October 22, 2014 In my most recent blog post, My Unexpected Diagnosis, I wrote about how I received the shock of my life last February when I was dia


October 22, 2014


In my most recent blog post, My Unexpected Diagnosis, I wrote about how I received the shock of my life last February when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since it was posted, the outpouring of support I've received has been phenomenal. (I'm still working my way through emails, and if I haven't responded to yours yet, I apologize.) People sent me their prayers and their stories, and the most important thing I learned is that I am not alone.

Thank you to all who sent your well wishes and shared your stories. If you haven't had a chance to read the post yet, you can do that here.


Recent Recipes


Easy Vegan Skillet Chili




Burmese Tofu

While I took some time off for a quick family trip last week, the rest of the FatFree Vegan gang continued to share some great recipes. Maria, on her blog Plant-Based Slow Motion Miracle, posted a recipe for Easy Vegan Skillet Chili as well as something that I can't wait to try, Soy-Free Burmese Tofu made of chickpea flour.

On the FFV website, Kathy Hester shared the recipe for Oat-chata from her new book, OATrageous Oatmeals. It's a delicious take-off on the traditional Mexican beverage horchata, with some oaty goodness added.


Pumpkin Time! (Savory Edition)

It's fall, the leaves are changing, and pumpkins are everywhere you turn. They're not just for decoration (though the very large ones often look better than they taste). Here are a few of my favorite non-dessert pumpkin recipes. I'll get to the desserts next time.


Ridiculously Easy Lentil and Vegetable Stew


Pumpkin and Roasted Corn Soup


Pumpkin and Black Bean Casserole


Roasted Pumpkin and Vegetables

For more pumpkin recipes, be sure to check out my Pinterest board, Vegan Pumpkin Recipes, where I'm adding more recipes every day.


There's still time to get a Vitamix on sale!

I know I mentioned this before, but I don't want anyone to miss out. If you've been wanting a Vitamix but the price is too high, be sure to check out the sale this month on reconditioned blenders. You can get a red, white, or black reconditioned standard Vitamix for $299.00. This is the same model that I've been using for over 5 years. Get yours while you can!

Using my Vitamix affiliate link will allow you to get free shipping and, at the same time, support FatFreeVegan and help keep these recipes coming. Thanks for your purchase!

Eat well and live well!


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