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$20,000 Matching Challenge!

Hope Station is blessed with a $20,000 Matching Challenge from some of our generous donors. I hope and pray that you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to DOUBLE your investment! This will help us to continue donating an average of $350 worth of groceries per month - per family enrolled in our program. Please join us by making your donation no later than December 31st by simply clicking on the Donate Now button.

Thank you for all you have done in the past and we hope you choose to continue to remember Hope Station.

Why your donation matters:

I have the joy of sharing that Hope Station has reached over 3 million pounds of donated groceries since our beginning. This year the number of people served in our community is approximately 3,700 which is a 25% increase. This means that all the families had food on their table! However, the demand for our services is increasing which is why your financial support matters. Your donations allow us to continue offering critical services to families and individuals, including:

• Providing emotional and practical support aimed at improving quality of life and relationships;

• Assisting with basic necessities;

• Reducing debt for major critical expenses;

• Helping to offset monthly expenses; and/or

• Enabling families to develop an emergency saving fund

Who we impact:

These significant changes above are real results from some of the people served. Here is an individual testimony that you will enjoy reading:

“My name is Susanne and my family of 7 has been blessed by Hope Station for almost 7 years now. My husband works full time and I work part-time when the kids are in school. Blessed is an easy word to use, but the reality of it is that there were times we would not have eaten much without you. I think our monthly shopping is worth close to $400. After many years of savings and Hope Station's help, we went on our first family vacation in 10 years to Yellowstone! A true blessing to be able to afford some fun!

On a personal note, I found a pair of shoes there that helped lead to the healing of my debilitating foot pain. The shoes would have been over $100 brand new when I looked them up but was priceless to me because I finally had some comfort. Those shoes were a gift from God and from you. They were the start of the puzzle to figure out why my feet hurt so much… Shoes, clothes, food… fun things are all a blessing to us and a gift from you. So thank you, thank you so much… And know that you have helped me and my family in a major way.”

This and other real-life stories truly encourage us to keep serving! The motivation that keeps us going comes from people like you - our donors and volunteers.

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

With prayers and gratitude,

Pastor Marcia Mattoso, Executive Director
Hope Station Community Services, Inc.

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