Dear Friends, Happy New year! I hope this email finds you thriving. Yoga is a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but it always im

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Dear Friends,

Happy New year! I hope this email finds you thriving.

Yoga is a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but it always implies making an effort toward some kind of connection. The yoga I most value is one that strives for a human connection, a worldy connection, a visceral / energetic / psycho-emotional engagement with what we find in our streets, in our offices, in our homes and in our bathroom mirror. One that inspires us to be fully open to possibility and potential, but also reminds us to root down firmly into what's real in our day to day lives.

Following this deeply held value without even realizing I was doing so, I established the Labor Day in Yachats Retreat five years ago, as well as a second yearly retreat in Barra de Potosi, Mexico, about which I am writing to you today.

The event In Yachcats has been ongoing and brings both new and repeat students every year. We've had repeat participants from California, Seattle, and even B.C. Participants consistently tell me how much they value this particular offering, whether they study with me in Portland or live elsewhere, or even study here in town but with a different teacher or studio.

I think what makes it special is that we gather for extended practices twice a day like a traditional retreat, but unilke a retreat center experience, we eat our meals in town, maybe shop a bit, or chat with locals in the cofee shop. The logistics of the event give us the luxury of steeping in practice for a couple of days, leaving our work and household responsibilities aside, while continuing to operate in the outside world. We exist as community members, albeit temporary ones, but from an "upeksha", or perspective, of a deeper layer of practice. I believe this creates an invaluable bridge as we step back into our lives at home. The re entry is smooth, and the tools built while retreating aren't dropped off with the room key at check out.

I've done my best to translate these benefits to the Mexico experience, while modifying some of the details to bring more ease to the experience of international travel. The major difference is that the retreat price is inclusive of lodging and breakfast at a local B&B, one where I have made a connection with the hosts and can assure you a beautiful stay. Also included is an optional but highly recommended ride on a small boat into the bay with a local team of whale researchers, as a big aspect of the current identity of this little village is its effort to preserve its waters to continue to nurture the sea life of the greater Pacific, as it has as long as anyone can remember.

In short, this is a very special opportunity to deepen your practice as you broaden your cultural horizons. there is a lovely group registered so far, and a few spots left to fill. Flights are beginning to creep up in price, but you can still get one for just over $700, which is pretty good, and even around $600 if you add an extra day to either end of your trip. Let me know you're interested and I can help you with lodging for the extra night.

You can read more here, or just skip to the registration section and secure your spot right away.

I have a lot more to share with you, about my recent travels to India, and about some new programming I am develloping for 2016 that I am really excited about, but I'll leave it here for now. Please consider joining me in Barra de Postosi, or at Beth Williams's Harmony Yoga in Newport February 19 & 20, or at People's here in Portland.

Much love,


Upcoming Events:

Yoga and Whales in Mexico! - March 11 - 17th

Turn it Upside Down! - A Three Session Inversion Prep & Practice at The People’s, Feb 24 - March 9

Durga! All levels Myth & Methods workshop in Newport, Or - Feb 19 & 20

My Mahabharata Year - An Ongoing Myths & Methods Journey beginning March 30 - details to come

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