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Welcome to Good Chi News. In this issue I cover tips on relaxing and energising. There's also quote by Lao Tzu an ancient Chinese philosopher and an update of my Chair Chi sessions in Aged Care.

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Sink the Shoulders

One way of determining how relaxed you are in Tai Chi is to check your shoulders. If they are up then you are stressed, which is counterproductive for good Tai Chi.

You need to relax your shoulders when standing and moving. In Tai Chi we say, 'sink the shoulders'. Though this must be done without altering correct body alignment.


Aged Care Chair Chi

ChairChi red-black-lge.png2

I've managed to pick up more Chair Chi (seated Tai Chi) sessions for residents at various aged care centres in the past few weeks.

Three centres have booked me for fortnightly sessions, which will keep me busy.

I'm almost booked out for this year and soon I'll be offering onsite workshops for staff, so they can learn how to run a Chair Chi session for their own residents. I haven't run staff sessions for a while because of the Covid pandemic.

It will be good to get back into staff training; pre Covid I was running these workshops Australia wide and in New Zealand. In one memorable week my schedule was - Brisbane - New Zealand - Brisbane again and then four local sessions for residents here in Melbourne



jonathan-sebastiao-Zctb j4dsUA-unsplash2

When I'm busy I sometimes need an energiser booster. I use a short Tai Chi energiser for 5-30 seconds, and I have several techniques that I adapt so I can use them in private and/or public areas.

Abdominal breathing is one I use anywhere and any time. It not only energises me but also calms my mind. I teach this technique in all the workshops I run for aged care residents and sports coaches and players.

The basics of abdominal breathing are to breath in through the nose and expand your stomach then breathe out of your nose and relax your stomach. Repeat this process several times.

There is much more to abdominal breathing in Tai Chi, but what I have described makes for a good start.

Image courtesy of Jonathon Sebastaio via Unsplash

2022-06 Lao Tzu Quote
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