Elder E-Letter January 2016 New Year’s Resolutions for Family Caregivers Get your affairs in order. You're used to keeping your loved one organized


Elder E-Letter January 2016


New Year’s Resolutions for Family Caregivers

family caregiver

Get your affairs in order.
You're used to keeping your loved one organized, but it's time to do it for yourself. Collect and organize important documents concerning your insurance, will, financial information, and assets. It’s not a fun task, but getting it done will feel great.

Take advantage of respite care services.
Respite care provides a temporary break for caregivers. This can range from a few hours of in-home care to a short stay in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Using respite services can support and strengthen your ability to be a caregiver. Click here to learn more about respite care.

Plan for “me” time.
Caregivers often don’t take the time to take care of themselves. Set aside time for yourself. But maintaining your “me” time will make you most positive and balanced, and make you a better caregiver. Take daily time to do whatever makes you happy, whether that’s reading, walking, meditating, or going out with friends.

Acknowledge what you do! And get into a support group!

Funding for Respite Care


The following resources may help families offset the expense of respite care:

Hospice: Hospice is a special means of caring for individuals suffering from an incurable illness. The federal government’s Medicare Hospice Benefit provides for up to five consecutive days of respite care. Generally, respite is provided in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) at the expense of the hospice agency. This provision is used in situations where caregivers are stressed, exhausted, must go out-of-town, or tend to their own health concerns.

Veterans Benefits: Seniors who are veterans can receive up to one month of respite care every year through the Veterans Administration. Veterans who are caregivers for their spouses also may be eligible to receive funds for in-home services.

Social Security insurance: Individuals receiving disability payments from Social Security may be eligible for some type of home health care benefits. Contact the Social Security Administration to find out if your family member qualifies and what services are available.

Read more.

Senior Website of the Month: aarp.org

There is probably no other site as comprehensive as aarp.org. It's crammed with useful senior articles, videos, and senior discounts. . Even if you aren’t looking for anything specific, just browse the headlines—you’ll find something that catches your eye.

Click here to browse.


Happy New Year

Coming Up


Jan 19 The most important day of the year—Carol’s birthday, of course! Happy Birthday, Carol!

Jan 20 Carol delivers Why Probate at OASIS.

Book of the Month: Alzheimer's Early Stages—First Steps for Family, Friends and Caregivers


If someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, you may not know where to turn. The early stages can be the most difficult time for relatives and friends because they often don't know much about the disease, or how they can be of help. This compassionate and practical book fills the information gap. It is divided into sections on how Alzheimer's begins, how to help a loved one with the disease, and how families and caregivers can help themselves.

Read more.

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