This morning I got a text from a friend who saw the Homemaking Bundle on my blog and she asked me, "So, is this bundle good?" I thought you might lik


This morning I got a text from a friend who saw the Homemaking Bundle on my blog and she asked me, "So, is this bundle good?"

I thought you might like to hear how I replied to my really good personal friend. I NEVER promote something I don't think is good, but some things are better than others, for sure.

Here's what I told her...

"I really like the HomeBinder thing a lot, and there's a couple of eCourses I love that make the whole thing worth it. Oh and the Strawsome deal for glass straws is great."

There you have it, my simple honest thoughts when asked by a friend. It came down to HomeBinder, eCourses, and Strawsome! Well, the Strawsome was specific to her since I know she uses glass straws. Had a different friend texted me I might have mentioned Bookroo or Kiwi Crate {for someone with young kids}.

After 4 years as a contributor for this bundle, I have had several questions asked. Here are some common ones and my answers below!

FAQ UHB 2017

I have bought the Homemaking Bundle in past years, is this one different?

YES! There are no repeats from last year and only 3 products have been in another ultimate bundle before.


I have young kids, which is why I read your blog. Is this bundle good for me?


Here's $100 worth of reasons why...

~~> Engage: Simple Activities to Engage Your Preschooler {value: $12}
~~> Temper Toolkit eCourse {value $29}
~~> The exclusive free gift bundle from me! {value $14.25}
~~> Kiwi Crate {value $20}
~~> Bookroo {value $18}
~~> The Better Listening Workbook {value $5.99}

Engage  2x

Value $12.00

Free Gift from 1 1 1 1 UHB 2017 post

Value $14.25

The Better Listening Workbook  2x

Value $5.99


Value $20


Value $18.00


I don't have a lot of time to sit around and read eBooks and do eCourses, what are the top 5 reasons you think I should buy this bundle?

Honestly, this is me. My time is so limited that I actually don't read as much as I would like to. So there aren't actually many eBooks in this bundle that I will be reading soon. Being honest again, I am not much of an eCourse kind of gal, but that is changing because of this bundle. I have had access to it for weeks now and have previewed many of the courses. I absolutely WILL be completing the following eCourses for sure: Cozy Minimalist, Temper Toolkit, & What's for Dinner Challenge. I am mainly benefiting from the incredible printable pack included in the What's for Dinner Challenge. See some of them here on Instagram.

Oh and my son will be using the "A Mom's Guide to Better Photos" course. He loves photography and this is a good one! Valued at $99 -- what?!

Simple but VALUABLE: Hope Ink downloads & HomeBinder LIFETIME subscription. Read more about these by clicking "Bonuses" at the top of this page.

The value of these 4 eCourses and 2 bonus offers alone is over $300!

A Moms Guide to Better Photos

Value $99.00

What s For Dinner Challenge  2x

Value $47.00

The Temper Toolkit  2x

Value $29.00

Cozy Minimalist  2x

Value $39.00

Hope Ink - Calendar Printable

Value $15.00


Value $120.00


Why do you share about this bundle so much when it comes around each year?

For 2 reasons. One is for you and one is for me.

Let me get very personal with you. Right now while my husband is in seminary, my blog is our main source of income. The products I sell, my affiliates, my sponsors and this bundle sale are main sources of income when working like this online. Would you believe that the proceeds from this sale alone are one of our largest sources of income. Right now it is VERY necessary for us since my husband won't be working full time until he graduates next spring.

So, I share. You would not believe how many people I hear from after the bundle is gone telling me they never saw any of my posts, emails, Instagram shares, Facebook shares or Pins. I share for you because honestly this is such an amazing way to get an incredible deal.

For 6 days out of the year I focus on this for the reasons l share above. This is our job and how the Lord is providing for us right now! Also - HUGE THANKS for your support, so many of you have already bought through our link!!!

Group Shot no Bonuses no GSG

P.S. And don’t forget! If you buy The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2017 before 11:59pm EST TONIGHT, you’ll get a FREE eReader upgrade. Don’t wait too long to buy.

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