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SniperShot & M Slago - Walking Contradiction


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SniperShot & M Slago - Funky Fresh


Fibonacci Records is proud to present the newest album from SniperShot "Walking Contradiction". Snipes teams up with producer M Slago to create this unique soundscape. The travel restrictions over the last 2 years have forced the world traveling "Rapper At Sea" to stay in the US and examine himself.

I realize that in the music business and in American society in general, people do not live by their word as much as generations prior. Through that observation I realize that I have contradictory values. I realize I have developed less than desirable habits dealing with some of the hardships in this life. I have healthy habits and unhealthy habits. For example, I'll drink raw vegan smoothies and raw juices and then go drink alcohol and smoke with my friends. I am calling myself out on this project to hold myself accountable for my actions and to take the power to rewire my neuropaths to align with the person I envision to be.

I started writing this album before my last travel stint when I lived on a sailboat in the South Pacific Ocean. My song "Flying Over Fiji" was written on a plane flying to Fiji, and "Whole Lotta Flavas" was written on a long day consisting of traveling through Los Angeles consisting of rentals, ubers and trains. Earlier this year, I got in a bad bicycle accident at a high rate of speed (totally my own fault!) that left me in bed for a couple weeks so I finished writing the album in bed. As soon as I could barely walk, I booked the recording sessions to record the album. Other songs on the album are more reflective such as "My Life's A Movie" which is my attempt to compile some of the crazy experiences I have gone through in my life. "Walking Contradiction" is dealing with the fact that I realize I am a "contradictory walker" so to speak.

I am currently in the process of change. With this project I want to remind and encourage everyone to stay curious and aware. In breaking my own habits I am asking myself the eternal question; Why? Why do I do what I do? What is the root of my actions? Does this truly align with my values?

With the heart, eyes, and curiosity of a new born baby, I Say Keep Going!

1OVE Peace -Snipes!

About M Slago:
A subtly brilliant producer that's rarely seen yet often heard, M Slago has acquired the ear and respect from listeners worldwide. His quiet demeanor yet potent and infectious production is much like a Cobra: moving in silence but when he rears his head the strike is powerful.

From his well received work on projects from Homeboy Sandman, Headkrack, Mega Ran, The Wake Up Show intro production for college radio chart toppers Bodega Brovas and RoQy TyRaiD, to a number of inventive beat tapes and instrumental albums, the Nashville born producer continues to deliver quality sound.

M Slago was the Co-host of 'Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught' Vol 2 on 89.3FM Dallas/Ft Worth for 11 years. 'Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught' is the Longest Running Hip Hop Radio Show in the World. M Slago recently moved from Dallas back to his hometown of Nashville, TN to be closer to family.

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