Dear readers, this is the (late) summer issue of our Newsletter, with the latest news on Cisarua. Times are still very challenging for the people of the village. The secondary schools have not been able to open up yet, so most of the lessons are online. We are pleased to announce that a new group of SaS students has been selected. See below for more information.

Ten new SaS students selected

A bit later in the year than normal (but what is normal-now-a days?) ten new students have been selected to be supported by Java Village. The ten girls all come from poor backgrounds, often from single parent families who can hardly make a decent living as a day labourer in the fields, a streetvendor or a small shopkeeper, let alone that they have reserves to pay for the extra costs involved going to the secondary school outside the village. The selected girls finished their primary school with good results and are ambitious. Hopefully their wishes to become a doctor or teacher one day will be fulfilled, and Java Village is grateful to be able to provide help towards achieving those goals. All made possible, of course, by our generous and faithful sponsors.

For Euro 12,50 a month or Euro 150 a year you can support a student so that they can complete their secondary school education. Click here If you would like to join the SaS programme.

A problem with the online lessons is that not everyone has easy access to internet. Few have a computer or a smartphone and the reception is poor and not widespread. Going to an internet cafe means buying a quota, which is an extra cost that can often not be afforded. Java Village has decided to help the students to provide them with a sum to acquire quotas. As the students don't have to travel now, the money thus saved can be allocated to the internet costs. We hope this will help though following lessons online remains challenging for the students and their families. An extra donation would therefore be very helpful! The standard amount for sponsoring SaS is Euro 12,50 per month, but of course any donation is very welcome. Please click here if you would like to support Java Village.

We welcome our new SaS students: Selvi, Suci, Sari, Saima, Asyira, Salwa, Dawiyah, Risma, Cahaya and Revalina

Sari Nurhayati SaS 2020
Saima Nurohfazmi SaS 2020
Salwa Azizah SaS 2020
Revalina SaS 2020
Asyira SaS 2020
Dawiyah Nur Azizah SaS 2020
Cahaya SaS 2020
Suci Natalia SaS 2020
Risma Novianti SaS 2020
Selvi Devina SaS 2020

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