It's Holiday Show Time, NHPA-ers!

Choreography for the December Holiday Show performances is being taught over the next few weeks, so make sure your kiddos are attending class consistently. Our Holiday Show is more informal than our big recital in June, but we only have a few weeks to prepare...so attendance is key!

This month's eNewsletter contains important dates and information for the upcoming Holiday Shows and the rest of the Fall semester. So, please read through the eNews carefully, click on the links for more information, and let us know any feedback or questions you have.

~The Teachers


Calendar of Events

Events will be updated monthly.

October 29-November 3: NHPA II wear orders are due! No late orders accepted!

November 19-25: Studio CLOSED for Thanksgiving break.

December 3-7: December tuition due in full.

December 15: Holiday Show performances at North Shore Senior High School. (2 shows...see details in this eNews edition below!)

December 15 - January 6: Studio CLOSED for winter break.

January 7, 2019: Spring semester of classes begins!


The NHPA II Holiday Shows

What You Need To Know...

NHPA II will have its 14th annual "informal" Holiday Shows on Saturday December 15, 2018, at North Shore Senior High School. Classes will be separated into 2 shows and will perform as follows: Show 1 @ 12:00pm, Show 2 @ 2:30pm. Please click here to see a list of the separation of classes for each show. This is also posted in the studio lobby, as well as on our website.
Classes are working on their holiday dances now, so please make sure attendance is consistent to allow your dancer to have full knowledge and confidence in their routines. The Holiday Shows are "informal"...routines are shorter than our full Recital production at the end of the season, costumes are minimal; but it is a great "warm-up" performance for dancers to take the stage and share what they have learned so far this season!

Ticket Info

Tickets for the Holiday Shows are $5 each and will be on sale in the studio office starting Monday November 26, during regular class hours. Ticket purchases must be made separate from tuition payments and exact change is required.

Videos/Pictures Policy

Parents will be allowed to videotape their child's routines at the NHPA II Holiday Shows; we will not have a professional videographer for these performances. Parents may also take pictures but NO FLASH please as it causes distraction and possible danger to the dancers on stage. Please remain in your seats while taking videos/pictures and be courteous to other audience members around you. Keep in mind that the Holiday Shows are the ONLY time parents will be allowed to videotape at the NHPA II recitals.

Costume Information / Show Line-Ups

Costume information and Show Line-Ups for all classes will be posted soon in the studio lobby and on the website. Younger classes will need to wear 1 costume for all dances and ONLY change their shoes. Older classes may have more a more structured costume to put together for each class. Keep in mind that the studio does not order these costumes for you, we will post a description of which items each class will need to go purchase on their own for their costume. Please ask your child's Teacher if you have any questions.

Show Day Information

On the day of the performances (Saturday Dec. 15) all dancers will need to arrive at North Shore Senior H.S. dressed and ready to perform at the following Call Times:
Show 1 classes: arrive at 11:00pm (house will open @ 11:30pm for seating, show time is 12:00pm)
Show 2 classes: arrive at 1:45pm (house will open @ 2:00pm for seating, show time is 2:30pm)
Dancers need to wear cover-ups over their performance attire until inside the backstage area. Call Times are extremely important for dancers to have a chance to practice with the Teachers on stage before the show begins. North Shore Senior High School address: 353 North Castlegory Rd. Houston, TX 77049

Can You Lend A Hand?

As always, we will need volunteers for Backstage Moms to watch over the younger classes during the performances. If you are able to help please speak with your child's Teacher. Keep in mind that you do not have to help your child's class in particular; you can volunteer to help a class in a different show as well! A Volunteer sign-up sheet will be posted soon in the Lobby!
We LOVE our volunteers...they make our shows run smoothly and professionally! :)

After The Show

The NHPA II Holiday Shows will closeout the Fall semester for 2018! NHPA II will be closed for winter break December 16-January 6. Our Spring semester of classes will begin Monday January 7, 2019. If you are already registered for Fall classes, you do not have to re-register for the Spring semester, however we do need an email confirmation that you will be continuing your dance training in January to keep your spot in class! Please email us your confirmation at info@nhpa2dance.com by the end of December.

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Last Chance To Show Your NHPA II Love!


NHPA II-wear, dance bags, & decals on sale til Saturday!!

Show support of your favorite dance studio by ordering official NHPA II t-shirts, tanks, jackets, and more! Let people on the road know there's an NHPA II dancer on board with a personalized car decal, and spread some studio spirit! Order forms are available in the studio office and must be turned in by this Saturday November 3rd. No late orders accepted!

We only place one order per season, so be sure not to miss it!


Dress-Up Week was a blast!

IMG 3437

We had so much fun the past week seeing all the dancers in their cute, creative, scary, and spunky costumes! Thank you for the fun energy all week!

IMG 3441

More fun memories of this past week!


Dance Quote of the Month

"You have not witnessed a real workout until you've watched a dancer practice."


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