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My little warrior princess won the fairytale dress up competition at the theater when we went to see the Little Mermaid musical! She doesn't like princesses or anything that's pink so she asked to be Wonder Woman instead. Little did I know Wonder Woman turns out to be a princess too!

This is the Cotton Candy Dream Dress pattern!

The picture below was taken when she received her prizes - we both got to go on stage so everyone could see her dress! Surely a dream come true for her (and me!).

Customer spotlight!

Our beloved Kari Steiger posted this beautiful picture in our sewing group with the Sugar Plum Fairy Skirt. Such a beautiful set!

She said: "I was sent a package of knit fabrics from EBS fabrics and the gray just looked like it would make a great Sugar Plum Fairy Skirt to be worn with the leotard. I hemmed it on my coverstitch and it finished it off nicely!!"

Customer spotlight!

You need to see how beautiful this is. This is a Steampunk Unicorn costume!

Lela Pruett sent me these pictures and I think it's such a creative way of using the Peppermint Swirl to bring her daughter's dream costume come to life.

Lela emailed me:
"This is made by myself, Lela Pruett- and is on display at the store I work at, Clubb's Fabric Store in Delta, Colorado, USA. My daughter came up with this lovely concept (she's 11); she wanted a steampunk unicorn costume. When I saw your pattern I was just blown away. It was so perfect. The swirls give the effect of twirling and spinning even when you are standing still. Plus it has a lot of fullness even when not worn with a petticoat. It really reminds me of flamenco dancers and such. The fabric is a faux silk that has some sheen to it so it looks a bit metallic. On my daughter, it is about tea length which is really nice as she loves to run and jump and dance and do all the things kids\tweens love to do but it doesn't fly up. I went ahead and hand sewed the hem in it, but I'm not so sure I would do that again (LOL) as it took me a very long time.
My daughter had to read a "steampunk book" and keep her grades up to earn the outfit. She read "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne.
Thank you and I would just like to add that I think you may be more than a little crazy for dreaming up this pattern, but I'm sure glad you did. It's just amazing!"

Customer spotlight!

Catherine Gagnon posted this beautiful picture in our pattern group (more pictures below) and told us she made this dress together with her six year old! I had to know all about that, so here's what Catherine told me:
"I wanted to make the Peppermint Swirl Dress a few years ago, but never found fabric that was "wow" this is it!

My daughter has been asking to sew with me for a few weeks.
I asked if she wanted to help me make this dress for her. I showed her some pictures of the dress from your website and she was excited.

So we went to store to pick out fabrics, she picked out all the rainbow solid colours based on the bodice Tula pink fabric.
Got home, printed pattern and she pieced it herself.

Then she cut the pattern pieces, and helped me placing the paper pieces onto the fabric to cut. I explained how important it is to place pattern pieces to maximise use of fabric, cutting on fold. I did the fabric cutting since I use a rotary cutter and I am so cautious using it myself, I was not going to let a almost 6 year go at it!

We then pieced the cut pieces, following your very clear and visual instructions. I was impressed on how fast she caught on.
She used the iron to press seams and all.

Using sewing machine, she was the one guiding fabric under the pressing foot, I was pushing the pedal, since she is not able to reach it. She was really good at making sure she was maintaining the seam allowance. Again impressed on how fast she caught on. The bodice neckline is curved and she just naturally moved her hands to follow the curve and keep allowance. I think all those hours being in the sewing room with me payed off!

I pieced the flounces of skirt with the serger, a bit too advanced for her, but she was the one that placed the flounces in rainbow colour order and was handing them to me, one by one.

I loved this process more than she did, I think! My heart is so full of joy and pride. this is the start of a fun journey for both of us!

The dress is not for any special occasion, it will be a dress that she can wear when even she wants! I do not want that dress to be worn once and then hanging in closest! She is proud of her make, she LOVES the twirling power of that dress."


Free updates

Here at the Candy Castle, we value all our patterns - old and new! This is why we are constantly in the process of not only designing new patterns but also updating older patterns to include new options.

When you purchase a pattern at Candy Castle Patterns, updates are always free!

The patterns below have received updates over the past weeks. You can at any time log in to your account and download the latest version, or, if you need help downloading, feel free to email us at

The Jawbreaker Joggers recently got updated to include A0 files!

A0 files are large scale files that you can take to a copy shop (or order the printouts online!) and are printed at poster format. This means no more taping pages together! These files can be used instead of, or next to, the regular printout.

The Peppermint Swirl Add-On for Adults now includes A0 files next to the regular printout.

Did you know you can use the Add-On to make a skirt, too?
If you're not sure how, we have a free download with instructions on how to turn the dress into a skirt here.


The Kiwi Kimono for kids & adults got an update: it now includes an A0 file, and a free add-on can be downloaded from the website to add a decorative band to the neckline.

The Bubblegum Dress, our most popular dress pattern, received an update too. It now includes layers, additional pattern pieces, and comes with an A0 file.


New Releases

In January, the Milkshake Jumper was released! This jumper comes in a pants and a shorts version and has two lining options to accommodate to every type of weather.

We released a very cute free pattern that everyone will love to celebrate reaching 14.000 members in our Facebook sewing group!

The Smarties Suspender Shorts & Bow Tie pattern was released in March! With lots of options, this is an absolute go-to for the cutest baby outfits.

DSC 0037 Dress logo
DSC 0068 Dress logo
DSC 1020 Dress logo
DSC 0014 Dress logo

Summer is near, so I've designed a super quick summer dress with a bunch of adorable hem options that can be made in either knit or woven fabric. There are two pocket options to choose from, and the sizes range from 6m to 11-12y.

If you'd like to sign up to be a tester, or if you'd like to see more pictures, please click here or use the button below.


I hope you got tons of sewing inspiration; let's get creative!

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