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Many Vet clinics have 'Wellness' consults, 'Wellness Plans', and a little on the side. Book your pet's annual injections to "protect" them from disease, and they also get a 'Wellness' check. The veterinary industry has forgotten the true meaning of the word WELLNESS.

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There is so little education in the animal sphere about what keeps pets healthy, and pets suffer as a result. This suffering is avoidable. You just need to follow the right path.

Thankfully our holistic approach offers just that. A path that leads to true robust health for your animals. And we would like you to walk this path with us.

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Up until now very few pet families have been empowered to keep their pets well.
Our ‘Path to Wellness’ webinars will change that.

To find out more about what is included in this online learning, head over to our website. We are launching pre-sale tickets for this webinar series today!

At a fraction of the cost, you can discover what we share in a veterinary consultation. You don’t have to wait until your pet is sick to come and see us. You can invest in your pet's health TODAY. Without having to stuff your cat in a cat carrier and convince your dog that a trip to the Vet is a fun adventure.

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What's that? Vet visit you say? There had better be treats.

In this webinar series for dog lovers you will learn:
* how to safely reduce the number of vaccines your pet gets
* the importance of real raw food, and how to do raw properly
* why reducing toxic inputs is so very necessary, and how to go about it
* balancing exercise and rest
* how stress affects your pet, and the #1 stress-reduction tool for dogs anyone can implement.

And for all the cat lovers out there - your series is coming soon!

At only $97 pre-sale price for 5 modules, this may be the best investment in your pet's health you will ever make. If you want to know more, listen to our latest podcast. But act fast, because once we launch on March 29th, the price will revert to the standard price of $149.


We believe if pet families come to know the true causes of disease, many can be prevented. That is our mission. We hope you choose to accept it.

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