Diane Flynn Keith is Back! For over 20 years, Diane Flynn Keith lived and wrote about homeschooling. From her best-selling book, Carschooling ( http:

Diane Flynn Keith

Diane Flynn Keith is Back!

For over 20 years, Diane Flynn Keith lived and wrote about homeschooling. From her best-selling book, Carschooling, to her Homefires website, and her newsletters and talks, Diane gave and gave to our community. When she announced her retirement in 2013, we felt we were losing a valuable voice.

Well, Diane couldn't stay away. GHF's thrilled that she has come out of retirement with her new newsletter, "News & Resources with Awesome Sauce" and upcoming talks.

Diane graciously shared her story with us. You can read it below and on our website.


Heartschooling, by Diane Flynn Keith

Did you ever have the feeling deep in your heart that you were supposed to be doing something other than what you spent most of your time doing? That was my experience in the fall of 2013. For two decades, I had been helping homeschool parents but the mentoring had given way to product development that required mass marketing to sustain. What had begun as a heartfelt desire to assist others had become an insatiable business that devoured my time and interfered with making heart-to-heart connections with the people I wanted to serve. So I stopped. I announced my retirement from over twenty years of producing a daily newsletter, developing products, and hosting live events for homeschoolers.

At first, I was relieved by the decision. But regardless of having fewer time constraints, something was missing and I needed to get to the heart of it. (Continue reading.)


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