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November 2019


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Flock news from the large featherless being....

So here we are, poised to watch November magically turn into December.

Wait for it.

WIth the month o' gratitude even now inching away and the month o' gifts tiptoeing up behind it, there is a lot to love and a lot to miss.

Speaking of missing, one member of our little flock is completely down for the count at this point, snoring the season away until the big round yellow heater in the sky gets its batteries changed and comes back on duty already.

Mommy misses Bruce. Snif.

If you've been following the flockwide Instagram, you know that a certain young lady recently got her own tortoise door. Malti's mommy installed it on her (formerly escape-proof) indoor winter habitat, baited it with edibles....

....and unleashed the Kraken. "Coming out" has gone smooth and easy from the start. "Going back in"....well, that maneuver is still set to 'manual' for the time being.

Meanwhile, our petite alpha flock member and his personal pint-sized birdie warmer have taken up right where they left off last winter.

With lighter flock supervision duties and extra napping hours, not to mention all the holiday victuals that need sampling, Pearl is looking (and feeling) particularly full-feathered and fabulous.

Of course. Thank goodness.

As for the official large featherless/shell-less assistant, aka me, tis the season for turning a whole year older....almost. That big event will happen next month.

We are all really looking forward to it, mostly because it is on this once-per-year occasion when the Small Chef makes one of her many memorable signature dishes.....

Birthday cake. YUM!


Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon




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