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Late September 2017 || issue #61
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Hard Work - The Payoff

Some runners have trained with Fernando Braz for many years. Holly Madden and Alan Beebe are two of them.

Others have "enjoyed" the summer Braz Camp conditioning programs for a year or two. Or seven years - Riley Dowd.

You may have done Coach Braz's track workouts and daily running program for years, or you may have spent July and August in the Braz Camp conditioning program.

If you would like to tell us about it, send me an email. Perhaps you made the varsity team, or the freshman team. Perhaps you are scoring for your xc team. Perhaps you are running road races! All is good. We'd like to hear from you.


Holly after the July 4th Hingham road race (a traditional 4.47 miler). She was 4th this year, and holds the record for 1st place finishes (5).

Holly Madden

While typically I don't mind running alone, I sometimes find it's a little tough to do Fernando's famous track workouts by myself. But last week, while doing a Fernando workout in preparation for a busy racing season, I found motivation from an unexpected source.

In the middle of doing 1500m and 800m repeats at my town's middle school, I was descended upon by the 6th grade gym class. The PE teacher had them do an 800m time trial. As I was approaching the last 200 meters of my 1500 repeat, I see a little 12 year-old jack rabbit attempt to speed by me on the corner. He threw down the gauntlet and I rose to the challenge. I dug into the pain zone, kept with him, stride for stride, then cruised ahead with 30 meters to go.

The gym teacher later told me that the kid said, "That lady runs too fast and too far." At the very least, hopefully I gave him a new sense of what the Seniors Division can look and feel like!

[On September 17 in Providence at the USA Track & Field 5K Championship for New England, Holly won the Senior Women's title (50+) in 19:21. Karen Durante won the 60+ title in 23:08, and Larissa Park ran 17:47. ]

Allen Mill City 2017

photo courtesy of Betty Molvar

Allen Beebe

Hi Coach Fernando,

The track sessions are paying off. On August 13 I competed in the Mill City Sprint Triathlon with a final time of 1:17:53 which got me an age group first place.

While it was a race of aging tortoises, I was able to overcome a three minute deficit to catch and pass the other competitor in my age group (in past events, he has finished ahead of me).

The track sessions enabled me to keep a steady effort going for the run.

[Allen has been attacking Coach Braz's track sessions (when they're not attacking him) for many years. On August 13, after a quarter mile swim and 11 mile bike, Allen tore through the 5K run 5 minutes faster than the competition to win by over a minute. Hard work pays off.]

IMG 8038

Riley Dowd

There is no better way than Braz Camp to get ready for the cross country season. I consider myself a consistent and dedicated trainer, but there is no way I would do all the drills, stretching, hurdles, and core work on my own during the summer.

It’s a great atmosphere of people who love xc, and no matter what program your high school or college coach gives you, there's a way to fit it into camp and get all the benefits of it. Without a doubt, camp has always gotten me where I need to be for the start of the season, and I have showed up to preseason every year knowing I was one of the most, if not the absolute most, prepared runners there because of camp.

[Riley has trained in Coach Braz's summer program for seven years -- 4 years in high school and 3 (so far) in college, where as a Junior he is a Captain of the Stonehill College xc team. His team is ranked second in the East Region and finished first at the Kutztown DII/III Challenge in Kutztown, PA on September 16. Riley was the individual winner of the 8K race in 26:28.]

IMG 0017

How many cones does Coach Braz have?
Not just the ones in this photo, but ALL of them.

Best guess wins a Braz Camp shirt. Send to Dave.


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