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Remembering Those that Served

We are thankful that God gave His Son as a
sacrifice so that we have life, and we are thankful for all the men & women who sacrificed their lives
for our freedom.

At the Vietnam Memorial

At the Vietnam Memorial Paint Marker on Paper

Please help me pray for the vets that grieve and make rubbings of lost soldiers at The Vietnam Memorial Wall,
Washington DC

During Memorial Day Services
on Hilton Head Island, I prayed with each brush stroke in these plein aire paintings for those that served our nation. If I may share them now with you.

Memorial Day 2001

Memorial Day 2001 "Singing Hymns"

Memorial Day 2003

Memorial Day 2003 "Young boys watch with intent."

Memorial Day 2004

Memorial Day 2004 "Honoring those in uniform ."

Memorial Day 2007 4000

Memorial Day 2007 "Fly Over"

A commission portrait of "Jethro" wearing his father's Dessert Storm hat. Those that serve protect our future generations.

Jethro Final Web

Jefferson found conversations "one on one" solved many problems in his Monticello Garden Pavilion.

Jefferson and a Friend 2012 sm

"Jefferson and a Friend at Monticello" Oil on Linen 20x14 1994

“War is as much a punishment to the punisher as to the sufferer.”
Thomas Jefferson

Celebrate life! Celebrate this beautiful day we are blessed to be a part of! May you find peace and forgiveness on this
Happy Memorial Day

Historical paintings are the most valued. If I may assist you with one of my paintings, now 70% off, please let me know.


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