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Savory Donuts

Grain-Free Savory Donuts

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Savory Donuts

Grain-Free Savory Donuts

Chef Kenzie shares her secrets for adapting recipes to suit a wide variety of flavor preferences. Her step-by-step guide to adapting our recipes to suit your dietary needs, preferences, and lifestyle will allow you to make your own adaptations with ease. Plus, find out how chef Kenzie transforms our popular Grain-Free Waffle recipe into Mexican-inspired cheesy baked donuts! Read the post and grab the recipe HERE.

Quick and Easy for the Family

Quick and Easy Classes

If you're looking for ways to speed up your family meal prep - this "Special Meal Planning Class" is the one for YOU! On July 22 at 7:30am EST, Chef Kenzie will share her best tips and tricks to prepare meals for the whole family. No matter what dietary restrictions and flavor preferences your family has, Chef Kenzie has a solution to help you bring a smile to everyone's face - all while eating the AH way. Register HERE.

Interested in learning about how to make quick-and-easy meals on the fly? Join Chef Kenzie on Monday July 19 from Noon-1:30pm EST to learn about preparing Always Hungry? and Always Delicious meals in a flash. Not able to make the class time? No worries - you can purchase the class video and PDF presentation slides for an additional $10.00. Register HERE.

Register for our Quick-and-Easy Cooking for the Family Class HERE
Register for our Basics Quick-and-Easy Part 1 Class HERE

Recipe Videos

Request our Class Videos

We're working on making all of our classes available for purchase as video recordings so you can watch the video on your schedule (rather than having to commit to a specific class time). If you would like to be notified when our class videos are available, please fill out our form HERE. Once the video is available, we will send you a link to complete purchase and receive your materials.

* Meal-Planning Class Resources and Access to Q&A session: $29.00
* Meal-Planning Class Resources, Class Video, PDF Presentation, and Access to Q&A session: $39.00

Have you already purchased one of our classes? You can add-on the video and PDF presentation for $10.00. Fill out the form to be notified when your class video is available to purchase.

Fill out the form HERE.

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For Recipes: Pinterest
For videos and inspirational quotes: Chef Dawn on Instagram and Facebook
For food stories and body positivity: Chef Kenzie on Instagram, and Facebook
For community support: Join our Facebook Group
For Research Updates: Dr David Ludwig on Facebook and Twitter

Intensive Insulin Therapy and Weight Gain in IDDM: Classic study of type 1 diabetes before & after intensive insulin treatment.

Read Dr. Ludwig's tweet and the original article >>

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