December 31st, 2019

Recently, we shared with you about something amazing called the National Leadership Briefing (NLB).

NLB is a monthly conference call for people who love Canada and want to be a part of impacting our nation for the better.

We are so encouraged by what is happening with the NLB that we wanted to be sure to highlight it again for January.

The next call will be this Friday, January 3rd, at 1pm EST.

What is the National Leadership Briefing?

The NLB is a connection point for those who believe:

1. in parental freedom rights
2. in freedom of religion and conscience
3. in the importance of protecting the most vulnerable among us
4. that governments need to responsibly steward our tax dollars
1. in parental freedom rights
2. in freedom of religion and conscience
3. in the importance of protecting the most vulnerable among us
4. that governments need to responsibly steward our tax dollars

Every month, moderator Doug Sharpe brings insightful teaching on how average Canadians can effectively impact our nation in these areas.

His presentations are a mix of teaching and interviewing guests who are on the frontlines of these key issues. The information he presents is very powerful for anyone seeking to effectively be a part of the change our nation needs.

As you consider what you will engage with in 2020, please pray about putting the NLB on your calendar every month.

Sign Up

Click here to sign up to register now and receive the call in details. The call is free. Donations are welcome for anyone that wants to support the NLB.

Can't make the call time? No problem! You can still get the information.

If you cannot make the call at 1pm EST due to your schedule, register anyway! After you register you will receive a summary e-mail of what was shared on the call with links to the various elements.

Click here to register now.

Click here to visit the National Leadership Briefing website.


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Ways you can build a better Canada in 2020:

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