“Have you been contaminating your packmates with leopard ways?” Indigo asked darkly, though her eyes were dancing.

“No,” Ben said, then frowned. “What does contami-ating mean?”

Laughing, Indigo clapped her hands. “Who wants to play tag? Hawke is it.”

“Yay!” The sound wave of agreement shook the trees before the kids scattered, Ben scrambling down to run away as fast as his little legs would carry him.

A slightly older group of kids, meanwhile, was huddled in another corner of the White Zone. As a grinning Riaz jogged past them to the den to safely stow the mobile comm, Judd managed to see between the children’s bodies, realized they were filling colorful water balloons from large bottles of water they’d smuggled out.

In front of Judd, Hawke narrowed his eyes at Indigo. “Right, I know who’s next.”

The lieutenant took off without a backward glance, weaving between delighted children while Drew got in Hawke’s way. “Can’t let you tag my mate,” the tracker said, hands open palms-out on either side of his body.

Having lowered the little girl he’d been holding so she could toddle away to hide, Judd used his telekinetic abilities to move Drew out of the way.

“Hey!” His brother-in-law scowled at him as Hawke took off after Indigo, their alpha pretending to growl and go after several small children along the way, who all ran off squealing. Sienna, meanwhile, was laughingly trying to herd Indigo into a trap, with a returned Riaz’s help.

“What the hell was that for?” Drew snarled, his shoulders moving fluidly under a dark blue tee with a silver design on one side as he threw up his hands.

“Remember that time we played war games and you almost broke my ribs?” It had been before Judd and Brenna’s mating, at a time when Drew was certain Judd was no good for his baby sister. “I decided I’m still holding a grudge.”

“You got your own back!” Drew’s response was half wolf, his claws sliding out of his skin. “You almost dislocated my shoulder that day!”

Judd pretended to think about it. “I did, didn’t I?” Having telekinetically stolen a water balloon from the enterprising group in the corner, he said, “So maybe I just wanted you here so I could do this,” and threw the balloon at Drew.

It caught the wolf in the face.

Growling as water dripped from his face onto his chest, Drew body-slammed Judd, and they went down. At which point, the other man clawed up dirt and grass and stuffed the mass down Judd’s back. Judd attempted to flip his brother-in-law off him, was foiled when pups drawn by their commotion ran over.

“Here, Drew,” one said, holding out a bright pink water balloon.

Drew bared his teeth and smashed the balloon right on Judd’s neck, which meant the water went down his back and chest, turning the dirt to mud. “Oops.”

Fighting dirty now, Judd got him with a couple more balloons. This time they were supplied eagerly by the children. Then he got lucky and managed to rub dirt onto Drew’s face. The pups, young and old, loved this new game. Mud was soon being rubbed onto both Drew and Judd with enthusiastic little hands, while the pups laughed like little demons.

Judd, sitting up now, with Drew behind him, back-to-back, felt something build inside his chest.

“Your fault,” Drew growled. “Remind me to wring your neck.”

“Noted.” That powerful feeling kept building and building.

And then a pup stopped squishing mud into Judd’s hair to peer at him with big blue eyes. “Uncle Judd’s laughing!”

He was, he realized. Quietly, shoulders shaking, but the laughter, it wouldn’t stay inside. Drew elbowed him from the back. “Not funny, man. I had on a new T-shirt.”

Judd just laughed harder, until Drew gave in and began to chuckle, too. Judd’s stomach was aching when he looked up and saw a beautiful blonde SnowDancer step into the carnage of the White Zone.

© 2016 Nalini Singh

To view the blurb for Allegiance of Honor, click here.

To find out if Drew gets his revenge, keep an eye on the blog in May for links to some new excerpts.

And if you haven't yet read the Psy-Changeling series, click here for more information, including excerpts, reading order and bonus extras.

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Angels' Blood - UK

Book 1 of the Guild Hunter Series (International Edition)

Exclusive Extra: Guild Hunter Short Story

Author's Note: I'm currently at work on Archangel's Heart, the next Guild Hunter book (tentatively scheduled for a November release).

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the past, when two of our favorite dangerous angels were just beginning to grow into their wings.

One Night At The Refuge

By Nalini Singh

Illium crept down the hallway, freezing in place when he heard movement. But no, his parents were still asleep.

He continued his creeping, trying really hard to keep his wings from making noises by dragging on the floor—only it was so tough! His wings were bigger than his body right now. His father told him he’d grow into them but at the moment, he could only fly a little far before becoming tired.

And they were heavy when he walked, but his mother said if he didn’t learn to hold them up, they’d go all droopy and fall off. Illium wasn’t sure she wasn’t fibbing, but he knew for sure that all the strongest warrior angels held their wings off the ground—you had to be strong to be a warrior, so Illium would be strong.

Sometimes, the older kids teased him by saying he couldn’t be a warrior because his wings were blue, but he figured he could always color his wings like some angels colored their hair. His hair already had colors.

Eee, he was at the door! Not the back door though, the one that dropped off into the gorge. His mom really would scalp his feathers if he went out that door. The wind currents in the gorge were really powerful—after Illium kept wanting to sneak out, his dad had taken him out into the gorge, let him fly there, made him see for himself.

It had been hard, so hard. The wind had almost crumpled his wings and thrown him to the stone walls of the gorge. But his dad had made sure he was okay. And Illium knew never ever to go out the back door—not until he was bigger.

