The days are still long, bright and warm, but as we look ahead we get reminded of what is in store. Kids will return to school, we will settle back in


The days are still long, bright and warm, but as we look ahead we get reminded of what is in store. Kids will return to school, we will settle back into regular routines and start adding extra layers of clothes very soon.

I love the fall and look forward to it every year. Don't get me wrong, I bask in the sunshine of summer too, but in my opinion something magical happens as nature transforms in the fall.

Plants and trees get one last show of brilliance before they retract to their resting period during the winter, allowing them to get stronger for the next season of full bloom. The change of the seasons remind us that there is a natural rhythm and flow in the universe, the world and in each of us.

For me, fall signifies nesting, comfort, warmth & transformation. This year, in particular more than ever. On a personal note, I am once again transforming (this never stops by the way). I am starting another new chapter in my life. Little buds are starting to form. One of my buds is a new name. Yes, I'm changing my name to reflect my current "self" and my new status as a single woman!

Sharlene Styles

Cue Sharlene Styles...

My new name is one little step in the direction of transformation for me. There are others, some of which you'll hear over time as they become "ripe" for picking. I can tell you now that I'm working on an on-line program behind the scenes to deliver a Life Transformation Program to be accessible from a computer anywhere in the world. This will allow me to be your coach, motivator and educator as you transform your life at your own pace from the comfort of your computer. PURE's Complete Cleanse Program is also slated to be available on-line to do at your own pace, anytime of the year. Stay tuned for the details as they roll out. Something special is on its way!

Cleanse Time?

As for the transformation of this coming season, we are holding our 6 Week Group Cleanse Program once again! We have 2 locations (St. Catharines & Fonthill) available this season on 2 different nights (Mondays & Thursdays). We hope this gives you some flexibility and options to join us.
HERE are the details

Fall seems to be one of the BEST times of the year to cleanse, naturally. If you think about the flow of nature, it is a very symbolic time to shed and release. Innately we want to get back on track, get back to a bit of a routine, rid ourselves of all of the overindulgences of the summer.

I realize you might not want to think of September or the fall just yet. Let's just say we are planting a seed to get you to start thinking about the cleansing season now.

Both of our Group Cleanse Programs are set to start the 2nd week of September and will completed by the end of October. And from the feedback we have gotten from previous participants, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Space is limited with both groups, so if you are keen to cleanse this fall, now is the time to sign up to ensure you secure your spot. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW

It is my hope, even if you don't join PURE's Complete Cleanse Program this fall, that you will honour your own body and it's rhythm to give it a break from being "in full bloom" sometime this coming fall.

Happy Cleansing & Transforming!
See you on the other side, as a new, refreshed and vital YOU,


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