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April 12th, 2022


Friends & Partners,

As the Conservative Leadership Race continues to ramp up, we are only a few short weeks from the April 29th deadline for candidates to submit all their fees and paperwork to make it on the ballot.

We have been tracking those who have come forward to run, looking for principled candidates who are pro-family, pro-life, pro-freedom and pro-fiscal responsibility - and some of these candidates need support to make it on the ballot.


In a ranked ballot system (which this race is), it is beneficial to have multiple candidates in the race who reflect your values.

After each counting round, the person with the lowest number of votes drops off. As one drops off, those who voted for them will now have their vote transition to their choice #2. Because people often rank similar candidates in their 1 & 2 spot, this means that one candidate's supporters can help another similar candidate win. We saw this in 2017 when Brad Trost's supporters popped Andrew Scheer over the top for the victory.

Inversely, it is NOT GOOD to have multiple people in the race who do not have your values. They too will pop like-minded candidates to the top.

Because of this, we are calling on our network to help some great people get in the race by the April 29th deadline.


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CPC Leadership Race Candidate Update:

Last week Dr. Leslyn Lewis became the first candidate to submit member signatures and the full $300,000 entry fee, to become the first candidate officially on the ballot.

Other candidates are now racing against the clock to raise $300,000 and 500 signatures of support from CPC members by April 29th to make it on the ballot.

Besides Dr. Lewis, there are 3 other- Pro-Life, Pro- Family, Pro-Freedom Candidates who are in need of support to make it on the ballot.

MP Marc Dalton, a known pro-life MP from British Columbia, has put his name forward to run. His platform thus far includes holding the government accountable regarding their COVID-19 response, and protecting the rights of all Canadians, with an emphasis on parental rights. Learn more about his platform here.

Currently, MP Dalton is looking for donations to get over the $300 000 threshold and on to the ballot- donations can be made here.

Grant Abraham is a lawyer and business leader from British Columbia. Grant Abraham is running on the grounds of protecting the privacy and freedoms of Canadians, and taking back the laws that the government redefined during the pandemic, such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. You can learn more about his platform here.

Currently, Grant Abraham is looking for support from CPC Members to sign his nomination form here and donations towards the registration fees which can be made here.

Joseph Bourgault is a business leader from Saskatchewan, running for Conservative Party leadership with a very vocal platform about protecting the most vulnerable populations across the country, including the unborn, and protecting physician conscience rights. You can learn more about his platform here.

Presently Joseph Bourgault is seeking signatures on his nomination form, that can be downloaded here and donations towards his registration fee that can be made here.

Note, before signing a nomination form you must be a member of the CPC for at least 21 days. Over the course of the leadership race, each individual may donate a maximum of $1675.



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To vote in this leadership race you need to have an active membership in the Conservative Party, by June 3rd.

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