April 12th, 2022


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Late last week the 2022 Federal Budget was presented in the House of Commons. The $408.4 billion budget includes an estimated $52.8 billion in deficit spending, adding to the federal debt.

We wanted to share a small breakdown of some of the major points in the budget, and share some next steps with you.

Here is a breakdown of some of the major points in the budget:

HOUSING: Over the next 5 years $6.5 billion dollars will be spent on creating 6000 affordable housing units across the country and developing a Canadian Housing and Mortgage corporation to support provinces and municipalities by helping subsidize the creation of affordable housing.

MILITARY: The budget included $8 billion over a five-year period to equip the Canadian Armed Forces with better equipment and training for national cybersecurity.

CLEAN ENERGY: This year’s budget focuses on investing into electric vehicles and charging stations to reduce carbon emissions from traditional vehicles. The government has committed $1.7 billion over 5 years to increasing electric vehicle affordability and $500 million over 5 years to develop 1500 new electric vehicle charging stations across the country.


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HEALTHCARE: The government pledged $5.3 billion over the next 5 years, plus an ongoing yearly $1.7 billion yearly to establish universal dental care, as a result of the Liberal-NDP alliance, despite healthcare being governed provincially.

SOCIAL SERVICES: Social services spending laid out in this budget includes a 6-year $4 billion commitment to removing barriers Indigenous children face in receiving education, healthcare etc. The budget also committed $625 million over four years to support provinces in implementing a $10 a day childcare.

Read The Full Budget Here

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What Happens Next?

Now, Members of Parliament have 4 days of debate on the budget. In this time the Conservatives get to bring forward a proposed amendment to the budget, and the Bloc Quebecois will propose a sub amendment-both of these will be voted on by all MP’s. At the end of Day 4 the full budget plus amendments are voted on- if passed it is implemented, if it doesn’t pass it is treated as a non-confidence vote triggering an election.

Due to the new Liberal- NDP agreement, the budget is set to pass its vote- however, it is still important to reach out to Members of Parliament to express any concerns you may have about the government’s current spending habits and plans.


You can find MPs by postal code here.

You can find a list of all MP’s and Senators here.


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