GO AHEAD . . . GET ORGANIZED! September 2017 Creating a colour palette takes a bit of work, but it has the power to transform your home, as you'll f

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September 2017

Creating a colour palette takes a bit of work, but it has the power to transform your home, as you'll find out in this month's Organizing Tip Colouring Your World.


We'd love to know about your colour choices in this month's Get Organized Survey, so scroll down to the box of crayons image to participate.


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September's Organizing Tip

Colouring Your World

Colour is such an important part of our lives. Colour is everywhere and as we move through our day we are surrounded by ever-changing colours. The colours we choose and the way we combine them to create a comfortable home environment takes practice, planning and sometimes trial and error. In my experience working with clients, choosing a colour palette for your home is a fair bit of work if you want to get it right.

There are a few important things to remember as you begin to build a colour palette for any space. Colour can reshape a space to be better proportioned and can highlight architectural elements. And, keep in mind that without light, there is no colour. Colour interacts with light by absorbing or reflecting light to create a certain atmosphere. That is why it is so important to look at the colours you choose in the daytime and at night and place the colour on several different walls. If you’re in doubt invest in a tester can or ask for help.

If you look at a colour wheel, complimentary colours (opposite on the colour wheel) can produce a visually stimulating effect when paired together. Analogous colours, which are adjacent on the colour wheel, can be more difficult to combine for the desired effect.

Remember that you are not limited by the colours that you see on the paint chips in the store. White can be added to create a tint and black can be added to create a shade. So, if you find the perfect colour but it’s a little too light or a little too dark, don’t be afraid to ask your paint expert to play with it until you get the perfect shade.

Colour wheel

Red is the most stimulating colour. It is the colour of emotion. Red is a very hard colour to use in it’s purest form, instead choose pink or soft red.

Orange is the colour of warmth. It promotes oxygen and stimulates appetite. An architect I recently took a colour theory course from suggests that the best oranges are terracotta, light apricot (eeks!) and tan.

Yellow is the brightest colour and is a very safe colour. Perhaps that’s why so many people choose yellow? It symbolizes warmth, inspiration, and optimism and is intellectually stimulating.

Green is quite a flexible hue. Green can reduce nervousness, muscular tension and is calming. It’s a great colour for a relaxing area of the home or meditation space. I remember studying space planning and office design years ago, and the instructor suggesting green for an office space. Now I know that was because it should help to counteract your stress level at work.

Blue is the symbol of sky and sea and is the most preferred colour. It is associated with serenity. Choosing the right blue is crucial as it can also cause you to feel depressed it you get it wrong.

White and black are technically the absence of colour. White reflects all colour and therefore blends with the surroundings. It can be cool and refreshing or clinical and sterile so choose wisely.

Black absorbs light and reflects only three percent. It gives weight and solidarity and is often suggested when you are looking to “ground” a room. For example, choosing black framing for artwork or having a piece of furniture with black can anchor other colours.

Grey is most restful for the eyes. It is the colour of manmade environments. Think of concrete. It is considered conservative and calm which is why it is so popular. Be careful with darker tones of grey as they can be considered passive or negative.

Many experts recommend using a maximum of six colours in your environment. The more colours you mix, the less successful your results are likely to be. So, take your time, choose carefully and, if you’re overwhelmed, hire someone who can help you.


Get Organized Survey

Click on the image at the left to let us know about your colour choices and experiences in this month's Get Organized Survey.


Here is what one of Jane's clients had to say:

Great job! We went on Saturday (Designer Showcase). I love colour in a room...very happy room. All the rooms in the suites were well done. Hubby and I thought the laundry room (Jane's space) and the black bathroom were the best in that condo! ~ Angela


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