February 2017 Young SIETAR Herald Dear Young SIETARians, Our vision and mission statement have been updated. Excited? Read about it below. The prep

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February 2017 Young SIETAR Herald

Dear Young SIETARians,

Our vision and mission statement have been updated. Excited? Read about it below.

The preparation for our this year's event - TOIT are getting more intense. Learn how you can contribute to the success of this event.

In the last Herald we started our database of intercultural journals. Read where you can get the result.

Young SIETAR thrives through its members and so does our Herald - we would love to have YOUR input on anything you would like to share with our Young SIETAR community. Maybe you have recommendations for intercultural movies or books or an AHA moment or a specific training tool or method - all contributions are welcome!

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Your Young SIETAR board, currently composed of Susan, Anne, Cédric, Diana, Ruth, Nadia, Danielle and Laia


Our Vision and mission statement

Dear Young SIETARians,

Our new board has updated our vision and mission statement.

"Bridging the gap between established professionals, newcomers, and other key players by working virtually to make new theoretical and practical contributions to the field of intercultural competency, while emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and the implementation of new ideas"

Mission statement
Young SIETAR provides a platform for interculturalists to develop themselves professionally and personally by putting ideas into practice.

We exchange experiences and best practices to support our members and partners with their intercultural projects.

Our organization is built upon the idea of differences. Therefore we accept, respect and value (cultural) differences and continuously reflect on our ideas and behavior to stay in line with our values.

We contribute to the improvement of the intercultural understanding in collaboration with our partners and other like-minded people.


Join the TOIT orga team!

Dear Young SIETARians,

The organizing committee of the Training of Intercultural Trainers (TOIT team) invites all YS members to join! The TOIT team plans and runs the YS training event that will take place from September 28, 2017 to October 1, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

This is a great opportunity for Young SIETAR members to practice communication and other skills and get more involved in Young SIETAR. YS members can be in any part of the world and time zone to join the TOIT team.

Below is a list of tasks with deadlines and associates skills that YS members might develop. Most of the tasks are done by a group of people so no one will be alone and overwhelmed :)

by April 1, 2017 - To prepare welcome email for registered TOIT 2017 participants [Associated Skills: Business Communication; Onboarding; Writing].

by April 7,2017 - To create a mailing list for the TOIT 2017 promotion and marketing [Associated Skills: Marketing; Database; Customer Service; Communication]:

Other SIETARs;
Current YS members;
Previous YS members;
Universities with IC programs;
Potential YS members.

by April 21, 2017 - To make a poster in Spanish [Associated Skills: Marketing; Design; Copyrighting].

by April 21, 2017 - To make an online application form for student volunteers [Associated Skills: HR; Outlining requirements for candidates; Google Tables].

by August 1, 2017 - To prepare printed production about the TOIT 2017 (program, badges, posters, certificates, etc.) [Associated Skills: Editing; Design; Logistics].

September 1, 2017 - To create an invitation letter needed for visa in case some participants need it [Associated Skills: Documentation; Writing; Compliance].

by September 28, 2017 - To prepare online questionnaire for the TOIT 2017 effectiveness study [Associated Skills: Research; Assessment; Effectiveness Evaluation].

by November 1, 2017 - To analyze TOIT 2017 survey results and prepare TOIT 2017 Effectiveness Study report [Associated Skills: Statistics; Academic writing; Research].

TOIT team [training@youngsietar.org] is looking forward to your replies till Monday March 13, 2017 .


Intercultural journal database

Dear Young SIETARians,

With your help we now have a database of intercultural journals. Some of them are free and some of them not. The range of intercultural aspects is really broad.

You can find the file listing the journals in the membership section of our website: http://www.youngsietar.org/Training-&-Education

You can log in with the data you have got from our secretary when you joined YS.

Forgot your login data? -> Please write to [board@youngsietar.org]

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