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"Libra" by Teo Olvieri (linked)

Full Moon in Libra, March 28th, 2021

Greetings Deer Spirit Friends!

We're surfing what I'm calling the "Spring Equinox
Wake - Up Wave". Wonderful things are happening all over the world as grass roots rebels rise up against the crimes and lies of the dark side. Major shift is hitting the fan this Spring, but don't worry, and never forget - We are the ones who make light out of darkness!

I had a fantastic Equinox Immersion weekend at Gitangali's Sat Nam Yoga Mother Divine Foundation. The weather was beautiful and we could all feel the potent rebirthing power of Mother Earth and the Equinox Sun. There were 10 of us in the group. We were told not to come if we had covid symptoms and that masks were not required although you could wear one if you wanted to. Well nobody wore a mask, we were all quite healthy and had no fear of shaking hands and hugging. What a relief!

The covid insanity is finally ending! One of the participants asked me if I knew about the big Equinox protest marches in cities world wide. I did not, but later got the news that in London, tens of thousands marched for freedom, demanding an end to the lockdowns.

On the religious calendar, Passover starts at sundown on Sat. 3/27, followed by Palm Sunday on 3/28. Good Friday falls on April 2nd and Passover ends on April 3rd followed by Easter on Sun. April 4th.

Astrologically, the Full Moon in Libra is 2:48pm Sun. 3/28, the New Moon in Aries is Sun 4/11 and Sun enters Taurus on Mon. 4/19.

- Reiki Levels 1 & 2 on Sun. 3/27 and Sat. 3/28 on Webex video conference.
- Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ Full Moon in Libra Breakthrough Session on Sun. 3/28
(see details below on Bulletin Board)

FYI, I am offering Video Conference Astrology Classes for Beginners starting on April 6th, which is the first Tuesday in April. The classes will be held bi - weekly on Tuesdays from 7 - 9pm EDT, $45 per class. This will be a 12 class program. I will need at least 3 students for the program to fly.

The Tower

Message Of The Stars

To the left we have the Rider - Waite Major Arcana 16 Tower card (sometimes called the Falling Tower).
It's a perfect symbol for the fall of the dark fear monger - control freak faction that thought they could "rule the world". Some of you know exactly what I'm talking when I say that I had no idea how bad the bad guys were!

It's really upsetting for us lightworker types because those of us who are doing the daily prayer, meditation, yoga etc. are becoming more sensitive and empathic and we can feel more deeply than ever the darkness of the criminal cabals. the immense suffering of the trafficked and tortured children and the persecuted protectors and whistleblowers.

Divine lightening strikes the crown on top of the tower, signalling the fall of the fake pretenders to the throne. Yes, there are fake royals and real royals! The King Arthur archetype is not a fairy tale. The soul we know as Jesus Christ was born into the House of David royal lineage and that lineage is still alive today. Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children who had children who had children, and according to a Simon Parkes post 2 days ago -

"We are now entering a crucial phase.The next few days are of the greatest importance - It must be noticeable that commentators in the know are having to hold back information in regard to The Return of the King and the New Financial System."

"I estimate that this situation will not last long - & shortly I / we should be able to be fully open in regard to the developments coming down the track."

The Tower is phallic, representing the shadow side of Mars / Aries (abusive warrior - rape, rob and plunder), the oppressive, misogynist, greedy and secretive patriarchy. It's also the Tower Of Babel - that which confuses, obfuscates and distorts the "Word of God" (divine wisdom). If we lose the ability to speak from the heart in integrity and honesty, we'll end up in Babylon, babbling on and on and on......

We must flat-line the mind in order to experience the power of silence, "the peace that passeth all understanding". Our inner Tower of Babble must fall in order for us to know the transcendent truth of our innermost spirit soul.


“The mind cannot know what is beyond the mind, but the mind can be known by what is beyond it” - Nisargadatta

"Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the contexture of the web." - The Meditations, Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (161–180 A.D.)"

"......we all know how life has been in the last year or so for most of us, but we are very close to the breakthrough. By very close, I don’t mean today or tomorrow or next week, but from the perspective of all our lifetimes, we are getting close to the finish line."

"And the reason why things are as they are right now, why there is so much craziness is because we are so close to the breakthrough and the dark forces know that we are so close to the breakthrough and they’re freaking out, and they know much more than we do, how close we are. They know much more than we do, how close they are to losing everything. And this is why they’re acting crazy."

"So if we know that you can read the signs of the day in a different way, in different light, you can see their desperation, their mistakes, and through that, you can be sure that we are very close globally speaking. From the perspective of all of our lifetimes we are very close to the end. And after this is over, we will be glad that we persisted, we’ll be glad that we fought our last battle."

