Deborah Brody Marketing Communications Percolating Creative Ideas * * * September 3, 2014 Greetings and happy September! We are officially starti

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Deborah Brody Marketing Communications

Percolating Creative Ideas

September 3, 2014

Clopper lake

Sunset on summer at Clopper Lake

Greetings and happy September!

We are officially starting the fall season and in Washington, it seems everything happens now, including my next How to Write Your Blog workshop. The workshop is scheduled for September 18 (details and registration: ). I am offering a special discount for newsletter subscribers. Just use the promotional code DBMCNL in the order form to get 15% off. Feel free to pass it on to anybody you think could benefit from this workshop.

How long can you go without social media? When was the last time you read a classic book? These questions motivated my summer challenge, an eight-week series on the Caffeinated blog. I wrap it up for you below.

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Learning from the summer’s challenges

How do you see things differently? Are there verbal tics that are tripping you up? How do you deal with passive-aggressive behavior? These were some questions I chose to explore in my summer challenge, a series of eight blog posts designed to challenge readers to make small changes that affect writing, blogging, social media and communications.

By far, the hardest challenge and the one that got the most traction, was to take a break from social media. I challenged readers to be off social media networks throughout the entire Labor Day weekend and I vowed to do it too. I succeeded and this is what I learned:

What I missed the most was being able to share stuff like articles and videos.
Checking Twitter and Facebook on my phone is a crutch, and something I do when I am bored, like when waiting for the Metro.
Keeping myself logged on to Twitter and Facebook on my smartphone drains the battery. By closing them down I had at least 50% more battery time.
It was not that hard to be off social media, and I felt pretty good not checking it.
It turns out I really did not miss out on anything.

Did you miss out on the summer challenge? Here are all eight entries:
Summer challenge #1: Tick off verbal tics
Summer challenge #2: Be a tourist in your own town
Summer challenge #3: Clean up your social media act
Summer challenge #4: Be more active
Summer challenge #5: Get classic
Summer challenge #6: Make your writing understandable
Summer challenge #7: Be direct and get it fixed
Summer challenge #8: Take a (social media) break


Workshops and presentations

The next How to Write Your Blog workshop is scheduled for September 18, in Washington, D.C.. Details are available here: Use the promotional code DBMCNL to get a 15% discount.

I am available for customized on-site and one-on-one specialized training on blog writing. Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining details.


Communications tip: Develop a brand statement

Branding is not just choosing your corporate colors and your logo. Branding is about the experience you give your customers. How do customers view and experience you? How do you want your customers to perceive you? You can’t communicate well if you don’t know what you are trying to say!

Here are some resources to help you develop your own brand statement


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