Tannis, anyone?

Don't miss our staged radio drama interpretation of Rosemary's Baby! 7:30 PM, Mon. Oct 29 @ Pino's Lounge in Highland Park. This October, evil has an innocent face (and his father's eyes)!

Rosemary Woodhouse and her husband, Guy, move into the Bramford, a looming Gothic pile with an ominous reputation and the ironic nickname, Happy House. Despite Rosemary's reservations about their nosy neighbors, Roman and Minnie, Guy, a struggling actor, befriends them, and, shortly after, lands a plum Broadway role. When Rosemary becomes pregnant following a nasty nightmare and a month of Minnie’s mousse, the whole building takes a “special” interest in her welfare. As Rosemary becomes increasingly feeble, she begins to suspect that the Bramford’s lovable, long-in-the tooth tenants are not what they seem.

FEATURING: Jeff Maschi, Shawna Lagan, Michael Jarmus, and Jane Hardy.

WITH: Theatrical lighting, costumes, Golden Age radio equipment, fog effects, and, of course, extensive sound effects.

PLUS: Bloody (Rose)Mary specials. (Take a sip whenever anyone says "tannis," a gulp when someone says "Vidal Sassoon.")

ADMISSION: $10.00 at the door.

COME FOR: Minnie's mousse, stay for Farmer Vincent's fritters! Stick around for a free screening of Motel Hell immediately after the performance, compliments of the Highland Park Outdoor (er, Indoor) Movie Theater.

TRUST ME, FOLKS, this is the coolest Halloween event you'll attend this year. Click HERE for FB Event page. Reservations aren't necessary, but we like to know how many chairs to set up, so if you're planning to attend the birth, please send me a note saying so.

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