"We will be glad that we did what we did with all the meditations, with all the activations, with all the projects, we will be very, very pleased that we have made those choices, that we have been one among the few people who have made that choice. It will be a very, very big inner reward to have that feeling that you were the one who come to contribute it to the final victory." - Cobra (excerpt from Sisterhood of the Rose Interview with him 3/11/21.

Bulletin Board

Special Covid Discount Offers! - book three 45 min. distant healing sessions for $135. In these distant healing sessions we will talk on the phone for at least 15min. before the 45min. distant healing begins. A 3 session package like this would normally cost $270. Book a 90 min. astrology - tarot reading over phone or Zoom for $72 (normally $108)

LAST CALL for Reiki Level 1 & 2 Classes on Sat. 3/27 & Sun. 3/28!. Let me know asap if you'd like to take Level 1 and / or Level 2 online this weekend. The fee for one class is $220 with a $60 deposit. If you elect to take both classes (most students take both) the discounted fee is $400 with a $120 deposit. Your ICRT Reiki manual will be mailed to you before class. The classes will go from 10am - 5:30pm EDT with a 45 min. lunch break. For details of class curriculum see the classes page of my website.

The Free Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ Full Moon in Libra Breakthrough Session will happen on Sun. 2/28, 7:30 - 8 conference call, 8 - 9 distant healing. In order to register, email me your full name as you want it written on the distant healing list and if you have pets you'd like to add to the list, tell me their names and what type of animal they are. Thus session happens on the beautiful Full Moon in Libra, the first Full Moon of Spring. The highest expression of Libra is balance, harmony, peace, diplomacy and the appreciation and creation of beauty. This session will help us enhance our relationships, get clear about what we want to let go of, bring in or enhance in our lives, and release anything that's blocking us from experiencing abundant fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.

These sessions are free to all but if you like it and would like to support my work, please consider donating ($5 - $20 suggested) via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to or Paypal via the Buy Now button on my contact page -

The VortexHealing® Manifesting w/ Lakshmi 5 Session Series w/ Carol Ribner and I starts on Thurs. 2/18, 7:15 - 7:45 EST conference call, 7:45 - 8:45 EST. In this series Carol Ribner and I will help the group release anything that's blocking our ability to practice conscious intentional creation of reality. The themes are based on The 4 Arms of Lakshmi -
Session 1 - Thurs. Feb. 18th, Dharma (the universal spiritual principles of life),
Session 2 - Thurs. March 18th, Kama (passion),
Session 3 - Thurs. April 29th, Artha (work, responsibility),
Session 4 - Thurs. May 27th, Moksha (spiritual liberation / enlightenment)
Session 5 - Thurs. June 24th, Lakshmi Super Session.

These first 4 sessions are $20 each. The 5th Super Session has 90 min. of healing instead of the usual 60 min. and is $27. You can sign up for the remaining 4 sessions for $80 (a $7 savings). There will be a 30 min. conference call for each session from 7:15 - 7:45pm EST followed by 60 min. of distant healing from 7:45 - 8:45pm EST and 90 min. of healing in the Super Session.

If you'd like to sign up for the 3 remaining sessions you can do so for $60 (a $7 savings).

We are living in a time of accelerated transformation out of the old paradigm control matrix into the Age of Aquarius. We are knee deep in the long prophesied
shift of the ages! As the Great Awakening / Great Cleansing proceeds, our vibration ascends out of density into higher light frequencies and the process of manifestation is becoming easier and faster. These group sessions will help us manifest our dreams in the most benevolent way, both for ourselves and our world.

In order to register, email me at and send your payment via Venmo to Geordie - Numata, Zelle to, or use PayPal on my contact page.

My Free Conference Call Reiki circle will be held every Monday night from 7pm - 8pm EST. We'll do some guided meditation, self Reiki, Reiki for each other and Reiki for world peace. You can also use Angelic Liquid Light Healing™ or VortexHealing® in the circle if you like. The conference call numbers are 917 444 9040, conference ID 818181#. If you want a call in number for location outside the NYC area or for another country, go to the Turbobridge website and click on the Call - In Numbers tab. You don't need to rsvp for this event; just call in at 7pm. The circle is free but I will accept donations via Venmo to Geordie-Numata, Zelle to or PayPal via the Buy Now button on the contact page of my website. You are welcome to join the circle if you are not trained in an energy healing modality.

I am offering my usual services (distant healing, coaching, astrology & Tarot readings, Reiki classes) over conference call or Webex video conference. If you can't afford my posted rates you can negotiate and pay on sliding scale (whatever you can afford). I can now accept clients for in - person healing sessions and readings at TRS Professional Suites in the Lower Manhattan financial district (I will not treat you or read for you in person if you're sick with Covid 19).

