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Women’s History Month arrives one year into the pandemic, at a moment when hunger and economic hardship have disproportionately affected women worldwide. Around the globe, women are working harder than ever to nourish their families and communities, yet far too often struggle to feed themselves. Despite producing 60-80% of food in the Global South and representing 50% of food chain workers in theUnited States, women and girls make up nearly 70% of the now 270 million people facing hunger worldwide.

Knowing that women are both deeply impacted by hunger and powerful changemakers in their communities, WhyHunger partners with women on the frontlines of the ongoing struggle for food, land, water, economic power, and a world free from hunger. This Women’s History Month, we invite you to learn more about WhyHunger’s incredible women-led partners who are challenging societal norms, advocating for economic power, and leading the charge to end hunger for good.

AFEDES (Asociación Femenina para el Desarrollo de Sacatepéquez), Guatemala: Founded in 1988, AFEDES is a group of primarily Kaqchikela’ Mayan women working to achieve economic, physical, and political autonomy under the principle of Utz’K’aslemal, or “a life of abundance and happiness.” AFEDES aims to create a new economy and food system where Mayan women can reclaim their ancestral practices and ways of life to overcome stark inequities. Visit AFEDES’ website to learn more and find out how you can support.

Rise and Root Farm, Orange County, NY: Rise and Root Farm is run by four intergenerational, multi-racial, and LGBTQ women – including co-founders Lorrie Clevenger, WhyHunger’s Co-Director of U.S. Programs, and Karen Washington, who sits on WhyHunger’s Advisory Board. Lorrie, Karen, and their farming partners believe in the power of cooperative growing to heal and create a just food system. To support Rise and Root’s efforts to provide fresh food to surrounding communities and those in need, particularly during the pandemic, visit their website. You can learn more about Rise and Root and its founders here.

World March of Women, International: The World March of Women is an international feminist movement working to eliminate hunger, poverty, and violence against women. Operating globally, the World March of Women unites and mobilizes grassroots women's groups in a collective march towards a transformed social, political, and economic system that benefits all people, and especially women. Visit The World March of Women's website to learn more.

Click hereto discover more of WhyHunger’s women-led grassroots partners in the U.S. and around the globe.

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