17 May 2016 Crazy for Ewe this week ▪ The Aha! Moment▪ Jenny's sock classes are back▪ First Friday Project - Dangling Conversation▪ Remsen Twist

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17 May 2016

Crazy for Ewe this week

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Cornelia chatting with Terry

This weekend we had a great time with Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton learning a new technique for creating a truly innovative openwork fabric. Very cool. It's not something you're going to figure out by looking at it, so naturally the process was a little challenging. Which is good. Everyone's brain was in high gear as we followed along trying to figure out what was going on. Then the "Aha" moment came for us. An Aha moment is when a flash of insight brings clarity and understanding to the problem at hand. Cornelia described having such a moment when she developed her openwork continue reading


Jenny's back, and I promise that she will make you fall head over heels in love with socks. If you've never knit a pair, this is where your sock journey begins. Using worsted weight yarn and two circular needles, Jenny will take it from the top -- literally. You'll complete a beautiful pair of socks from cuff to toe, and really understand what's happening throughout. All those fiddly parts are so much easier when Jenny takes you though the process. Everything's a little easier and at this gauge, not to mention faster. After this class, you'll be ready for her other, more advanced classes that feature finer gauge yarns Continue reading

dangling conversation

If the rain kept you away First Friday, you can still get in on this terrific project. Dangling Conversation is a lovely, large scarf worked in a silky soft self-striping cotton. Shimmering beads at the cast on and along the edge give the scarf a subtle gleam and provide just the right amount of weight to help keep your wrap in place.

Don't worry about choosing colors - the yarns bring their own gradient palette - there's a very summery aqua and peach combination as well as one in sophisticated shades of charcoal to pale silver. If you're continue reading

Remsen twist front top

This little top is not only beautiful, but flattering on every figure. The gathers accentuate a small bust while they seem to minimize and flatter a larger one. Don't just take my word for it - check out these [great looking finished projects on Ravelry](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/remsen-twist-front-top/people?view=cards&search=%22Tahki+Yarns+Ripple%22&favorited=1

It's simple to knit in stockinette, and the finishing is easier than it looks, thanks to one helpful Raveler who did a video. Bless her heart. This class will show you everything you need to make sure your Remsen is a total success from start to finish, and will keep you on track with your project so you'll continue reading