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Hello, Friends!

==========Wow! Our lives take on a whole new vibe here in New England. It's like this quiet chaos as the holidays approach, we are still preparing for winter... well I am and I will tell you now. Shovel, shovel, shovel. If your garden beds are cut back, your gutters cleaned, your home winterized, wood chopped and all of the other necessities, then I must be the little piggy with the straw house. I know I'm not alone when I say I am in complete overwhelm. What I can tell you is... it's OK! Bottom line. Life's journey isn't about how perfect your home looks, how grand the image of your "stats" and how good you look or outdo the competition. It's about allowing yourself to say, "It's OK. I did the best I could today and I am allowed to give myself space." Be well, all, on your journey. Many of us are traveling, preparing for visitors or maybe some of us are digging in for the season. Wherever you find yourself, be safe, be warm. May there always be a light to shine in your heart.
Love and blessings to you all, Kiki.


Christmas Carousel by Kiki Michalek

13th Annual Holiday Open House!!!!!!!!!!

I can't help it! I'm so excited. Whiting Mills has THE best Christmas show EVERrrrrrr. I can't put it all in one paragraph, so here are not one but TWO links. https://www.facebook.com/events/452396005410343/
This year, I will be selling work by Barbara Jaroch in my studio. Part of our Whiting Mills family, she is recovering from an accident which leaves her unable to be present at her studio. But that's not keeping her from being a part of this! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

DSC00714 2

Perigrin falcon. Photo by Kiki Michalek

What's on the easel?

This time of year, it's more about what's under foot. Snow. Tracking. Looking at the world around me with open eyes. I spend more time out in the woods with my cameras during the winter than any other time. It's a balance of creative perspective. I spend a ton of time in the woods mind you but there is something about winter that brings everything forward. Following tracks of coyote packs hunting as they run as a group and suddenly begin to split off to surround their prey. Visiting the favored spots of deer under the conifers where their bodies have left impressions of melted snow as they slept. Being absolutely befuddled at how far a fischercat has bounded through 3 feet of snow without ever stopping... we're talking a half mile before I turned around on snowshoes. Life around us is incredible and so much unseen in plain sight. Tread lightly on this earth. It is priceless.

stargazer scorpio 1

Stargazer by Kiki Michalek

What's next?

A new year and a wish. Step out into the starlit night and be grateful for all that you had today. Walk gently into the morning sun and breath it in. Every hope, every dream are realized in the quiet moments on this earth. Pursue your passion and all possibilities arise.

Kind regards,
Kiki Michalek

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