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Mad Mimi Abuse Desk

Everyone who uses Mad Mimi is required to comply with our privacy policy for all email sent using the service.

What we do to prevent abuse:

New account holders are prompted clearly during account initialization and list upload to only enter emails that are permission-based. After uploading their list and attempting to send their first Mad Mimi promotion, all new Mad Mimi accounts must go through a human approval process. The approval process entails a thorough review of the total lists and promotions to be sent using the new account. This process is where we educate our customers in current email laws as well as best practices for good delivery. We use many different metrics including, but not exclusive to, the word of the user to see whether there exists proof of opt-in within our privacy policy guidelines.

After approval, Mad Mimi team members monitor all outgoing mail, list uploads, feedback loops, and a variety of other undisclosed factors and patterns that may indicate sending behavior in violation of our policies. If suspicious activity is found or detected, we suspend accounts associated with the user and take appropriate action which may include termination of the account.

How to report abuse:

If you suspect that someone using the Mad Mimi service has sent unsolicited email to you in conflict with our permissions policy, please forward the email in question to

We will remove you from the list, thoroughly investigate the account and user who sent the email, and take appropriate action to prevent any future abuse.