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[New publication] Grotius’ ‘rule of law’ and the human sense of justice; an afterword to Martti Koskenniemi’s foreword by Janne E. Nijman

The latest issue of The European Journal of International law (EJIL), one of the world’s leading international law journals, contains the article ‘Grotius’ Rule of Law and the Human Sense of Justice: An Afterword to Martti Koskenniemi’s Foreword’, by Asser Institute academic director and professor of History and Theory of International Law, Janne E. Nijman. Read more here.

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[Blog post] Democracy in times of crisis: The state of emergency in Hungary

In this blogpost, PhD researcher at the Asser Institute Marina Bán analyses how the introduction of a state of emergency in Hungary due to the Covid-19 pandemic may contribute to the ongoing decline of democracy and the rule of law in the country. She argues that the latest measures to address the crisis are potentially in conflict with the standards of international human rights standards. Read more here.

[Blog post] Migration: Revisiting the legal nature of the 2016 EU-Turkey statement

The 2016 EU-Turkey statement on migration (EU-Turkey deal) has often been scrutinised through the lens of EU law. In this blog post, Asser senior researcher Dr Eva Kassoti, analyses the legal nature of the EU-Turkey statement from an international law vantage point of view. ‘The analysis shows that by following an international law perspective the Court could have viewed the instrument as an agreement binding on the parties.’ Read more here.

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In cooperation with partners such as American University’s Washington College of Law, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, ICCT The Hague and OPCW, T.M.C. Asser will bring you four unique training courses in 2020. Sign up now to advance your career! Read more here.

[Analysis] COVID-19: US border closure breaches International Refugee Law

Asser researcher Dr León Castellanos-Jankiewicz has published an analysis in Opinio Juris arguing that the recent US border closure breaches international refugee law, despite its stated aim of containing the coronavirus pandemic. ‘Discriminatory action against migrants is being cloaked as a public health emergency response.’ Read it here.

[Call for papers] Rendering advice on constitutional issues in modern polities

The European Yearbook of Constitutional Law (EYCL), co-published by T.M.C. Asser Press and Springer Publishers, has a call for submissions for its third volume (2021) on the theme of: Rendering advice on constitutional issues in modern polities. The deadline for proposals is 1 June 2020. Read more here.


Selected publications

Ballin, E.H, Dijstelbloem, H. & de Goede, P. (eds). Security in an Interconnected World: A Strategic Vision for Defence Policy. The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (2020).

Kassoti, E. & Wessel, R. ‘EU Trade Agreements and the Duty to respect Human Rights abroad: Introduction to the Theme’, in CLEER Paper 2020/1: 5-11.

Okoli, C. ‘International Commercial Litigation in English Speaking Africa: A Critical Review’, 16(1) Journal of Private International Law, (2020): 189-203.

Paulussen, C. & Scheinin M. ‘Deprivation of Nationality as a Counter-Terrorism Measure: A Human Rights and Security Perspective’, in: Van Waas, L. & De Chickera, A. (eds.), The World Stateless 2020: Deprivation of Nationality, London: Institute of Statelessness and Inclusion (2020): 223-226.

Asser research papers and policy briefs can be downloaded on SSRN.


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26 May - 18 June 2020
[Online] Summer law programme on international criminal law & international legal & comparative approaches to counter-terrorism

03 June 2020
[Online SCL Lecture] Challenges to prosecuting paramilitaries: insights from the former Yugoslavia and Syria

17 June 2020
[Online book launch] Human dignity and human security in times of terrorism

01 - 03 July 2020
[Online summer workshop] International public interest advocacy

24 -28 August 2020
[Online] 10th Advanced summer programme on terrorism, countering terrorism and the rule of law

15 September 2020
Trading emerging technologies: Security and human rights perspectives

28 September - 02 October 2020
[Training programme] Disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

09 October 2020
[Conference] Migration deals and their damaging effects

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Covid-19 update on T.M.C. Asser's 2020 summer programmes and events

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have moved our summer programmes and events to an online platform until 1 September. The programmes and events planned for the autumn of 2020 might be subject to change. Registered participants will receive notification of the format at least a month before the starting date.


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European Variations as a Key to Cooperation, a podcast interview with Ernst Hirsch Ballin on BRIDGE (Brexit Research and Interchange on Differentiated Governance in Europe) (9 April 2020)


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