But he could go out the front. Okay, maybe he wasn’t meant to go out at night, but this was a special ’casion.

Reaching up to the doorknob, he stretched and stretched. Ugh. It was too far. His mom had made his dad move the handle after Illium kept getting out when he wasn’t supposed to.

Looking around, he saw a chair. But it was too big and heavy and it’d make a lot of noise if he tried to drag it over. His mom woke at just little noises—she said she’d turned into a bat after he started walking—so he had to be very careful.

His wings whispered over the floor as he turned and looked to see if he could—Stupid! Sometimes, he was a stooooopid.

Moving further back into the kitchen, he clambered up onto the chair, then from there onto the table. That should be high enough. Jumping off, he got enough air under his wings to kind of sweep over and grab the door handle. He made a noise, but that was all right, because he was opening the door and dropping to the ground and running out.


Laughing gleefully as his mother’s voice drifted into the night air, he clenched his jaw and beat his wings real hard until he managed to get aloft. He couldn’t wait to be big like Raphael, when he could just take off like it was nothing. Right now, it took forever. But he was fast enough to be up and on the roof of the house before his mom came out. He hid behind the chimney as she flew into the air and went looking for him.

His dad went out the back door, to check the gorge. That made Illium mad. He’d made a promise hadn’t he?

Only when the coast was clear did he pick up the little bag he’d hidden by the chimney when he was playing before dark. Flying off the roof with the bag held to his chest, he winged his way over to Aodhan’s house. He was still wobbly, but he wasn’t as slow as he’d been before.

Reaching Aodhan’s house, he couldn’t see his friend at first, but then Aodhan waved at him from the other side of the roof and flew over to join him. He had a little bag, too.

Not talking because it would be too noisy if they shouted at each other—and they weren’t good enough at flying to go real close without getting their wings tangled—they flew in silence. The grown-ups didn’t all sleep at night so they stayed low, where there was less chance they’d be spotted.

Aodhan was usually too sparkly to hide even at night, but he’d covered himself with the charcoal they’d found in a fireplace, so he only sparkled a tiny bit.

Then they were there, at last.

Landing, they walked to the edge of the gorge, sat down with their legs hanging over the side and their tired wings draped behind them, and opened their bags to pull out their supplies.

“What did you get?” Illium asked his friend.

Sneezing, Aodhan rubbed his nose. “Charcoal makes me sneeze.” His fingers left smudge marks on his bag when he opened it. “I have cookies and I found a bottle of milk.” A big smile. “It didn’t spill!”

Illium grinned and took a sooty cookie. “I made sammiches.” He’d put cheese and tomatoes in them just like Aodhan liked. “And I got grapes.”

They laid out their booty on top of the bags, both bags between them. While Illium ate a cookie, Aodhan ate the sandwich, and they kicked out their feet.

“Look,” Aodhan whispered.

Illium’s eyes widened. “Here they come.”

He knew some grown-ups raced at night. That’s why they’d come to watch, but he’d never thought it would be this fast. They were like the lightning bolts in the sky during a storm, so fast he could barely keep track of them. “Who’s winning?”

“Raphael maybe?”

They watched, saw Uram take the lead, laugh wildly as Raphael overtook him. Two other angels were behind them, suddenly powered forward. Illium was trying to figure out who the angels were since it was dark and hard to see when he felt a grip on the back of his shirt. A hand gripped Aodhan’s shirt at the same time.

“What do you two have to say for yourself?” his mother asked as they looked over their shoulders at her. Illium’s heart thumped from the surprise and he knew Aodhan’s was probably doing the same thing.

Then his best friend held out a cookie and Illium said, “Wanna watch the race?”

“What race?” Frowning, his mother looked over their heads. “Is that Raphael? Good grief, what are those four doing?”

“Racing!” Illium patted the stone. “Please, Mom. Can we watch?”

His mother looked first at him, then at Aodhan, her pretty eyes bright. “Make a spot in between.”

Grinning, they moved the food to either side and shifted to make enough space for her. She sat down with one arm around him and the other around Aodhan. She tucked them both close, her beautiful wings strong and warm behind them... just as the racers passed right underneath. The wind from their passage blew Illium’s hair back from his face, had his heart beating in fast thumps all over again.

Raphael grinned at seeing them and waved. Then he was zooming around to overtake the two angels who’d gotten into the lead after catching a good draft. Uram flew on his heels, as if just waiting for a chance to slip past.

Illium watched until all four were out of sight but he couldn’t tell who won. “Did you see?” he asked Aodhan.

His friend shook his head, his eyes sparkling in his charcoaly face. “They were going too fast.”

“They’re still racing,” Illium’s mom told them. “I think this is a long race.”

Disappointed at not getting to see the end, Illium picked up a sandwich and bit into it, then lifted it to his mom. She smiled and took a bite. When Aodhan offered her milk, she drank some and kicked her feet just like him and Aodhan. And it was okay that they didn’t see the end of the race. This was fun, too. Sitting here with his best friend and his mom.

Then his dad flew up along the gorge and stopped in front of them. “What, I’m not invited to the picnic?”

And it was even better.

It was the best picnic ever.

© Copyright 2016 by Nalini Singh

If you enjoyed the above short story and want to know more about the Guild Hunter series click here.

Tangle of Need  Japan  Part I - Copy

Tangle of Need (Japan)

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