Hello !! April's not here yet but I'm sending out the newsletter early because classes begin again this Tuesday, March 31. Our warmer weather, even


Hello !!

April's not here yet but I'm sending out the newsletter early because classes begin again this Tuesday, March 31.

Our warmer weather, even if it doesn't last, has me itching to be out working in the dirt. And that's the topic of the Senior Center Class this month: Effortless Gardening. But it's not just for gardeners! Anyone looking for greater back, hip and knee comfort or the ability to get closer to the ground (like to pick up a dropped object, feed a pet, or play with a grandchild) can benefit. We'll explore similar themes at the Yoga Center classes.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather in one way or another!


Walking -- Unique, Variable, Open to Improvement

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 3.29.28 PM

Click on image to see how walking styles change as you adjust the blue sliders.

We all know that walking is such a great way to boost our physical and mental health. This is a fun, interactive site illustrating how our emotions and other factors affect our way of walking. Maybe it'll give you ideas to play around with or some ideas of things to notice as you walk. And remember that it works the other way as well: walk as if you feel upbeat, and your mood can shift.

Although everybody walks, we can all improve. Research shows than an application of the Feldenkrais Method®, Walk for Life, improves mobility, stride length, balance, confidence and quality of life. The study involved a 5-day intensive program involving 46 women aged 40-80 years old. I use similar lessons and strategies in my classes.

As I wrote last month, walking with poles helps improve posture and breathing and eases strain on knees. Walking poles can help those with an injury or physical condition, who'd like to walk more but lack confidence, to do so safely. Check below for Walking with Poles class info.


Class Schedules - Moving Mindfully


Change your Age -- Awareness Through Movement®

Engage your brain to update movement habits
Bring your concerns -- we'll work on them!
“Move younger” with less pain, stiffness and effort
Improve walking, posture, coordination and balance

Smaller class allows individual attention - drop-in spots available

Yoga Center of Corvallis -- 111 NW Second Street (at Monroe)

Tuesdays Noon-12:45 pm -- March 31 - June 6 (no class May 5)


Effortless Gardening

for gardeners and non-gardeners who want to:

Move with less pain, stiffness and effort
Improve comfort in low back, knees & hip joints
Discover support for the arms when using tools
Find easier ways to be near the ground

Chintimini Senior Center - 2601 NW Tyler Ave

Tuesdays March 31 - April 28 10:30 - 11:30 am

Drop-in spots also available!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 3.40.53 PM

Mindful Movement with Parkinson's

Ongoing Class

A specialty class for People with Parkinson’s and their caregivers focused on movement issues important to health and safety. Participants will learn specific movement strategies to make daily activities easier and more enjoyable.

New students--first class session free! Read More

Fitness Over Fifty

6735 SW Country Club Drive Corvallis

Wednesdays 11:30 am-12:30 pm

NEW! Walking with Poles for Mobility and Exercise

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Enhance uprightness, flexibility & power

Build confidence walking on various terrains

Relieve pressure on your joints to increase pleasure and endurance

Designed for people experiencing balance or walking challenges, perhaps after illness or injury, as well as those who want to experience the benefits of walking with poles.

Participants will:
* Learn about setting and adjusting length & proper use of straps
* Explore two styles of walking with poles
* Practice movements that restore flexibility to the upper back, shoulders, feet and pelvis.
* Use the poles for support to rest and to aid flexibility

Yoga Center of Corvallis -- 111 NW Second Street (at Monroe)

1:30 - 3:00 pm -- Fridays, April 17 and 24, May 1

Class size: 8 maximum. Please bring poles if you have them; poles available for those without.

$40if registered by April 13; $45 after April 13 if space available.

Click here to register.

What's the right class for you? Please contact me--details below

For More Information

Contact me: margbartosek@gmail.com or 541-286-4678

or check out: My Website

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