Howdy TwinkleGrammers, Spring. New blossoms, changing wardrobes (well, sort of), fresh hopes, new beginnings. And yadda yadda with the cliches. Let'

purple twinklegram
Bean Balloon gift

Howdy TwinkleGrammers,

Spring. New blossoms, changing wardrobes (well, sort of), fresh hopes, new beginnings. And yadda yadda with the cliches.

Let's get personal.

Let's talk about specifics since I have an ongoing one-and-only that so delights me I could just BURST every time I look at this red balloon, a happy gift from one of my grandgirlies. Given to me for absolutely no reason other than she thought it, she acted upon it, she gave it with a smile.

It happens Colleen (Colleenie, Colleenie Beanie, Bean) and I have the same initials of C.A.B.. And we both have the same middle name of Ann. Her sister and her mom do too! What a lovely cross-pollination within a family union. That alone is a specific that makes me happy. And for decades I've held a few nicknames aligned with the stars such as TwinkleChar, Char The Star (the most common and thus the TwinkleGram) and so-on.

About 30 years ago (OH MY!) my oldest son called to announce his "mom" tattoo. I was mortified (not about the tattoo but NO, son! One day you'll have a wife and...)--until I saw the design, which was a circular combination of the universal peace symbol, a heart and a star. I'd once made him a gift with the design, which I created myself. Turns out it made a lovely and universal heartfelt personalized tattoo without saying a word. Who wouldn't wish everyone peace, love and twinkles?!

And now my youngest son's girlie-girl gives me this bright red balloon: both our initials with a star for me and a heart for her, given in peace and love. The air's been in it nearly two months!

Stop. Think. Squint around in your life. What specific unique thing elevates your life? Okay, maybe it is the spring flowers, each a unique creation. But think harder too. Think and give thanks, then send me an email ( so I can wallow in your joy too. Include a picture, if you like. I'd love to share some of your treasures (only if you want me to share) on my newly designed website on the Fan Appreciation page.

But moreover, who do you know who would be boosted by a unique gift from you, say a card, a craft item, a poem, lunch out.

Think it.
Act upon it.
Give it with a smile.


Newly designed website & MORE!

What a week I've had, learning all kinds of new computerly tricks in order to make changes to All Things Publicly Charlene As They Relate to My Life NOW. I even built my own new website! Ba-BAM! And I added a few products (mostly Dearest Dorothy related) to the CharStar Store while removing a couple sell-outs.


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