Enliven the Joyful Creator in you!

In 2004, Aminus3 began as a daily Photoblog. It was a time of exciting new growth and change when a nascent Social Media was just beginning.

Now, fourteen years later we continue to apply focused effort towards our mission and the values that make this community so great.

Enlivening the joyful creator in all of you!

▪ One photo a day: Choose an image that speaks from the heart
▪ Share with substance: Project something of value into the world
▪ Inspire and Honor others: Join the Community discussion
One photo a day: Choose an image that speaks from the heart
Share with substance: Project something of value into the world
Inspire and Honor others: Join the Community discussion

Aminus3 Feature Update

Even though 2018 has been a slow year of communication for our community, it doesn’t mean the wheels of progress have stopped.

In fact, we’ve taken this year to dive deep into the Aminus3 vision, re-organized the focus, and initialized efforts to modernize and create a more consistent user experience across the website.

You will begin to see an updated look and feel over the coming months.

The first phase of this redesign is to update your personal Aminus3 website template so that it performs better across all devices from small mobile screens -- to tablets -- to large desktops.


Man in the Moon by Don Smith on phone and desktop layouts

Browsing Aminus3 on mobile will be a more enjoyable experience.

For all Aminus3 users, your Profile and Admin settings are much easier to read and will appear more clearly on mobile devices. On smaller screens, the "Admin Navigation" sidebar menu moves up to a drop down "hamburger menu" from the top right corner.

You may also notice some controls have moved around such as social links and rating stars which will now appear under the right side of the image.

A+ Gets Even Better

For Aminus3 A+ Subscribers, we have introduced new layout changes to showcase your images.

On large screens, A+ subscribers can enable "High Resolution Display" (formerly "Big Image Layout") to show larger images up to 2000 pixels wide. Note: you may have to reload some older images, otherwise 1000 pixel images will still stretch to fill the browser window.


Display images up to 2000 pixels wide.

A+ subscribers who use the "Portfolio+" layout will see improvements in displaying larger images in a more inviting format which scales to the browser window from mobile to large desktop. There is no limit to the number of images your portfolio can contain.


Gootchai's A+ Portfolio Plus

For basic subscribers (not A+), the portfolio page will show only the last 50 photos with smaller thumbnails.


Portfolio view without A+ subscription

Featured Photos, Search, and Tags Too

The Aminus3 A+ Portfolio+ layout is also displayed on your featured image page, archive search results, archive categories, and the tag page.


The Traces A+ layout for his Featured Images


Vaido's A+ Tag page layout

Remix Gallery Gets A New Look

Portfolio+ will also change the way Remix pages are displayed, providing new ways to showcase collections of images to share with your viewers.

B-W Portfolio

Remix Gallery Gets an Updated Look for Portfolio+

On Browser Support

If you are using an older browser on your computer, you may notice things don’t look quite right. These new layouts are designed to run on modern browsers.

If you experience issues, perhaps consider a new browser experience with the Brave Browser. Brave was created with speed, security, and privacy in mind.

Using the Brave browser helps support Aminus3 through this affiliate link:

More to Come!

This is the first phase of more change to come. In the next months, we'll keep you updated as we continue to evolve Aminus3.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the latest website changes. If you'd like to share your impressions, or if something doesn’t work quite right, please let us know!


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