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While much attention has focused on the potential for severe respiratory complications and unfavorable outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic among patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), the impact extends beyond these threats. Social distancing requires flexible adaptation to new circumstances, resilience, and a reduction in physical activities, which may be more difficult for patients with PD. A commentary published in this issue focuses on the current topic:

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Parkinson’s Disease: Hidden Sorrows and Emerging OpportunitiesOpen Access
Helmich, Rick C. | Bloem, Bastiaan R.

The authors comment: "The pathophysiology of PD puts patients at an increased risk of chronic stress, and a further worsening of this may well be one of the 'hidden sorrows' of the COVID-19 pandemic. Increased psychological stress can worsen motor symptoms, while reducing the efficacy of dopaminergic medication." They also note that there is some evidence that stress can trigger latent PD. "A hopeful consequence of the current crisis has been the emergence of web-based exercise initiatives such as online singing, exercise, or dancing classes for PD patients," note the authors. "Self-management strategies that reduce stress, increase coping, or increase physical exercise will play an increasing role in the treatment of PD."

Read the full press release here or view the commentary in the new issue via the button below.

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Volume 10, Issue 2 / 2020 Highlighted Articles

Clinical Trial Highlights – GLP-1 agonistsOpen Access
McFarthing, Kevin | Larson, Danielle | Simuni, Tanya

Protein Quality Control Pathways at the Crossroad of SynucleinopathiesOpen Access
De Mattos, Eduardo P. | Wentink, Anne | Nussbaum-Krammer, Carmen | Hansen, Christian | Bergink, Steven | Melki, Ronald | Kampinga, Harm H.

Tremor in Parkinson’s Disease May Arise from Interactions of Central Rhythms with Spinal Reflex Loop OscillationsOpen Access
Anastasopoulos, Dimitri

The Impact of Deep Brain Stimulation on Sleep in Parkinson’s Disease: An UpdateOpen Access
Zuzuárregui, José Rafael P. | Ostrem, Jill L.

Does Developmental Variability in the Number of Midbrain Dopamine Neurons Affect Individual Risk for Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease?Open Access
von Linstow, Christian U. | DeLano-Taylor, Merritt | Kordower, Jeffrey H. | Brundin, Patrik

Is It Possible to Conduct a Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Platform Trial in Parkinson’s Disease: Lessons Learned from Other Neurodegenerative Disorders and CancerOpen Access
Zeissler, Marie-Louise | Li, Vivien | Parmar, Mahesh K.B. | Carroll, Camille Buchholz

Neurophysiological Biomarkers of Parkinson’s DiseaseOpen Access
Waninger, Shani | Berka, Chris | Stevanovic Karic, Marija | Korszen, Stephanie | Mozley, P. David | Henchcliffe, Claire | Kang, Yeona | Hesterman, Jacob | Mangoubi, Tomer | Verma, Ajay

Serum Uric Acid Level as a Biomarker in Idiopathic and Genetic (p.A53T Alpha-Synuclein Carriers) Parkinson’s Disease: Data from the PPMI Study
Koros, Christos | Simitsi, Athina-Maria | Papadimitriou, Dimitra | Bougea, Anastasia | Prentakis, Andreas | Papagiannakis, Nikolaos | Pachi, Ioanna | Bozi, Maria | et al.

Changes to Ventilation, Vocalization, and Thermal Nociception in the Pink1–/– Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Johnson, Rebecca A. | Kelm-Nelson, Cynthia A. | Ciucci, Michelle R.

Associations of Lower Caffeine Intake and Plasma Urate Levels with Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease in the Harvard Biomarkers Study
Bakshi, Rachit | Macklin, Eric A. | Hung, Albert Y. | Hayes, Michael T. | Hyman, Bradley T. | Wills, Anne-Marie | Gomperts, Stephen N. | Growdon, John H. | et al.

