January 14, 2015Get Involved in IITCo-create a Better World Together Do you, like the Dalai Lama, believe that personal transformation is essential

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January 14, 2015


Do you, like the Dalai Lama, believe that personal transformation is essential for peace on Earth?

Do you wish to participate in transforming yourself, work, and world?

Many of you are engaged in your transformation and wish to join others who are making a difference in the world. Together we create the world we want and need. To achieve inner peace and fulfil our soul’s purpose what we choose each day is vital. Every contribution we make brings us closer to realizing our goals and to a world of peace.

For 16 years, IIT's co-creative community has been devoted to developing programs, books, CDs and DVDs to assist people with their spiritual transformation. Our founder, Tanis Helliwell, has worked tirelessly since the beginning and has given all proceeds to the support of IIT.

Since our foundation, we have offered a monthly newsletter with FREE articles, recorded interviews, videos, as well as special discounts for our courses and products. This is the first time that we invite you to support this work that benefits so many. Your entire contribution goes directly to supporting IIT.

Three Ways of Participating with IIT

(1) Become a Friend of IIT

When you become a friend of IIT, we will give you a complimentary 29 minute video with Tanis Helliwell on Earth Changes and Our New Consciousness in both German and English.

I wish to be a friend of IIT and appreciate the work you are doing. (Click on the "Donate Now" button. You will be taken to a form where you can choose one of the suggested amounts below or choose your own amount.)

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(2) Become a Member of IIT

Join our IIT community and be part of our growing group of co-creators who are dedicated to world service. You will receive:

1. A soul reading and personal assignment from Tanis Helliwell. Her spiritual guidance will help you focus on what your soul is calling you to do. (There are only limited times available for soul readings, so join now to receive yours!)
2. Special IIT email updates from Tanis Helliwell.
3. Free downloads of articles, MP3s and videos.
4. Advance discounts on products and courses.
5. Good karma!

I wish to become a member of IIT for 2015 for $395.

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(3) Become a Co-Creator with IIT

Members can choose to become co-creators in our Spiritual Transformation Training Program and receive credit for each course they take with IIT. You may be only a few credits away from graduation!


If you wish to mail a cheque instead, please send to:

International Institute for Transformation
1766 Hollingsworth Rd.,
Powell River, BC. Canada V8A 0M4

Thank you for joining our co-creative community as, together,
we go forward with spiritual transformation in the world!


Wishing you abundance in all ways in 2015!

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Tanis Helliwell
International Institute for Transformation


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