My Video Conference Astrology Classes for Beginners starts on April 6th, which is the first Tuesday in April. The classes will be held bi - weekly on Tuesdays from 7 - 9pm EDT, $45 per class. This will be a 12 class program. I will need at least 3 students for the program to fly. These classes are for people that are interested in astrology but have no previous experience studying it. Classes will focus and the qualities of the 12 signs, the 12 houses of the horoscope, the planets that relate to the 12 signs, the elements of the signs (Water, Earth, Air, Fire (the Quadruplicities (4 Cardinal Signs, 4 Fixed Signs, 4 Mutable Signs) the Cardinal Cusps (Ascendent, Descendant, Midheaven. Imum Coeli

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Deer Medicine - Love, Gentleness, Grace & Silence (linked)

Services, Classes & Regular Events

Healing Sessions in Person -
$135 for 90 min., 3 sessions - $378, 5 sessions $630
60 min. sessions - $108
Distant Healing Sessions via phone or Webex - $108 for 90 min.,$288 for 3 sessions,
$99 for 60 min. session,
$72 for 45 min. session
House Call or Hospital Healing Sessions (canceled until after the shutdown ends) - $135 for 60 min., 3 sessions $360 (additional travel time fee added according to distance involved)
Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot - $135 for 90min. in person or $108 over the phone or Skype, $108 for 60 min. in person, $99 phone or Skype, $72 for 45 min. phone or Skype.
60 min. Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot + 60 min. Healing Session Combo - $250 in person or $225 via phone / Skype
90 min Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot & 90 min. Healing Session - $288 in person or $252 phone or Skype

Contact me for rates on space clearing and astrology tutoring - / 646 505 9798

Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program - My Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program began in February 2017. After a candidate is chosen, they assist in teaching all 4 levels of training (Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher). They also have weekly coaching sessions which may be over the phone or in person, and homework assignments. Another aspect of the program is providing Reiki in a volunteer capacity at the free clinics I supervise. The program is tailored to the needs of the individual candidate. If there are issues blocking the candidate's general fulfillment in life and success as a Reiki healer and teacher, these will be addressed through counseling and healing sessions. I am accepting applications for an apprentice who would start working with me in January, 2020.

My 2021 Reiki & Angelic Liquid Light Healing Class Schedule -
Angelic Liquid Light Healing Level 1 - Sat. 1/30
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. 2/20 & Sun. 2/21
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. 3/27 & Sun. 3/28
Reiki 3 - Sat. 4/24
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat., 5/22 & 5/23
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. 6/26 & Sun. 6/27
Angelic Liquid Light Healing Levels 1 & 2 -
Sat. 7/24 & Sun. 7/25
Reiki Level 3 - Sat. 8/7
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. 9/25 & Sun. 9/26
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. 10/23 & Sun. 10/24
Reiki Level 3 - Sat. 11/27
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. 12/11 & Sun. 12/12

Karuna Reiki® is taught by private appt. online or at your residence only.

Accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 for professional healers, yoga practitioners & meditators - If you are an L.Ac., LMT, Craniosacral Therapist or other holistic health professional, a yoga teacher or seasoned yoga practitioner, meditator and / or chi gong practitioner, you may qualify for my accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 training. Do you know the 7 chakras and basic anatomy of the human body? Do you know what chi is? If your answer is yes to most of the above then you're probably ready to take Reiki 1 & 2 in 7.5 hrs. (it normally takes about 13 hrs) in a private one on one class, preferably at your residence. The fee is $333.

Group VortexHealing® Sessions w/ Geordie & Carol - distant healing for anyone anywhere in the world, once a month on Thursdays, $20, 7:15pm - 8:45pm NYC time (you can put your pets get on distant healing list for free) . These sessions start with a 30 min conference call. At 7:45, we log off the call and start the healing session which lasts for one hour. Email me to register and pay via Paypal. High quality / low cost divine magic energy healing and awakening sessions for the people. These groups sell out fast so please RSVP in advance. See testimonials on my site.

Deer Spirit Reiki Circle - FREE CONFERENCE CALL REIKI CIRCLE EVERY MONDAY NIGHT 7 - 8PM EST (USA) 917 444 9040, CONFERENCE ID 818181# CONTACT ME FOR INTERNATIONAL CALL IN NUMBERS (DONATIONS ACCEPTED) When it becomes safe to meet in person again the circle will resume regular bi - weekly schedule on Mondays, 7pm - 9pm, $20, at TRS Professional Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. in the financial district in Lower Manhattan. RSVP required. This circle is open to the general public - you do not have to be attuned to Reiki to attend and receive treatment. If you are attuned to Reiki, any level or lineage, you are welcome to come and give and receive treatment. We start with a guided meditation and then give 30 min. treatments on massage tables.

Love & Gratitude,
Geordie Numata
Angelic Liquid Light Healing Founder
Spiritual Life Coach / Astrologer / Tarot reader
ICRT Certified Reiki & Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher
VortexHealing Practitioner
N.A.D.A. Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist
Ceremonial Leader / Shaman
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