Happy October! It seems everything has a day set aside for awareness now, and if you're like me, trying to stay up on everything leaves you dizzy! Bu


Happy October!
It seems everything has a day set aside for awareness now, and if you're like me, trying to stay up on everything leaves you dizzy! But there are a couple things that have been deeply on my mind and I'm sure on yours, too.

There hasn't been much time for traveling or exploring on research lately; it's been hunker down and write time. You'll see why shortly.

First, it's about you. About protecting yourself online.

We heard about banks getting hacked, then places like Home Depot and now the hackers have hit Dairy Queen. 55,000 KIDS a year are having their identity stolen in Florida alone, and there are things parents can do to stop it. imagine, your child goes for a driver's license and finds out his credit is wrecked and his identity has been used for years by someone else! Crazy. I put together some resources in an article. If you read nothing else, read it and take the steps to protect yourself and your kids (or to encourage your kids to protect your grands). Here's a link:

Do read it and see that you can "freeze" your minor child's credit. It's easier (and less expensive) to prevent than to correct!

I've had an online stalker. I've been through this, and the message I want to share is it can happen to you. I pray this helps so it doesn't.


Limited Time Only Release 10/21


8 authors who write across genres--romantic thrillers, cozy mysteries, romantic suspense, historical romance, sweet romance, spicy and sweet, thrillers--got together on a single thought: What's your idea of a Risky Bride?
This collection of 5 novels and 3 novels is the authors' response.

We tagged this general fiction because it is diverse in style and content. You'll find many USA Today bestsellers and veteran authors in this collection, but we're also introducing newcomers with their debut thriller, Bayard & Holmes.

Not one of the authors in this group has forgotten what it's like to just start out, so we're extending a hand to this dynamic duo to help readers find them. We believe Readers will be glad they did!

You can read more about the stories here and preorder your digital copy at Amazon, iTunes and Kobo. On Release Day, 10/21, it'll also be at Barnes & Noble.










On the Horizon

As mentioned, I've been hunkered down and writing. So many of you wanted to know more about the Shadow Watchers from the Crossroads Crisis Center series. So THE MARKED BRIDE is the first of them. (It's in the Risky Brides __Collection during its limited availability.) Here's the plan:

Mark's story: DEADLY TIES, a Crossroads Crisis Center novel. (#2)
Joe's story: NOT THIS TIME, a Crossroads Crisis Center novel (#3)
Tim's story: THE MARKED BRIDE, a Shadow Watcher novel (#1)
Nick's story: THE MARKED STAR, a Shadow Watcher novel (#2)
Sam's story: THE MARKED GENTLEWOMAN, a Shadow Watcher novel (#3)

As I mentioned, Tim's story is in Risky Brides while it's available. Then, when they're done, I'll be releasing it and Nick and Sam's stories all at once. That will be in late spring.

Here's a sneak peek at the covers:

hplcoverFinal 400x600

To thank you.
As you know, I contributed 20% of net proceeds to THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT on all Her Perfect Life sales in July. I want to say that the fund-raising effort was a success and how much I appreciate your helping to support our troops.

Because their efforts are ongoing and, due to circumstances, ramped up, I'm going to continue to contribute. I hope you'll think of Her Perfect Life when gift--giving in your upcoming holiday season.

None of us can do it all, but we all can do something.


Counting my Blessings…

1. A huge thank you to the Bridge-Walkers for their support. I'd be lost without you!
2. Gratitude to Jessica for being the most amazing assistant ever. How I don't drive you crazy is the 8th wonder of the world!
3. Appreciation to my Readers. You are hands down the best. Thank you for reading, reviewing, letting me know what you think and how you're doing. I am so grateful for you letting me know what stories you next want to read. Can't thank you enough!
4. Thank you to the Prayer Warriors for all the reasons you know and those you don't but intuit. October is a hard month for me--lost my dad and mom in October--now friends as well. I appreciate your support.



Huge congrats to my eldest angel, whose team was just named #1 County Champs for Volleyball! You've worked hard, and I'm so happy for you.

And hooray to Ed Scofield and Mike, who came to change an exhaust fan and ended up gutting a Hollywood bath, and to Jim for swift response and aid to our SOS and getting new ducts in and the water out! Excellent job, guys, in record time. Bless you!


Because You Asked...

Q. Why do you participate in collections that aren't just Christian or Clean Read stories?

I'm not being flip in saying this; just honest. I'm a bridge-walker. I have one foot in the Christian world and one in the secular world. I write Christian and Clean Read books and have for a number of years. That's true, regardless of where or how they're published. A long time ago, I asked myself two questions: WWJD? and Who am I to judge others? My stories are about people, and we're all people. If one finds good in them, that's success. Remember, my background is strong in philosophy and theocentric business and ethics. I try hard to shine light in dark corners. That's my purpose--to walk the bridge.

Q. Why don't you teach at conferences much anymore? Have you given it up?

I haven't. But my eye doc banned me from flying for a good long while. I recently was invited to speak in New Zealand, which is a place I've wanted to visit for decades. I had to refuse because of the no flying thing. I love teaching and sharing as much as I always have, but with the limitation, I just haven't been able to do it at conferences, seminars and workshops like I did for decades.

I miss it. I miss the enthusiasm and interest and you've no idea how much you guys kept me on my toes! I just love it. So I've done what I can. I write a lot of articles, I answer a whole lot of questions, and I do what I can to help other writers. That's something I can't stop doing and still be me.

There are a lot of online workshops available to writers now, which wasn't the case when I started teaching. So writers do have resources available. Still, I do what I can because I love it.

Anyone can submit a question and I'll answer either privately (if that's in the writer's best interest, IMHO) or publicly in a blog post or article. I really miss the face time and informal chats, but I have one-way informal chats in videos. You can see them on the website here. Note that there's a sub-menu. One group of videos is about my books and interviews. The other is on writing.


Back to the writing cave for me!

Do keep in touch and let me know what's new in your world, and how you're doing. And don't forget to read that article--not just because it's cybersecurity awareness month, but because we must do what we can to protect ourselves and our kids every day. Heaven knows the hackers and stalkers are working overtime!



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