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New Book Published: Ending Parkinson's Disease

Authors: Bas Bloem, Ray Dorsey, Michael Okun, and Todd Sherer


Ending Parkinson’s Disease: A Prescription for Action is a new book published by Public Affairs that tells the story of Parkinson’s and what we can do to end it. The book received praise in the review to be found this new issue of JPD, describted as "a joint collaboration between three practising Parkinson’s expert clinicians (Bas Bloem, Ray Dorsey, and Michael Okun), and one neuroscientist (Todd Sherer) who conducted ground-breaking research first linking Parkinson’s to pesticides. Written in clear engaging terms for the lay person,with helpful summary diagrams to explain underlying scientific concepts, there is also much of interest to a Parkinson’s clinician-researcher." The review by Michele Hu can be read in full here.

Coinciding with Parkinson’s Awareness Month, webcasts hosted by the authors will focus on advocacy, care, prevention, and treatment. Join Bas Bloem on Apr 8 for the "Care" webcast; Todd Sherer on Apr 15 for "Advocacy," and Ray Dorsey on Apr 22 for "Prevention." Watch all the webcasts live for free on each date at 13:00 (ET) / 21:00 CEST; register here for the webcasts.

Visit the website to find out more:

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Most Read JPD Articles in Q1 2020

Listing articles published only in 2019 and 2020 so you can read the most popular recent content

Brain-First versus Gut-First Parkinson’s Disease: A HypothesisOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.9, Iss.s2, 2019; Special Issue)
Borghammer, Per | Van Den Berge, Nathalie

Extended Treatment with Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Parkinson’s DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.9, Iss.2, 2019; View Press Release)
Whone, Alan L. | Boca, Mihaela | Luz, Matthias | Woolley, Max | Mooney, Lucy | Dharia, Sonali | Broadfoot, Jack | Cronin, David | et al.

Ten Years of the International Parkinson Disease Genomics Consortium: Progress and Next StepsOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.10, Iss.1, 2020)
The International Parkinson Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC)

Senescence and Inflammatory Markers for Predicting Clinical Progression in Parkinson’s Disease: The ICICLE-PD StudyOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.10, Iss.1, 2020)
Martin-Ruiz, Carmen | Williams-Gray, Caroline H. | Yarnall, Alison J. | Boucher, John J. | Lawson, Rachael A. | Wijeyekoon, Ruwani S. | Barker, Roger A. | Kolenda, Claire | et al.

EASE LID 2: A 2-Year Open-Label Trial of Gocovri (Amantadine) Extended Release for Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.10, Iss.2, 2020)
Tanner, Caroline M. | Pahwa, Rajesh | Hauser, Robert A. | Oertel, Wolfgang H. | Isaacson, Stuart H. | Jankovic, Joseph | Johnson, Reed | Chernick, Dustin | Hubble, Jean

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New Partnership Announced

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership between JPD and the World Parkinson Coalition (WPC), an organization which fills a unique niche in the global Parkinson's community by bringing the full spectrum of community members together at its triennial World Parkinson Congresses (the next one takes place in 2022 in Spain). WPC is committed to supporting research in the field to encourage collaboration among all the parties dedicated to the study of Parkinson's and has cultivated a strong partnership with leading members of the PD community. The partnership will see our respective teams working together to give a platform to the latest developments in PD research.

Further details of this new partnership will be announced in due course

WPC Virtual Care Partner Series

In this, the first WPC news section in our JPD newsletter, we introduce the Virtual Care Partner Series. This is a series of webcasts on a variety of relevant topics. Each will have a virtual panel that will be accessible and meaningful with tips and advice from people with many years of experience in the Parkinson’s space. Viewers may submit questions directly to the panelists during the live program. Visit the website for more information and details about how to register for the upcoming online events.

Discover more about the WPC Virtual Care Partner Series by clicking the visual below

JPD Giveaway on World Parkinson's Day: April 11

For Parkinson's Awareness Month

This is no ordinary Parkinson's Awareness Month and many plans to promote the great research in this field throughout April have had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, we do still wish to mark the occasion of World Parkinson Day on April 11. Via social media (Twitter only), we will giving one lucky person the chance to win a free 1-year online subscription to JPD.

What you need to do to enter on April 11

To enter, go to the JPD Twitter account and:
* Like the post dated April 11 on JPD's Twitter stream; or
* Do one retweet of the post dated April 11 on JPD's Twitter stream.

Note: Multiple retweets in a single day are a violation of contest rules and will not be accepted.

All entries will be collated on April 13, a drawing will be made, and one winner will be selected. The winning person will be informed no later than April 15.

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